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  1. CXZAR

    Resolved All horses look the same.

    I have been experiencing the same bug since the game launched, are they supposed to be different? The bug is still the same with mods or no mods at all.

    I'm on 1.5.6 at the moment.

    Also, I have a bug with the old steppe horse, it just turns around in circle if me or any NPC troop is using that same horse.
  2. CXZAR

    Character customization menu hair bug

    It's not a bug, it's a "feature". Apparently you need find a barber within a town to access other hair options.

    Oh jeez I'm so ashamed! I had no idea of this... thank you so much and I'm so sorry for bringing this up! Thanks a lot guys!

    P.S: Melindalucy that character looks badass man!
  3. CXZAR

    Character customization menu hair bug

    Hey guys! Since I last updated to 1.5.6 (I haven't tried out the1.5.7 beta yet) I have been experiencing a bug after you create your character and start a campaign. If you press V on the campaign map to access the character creation menu again, everything is ok Except the part of the hair and...
  4. CXZAR

    Mountain blade II - the real changelog (humour - take with a pinch of salted butter)

    I wish 90% of this changes could actually be applied to the main game (and they must be possible) ... Thanks man! I had a good laugh and hope that someday...
  5. CXZAR

    The Big Problem with Combat -- Unit collision and mass [FIX / SUGGESTION]

    +1 good job OP, if this is corrected and implemented, it would change the way the battles are now... for the better!!!
  6. CXZAR

    Patch Notes e1.0.7

    Please, for the next update try to work on memory wise performance, most people that have 8gb RAM are struggling with the game because of this... Thanks a lot in advanced!
  7. CXZAR

    Top 10 Mods For Bannerlord So Far

    Hey guys, I've been playing Bannerlord a lot recently and experimenting with different mods, so I figured it could be interesting to make a video on my favorite mods for Bannerlord 1 week in. Let me know what you think, what's been your favorite mod(s) so far?

    Hey this was really good man! Bannerlord tweak was missing, if you can, do a small review for their next update. I downloaded a couple of mods from that list thanks to you...!!!
  8. CXZAR

    Poor Performance

    I would like to know this as well, I know my CPU is very old but I'm going to explain what happens on my game so far.

    Intel Core i7 2600 3.40GHZ
    8GB DD3 Corsair
    Radeon RX 480 8gb

    Now, what happens is that every time I start a battle or a town/castle scene, everything starts stuttering really bad, the FPS Drops a lot for a few seconds (from 5 to 10 seconds), on a battle when I'm about to reach the enemy I can see the textures and models starts .. appearing, sort of, which cuases a small slowdown for a few seconds as well... After that everything runs smothly as hell, I capped my fps to 60 in the performance setup, ingame. And I get constant 60fps. I just had a battle between 6 armies and the same thing happens when I'm going to face 10 looters. Stutters for a few seconds really bad, and then runs smooth until the end of the battle.

    I had tried also in custom battle with over 800 units and the same thing happens. FPS drops at the beggining of the battle, and then runs pretty good.

    Before that last battle I did my first siege, defending a castle... The fps were very low with constant stuttering but in this case it didn't last a few seconds, but it lasted until about half the time, and then it ran smooth'till the end.

    Does anyone has any idea to improve this?

    As soon as I can i'm going to upgrade to 16gb RAM and buy an SSD, but I'm in Venezuela so is like 6 or 8 times harder to buy that here than in any other country...
  9. CXZAR

    Please slow down on the patches Taleworlds

    Yeah, please TW don't listen to OP, delete this thread, thank you!

    PS: WTF Man?
  10. CXZAR

    Does anyone else think spears are utterly useless?

    Don't you just have every infantry going around with a spear on their back, looking like dumb-asses? Basic guys should always use their spear. It would be more immersive and spear is a weapon of war, probably it would be more usefull. Anyways, how can some smelly peasant afford a sword? Did everybody get a sword from their father when they died in battle lol?

    Exactly!! You can see it first hand during the raider hideout raid on the last part of the tutorial. The first time I had my 6 man group, formed them on a shield wall...just to see that fence of sticks hanging on their back, I was like WTF?!

    I was expecting something like this, but of course, that didn't happen.

  11. CXZAR

    Does anyone else think spears are utterly useless?

    I have though the same since warband, spears in these games are slow, clunky and most of the times, pointless.

    1. In bannerlord, the AI should use them more frequently, even against infantry and they don't.
    2. A spear is a fast paced weapon, that doesn't happen here or in bannerlord even if you have high proficiency with it (stat wise)

    I could understand not raising it's damage but balance purpose, but they really need an increment in the speed of it, it needs to be more agile (for the player and the AI), I haven't played that much Online, because of my location and ping, but in singleplayer I had my hopes up and running when I started playing bannerlord... Until I used them on foot and when I have to use one in a tournament, I feel dissapointed, even so, is one of my favourite weapons because of what it can offer in any type of battle, even though that in this case (current state of Bannerlord) it doesn't.

    In my humble opinion, this is a weapon that should be easy to use and a weapon that should be afraid of, specially agaisnt large groups... The speed (and some damage as well, specially to the head) should be increased vastly.
  12. CXZAR

    Patch Notes e1.0.6

    Am I the one who has a huge lag spike at the start of the battle?

    That happens to me as well, Only in campaign, I have tried on custom battle with hundres of troops and still happens but for like 2 seconds and that's it, but the stuttering or lag spikes during battles in the campaign is practicallly cosntant... It's like the system starts loading and loading and loading, over and over... I'm going to give it a go with the new patch to test it.
  13. CXZAR

    1.0.6 gives XP for tournaments and...practice matches?

    why are you complaining? if you go to a boxing ring and practice... you get experience, right? even if you get your ass kicked.. It's only logical.
  14. CXZAR

    Patch Notes e1.0.6

    My god!!! This team is amazing!!!
  15. CXZAR

    After modding the game, my playthroughs are 500% more enjoyable. Give it a go boys.

    I only installed Bannerlord Tweaks by mildeww ... Can you activate several mods and the game will run anyways??? I need to give that a try.
  16. CXZAR

    05/04/20 Hotfix

    I'm still facing performance issues (no matter the quality set in options) but honestly, I have to recognize that the developer team is doing an AMAZING work with the comunity on addressing these issues and we can see you guys want to give us the best gaming experience with Bannerlord, the amount of work the team has put into and the feedback with the comunity is amazing! I really appreciate your effort, there is a long road ahead but it will be worth it... Thank you so much for this.
  17. CXZAR

    Can we get a "Tactic pause" button?

    Yes, the AI needs to be improved during the battles and I don't know why, i though the tactical pause was implemented in Bannerlord... I hope the Devs take a look at this
  18. CXZAR

    [Guide] Optimising single-player performance - Stuttering? Got 8gb RAM? This might help

    Anyone tested with Patch e.1.0.4? It contains a memory leak fix.

    In my experience, is has improved the performance A LOT! It's not perfect yet, specially when you're loading a battle and now there are some small freezing points in the battle map, but it runs way better now...And the issue is indeed memory leak,is still present but is has been fixed by far!!!
  19. CXZAR

    Many Armor/Weapons LOCKED?!

    I tried using this mod but now my game doesn't start at all, it crashed at the beggining, before the main menu. I changed the file back to its original and it's working fine again.
  20. CXZAR

    SP Medieval Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A World of Ice and Fire (v8.1 released 7/3/22)

    Hey guys! I haven't been here in a really long time! I'm trying the mod after a year maybe? and I'm thrilled with all the new and renewed features.. but i'm having a lot of issues with this mod specifically.

    1st of all, I'm getting a lot of white weird things on the groud on battle and in towns/castles, What is this? is it a bug? or a feature i'm not aware of?

    Also, every time i'm on the campaing map, everything freezes for a second when I try to do an action, move around, enter a town, engage in battle, is really slow.

    Another thing is that whenever I go to the battle map,I can see the models of the cities and characters without texture, everything freezes and then the textures load.

    I have been playing and using mods on warband for years, I have the latest version of the game and the mod, this is the only mod where I'm having this issues. What are they related to and how can I fix this?

    Also I have an Intel core I7, 8gb corsair ram, and a radeon rx 480 - 8gb.
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