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  1. About the game and save compatibility

    Game is definitely worth it if you like medieval battles and sieges. Don't listen to the forum community too much, some are just toxic whiners.

    The way to play this with mods is to make sure you have it via steam, then right click on the game in your library, go to properties, then the beta tab and select a stable version that matches the version the mods you want to use are made for.
    For example, I am playing 1.7.0, and I use mods only compatible with 1.7.0
    Never do beta and mods together, that's just asking for save corruption and ****.

    The above way allows you to play forever on that version until you feel ready to upgrade. So if you have the correct stable and compatible mods you can play on to your hearts desire.

    Corrupted or faulty saves usually happen when you're playing with an old save on new versions, especially a modded save. For example, starting a game on 1.5.4 then upgrading to 1.7.0 and you will face problems. Some problems may not be apparent at first, but they will be there in the background.
    Until they force update legacy versions - was at 1.7.0 since it came out, and was forced to update to find out everything is broken.
  2. About 1.8.0 update

    Yeah, lets all hold hands and hope that TW fixes the game ruining problems before moving it to the stable version.
    TW won't ever ever ever forecast when and update is coming. They don't know.
    If you have the game on steam you can access the beta version by going to properties and then to betas and selecting it from a list of versions.
    Then promptly have it be broken (legacy versions like 1.7.0/1.7.2) because TW is incompetent. Been on 1.7.0 since it came out and they broke it, only reason I was still playing was due to a handful of QoL mods I had, that don't work now. I adore Warband and all the time I've spent on it without mods (5k) and with (12k total) but this is absolutely abysmal levels of incompetence.

    Can't even play Bannerlord now if I wanted to, 30kbs internet sucks on top of their stupidity.
  3. What Do You Play for in Bannerlord? What Keeps you Going?

    I'm just shy of 690 hours - mainly played with mods, base game is severely lacking. With the launch of 1.8.0 they've broken legacy versions (1.7.0/1.7.2) and so it has broken my save. I really want to like Bannerlord, for how many hours I've played Warband, how much modding has increased my time in both of these games is.. stupidly high. There are things that I like in Bannerlord that Warband doesn't have, but there is simply too much that Warband has that Bannerlord is missing, with both being vanilla.

    As is stands now can't even play Bannerlord as of today because they broke my save (was locked at 1.7.0 since it came out). My Warband time is just under 12,000 hours, with less than 50 of that being in Multiplayer.
  4. Inventory Storage and Management

    Some suggestions/ideas for inventory, apologies if this has been mentioned/suggested before, I don't float around the forums as much as I used to. #1 A small 'personal' inventory for our own gear, separate from the 'catch all' inventory. A small chest or container that we can put ~20 items in...
  5. Inventory storage and management

    Some suggestions/ideas for inventory, apologies if this has been mentioned/suggested before, I don't float around the forums as much as I used to. #1 A small 'personal' inventory for our own gear, separate from the 'catch all' inventory. A small chest or container that we can put ~20 items in...
  6. Body weight and build is broken and needs to be re-balanced.

    I think some perks should increase (or maintain) your build, along with training troops when not moving. Like resting in a settlement for a few days, if you're above 75% health then you can train troops while you're there (and stay fit yourself, even though not moving on the map). That's one thing I miss from Warband, the daily training xp (since it made sense).
  7. Let us wear armour in "civilian clothes"

    Suggestion I made a few weeks ago was to allow you more armor types/weapon types as you level roguery.
  8. Let us pay to release our imprisoned clan members

    +2.5 Good idea but then raise the chance to prolonging the time of companions being prisoners
    Prolonging only makes sense if you have poor relation with the captors. Otherwise it should be immediate (and they should go to your clan stronghold or your king's fief).
  9. Army Cohesion

    I think Army Cohesion should go up if you encounter an enemy army of similar size (within 100 men) by up to 30%. And get a 5-10% increase for each fief that is taken (aka successful siege). Engineering should level from siege weapons doing their thing, and relations should go up by a few...
  10. Companion Mechanics

    +1 and good idea but idk about the caravan thingy though. Would like to be able to upgrade or choose that person for other assignments if needed during that time
    Also with the ability to halt any further caravan's if any are defeated.
    Would be a simple toggle. "Do you want caravans to reform automatically with your dowry here?" Y/N If so, and there is enough - they'll do it automatically, if not or disabled, then they await for their Clan Leader (you) to show up and give them orders.
  11. Companion Mechanics

    Our non-noble companions should only respond to orders from us. We, their liege, are the source of any authority they have. Other nobles are NOT in their command chain.
  12. Companion Mechanics

    Not sure if any of this has been mentioned before, but here we go. When you get a fief (castle or town) you should be able to make it the Clan's Home. Meaning all those in your clan will try to be here when not fighting or when they've recently been set free/defeated. I shouldn't need to go...
  13. A balance of the economy

    No doubt smithing will get a severe nerf in the future for how much you can make currently from it. Completely emptying a town's coffers with one javelin is.. something. Personally, I think we shouldn't be limited on how many workshops we can own (exactly like warband). Keep the current limit...
  14. Steward, Leadership and Tactics

    Leadership and Tactics, sure, but why Stewardship as well?
    Well stewardship deals with keeping your party happy. And typically when you lose a majority of your army in a battle you lose morale. So following that train of thought, if you don't lose many - then morale would still technically be high, which is what stewardship is based off of. Keeping morale up, even if it doesn't relate to food or food variety in this instance.
  15. Released clansmembers that were captured in battle.

    Companion or Family member is captured in battle, I find their captor and defeat them. Why do they teleport across the map? Just have them reappear where the battle took place so I can give them back their troops that were wounded. Wasted troops that I can't send off anywhere (which should be a...
  16. Steward, Leadership and Tactics

    Should all level when you overcome unfavorable odds in battle and when you don't lose many troops in an even or unfavorable battle.
  17. Cavalry unit refunds when upgraded/killed

    a random chance based on the cav tier level to get a horse back when he dies
    Could be based on your medicine/riding skill (say 100) or go further down the perk rabbit hole and make it a combo of both.
  18. Mercenary Hideout, Clan Control and Diguised in Towns/Roguery.

    I posted these on reddit (links at the bottom) but will copy/paste here since I was told the devs pay attention here more than reddit. #1 Mercenary Fief/Hideout Just a simple idea (on paper at least). If you're a mercenary then you should be able to benefit from increasing your relationships...
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