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  1. edyzmedieval

    Corrupted game

    So I played today, made some money, took my deposits back, killed some bandits, saved the game and exported my character. I resume one hour later, every time it loads up my save game, it goes "Mount &  Blade has stopped working." First time this happens. Any thoughts on what it might be?
  2. edyzmedieval


    This Warband feature is both a blessing and a curse. Every other day the prosperity of my towns and villages change from Poor to Rich or Average to Rich or Rich to Average... Is there any way to keep the prosperity on Rich, and is there any way to improve the prosperity of a town? I buy my...
  3. edyzmedieval

    After 5 years I return to M&B...

    Wow, what a change. Last post I made was four years ago regarding version 0.894 and the specific bugs, two months ago I bought Warband and started playing it, reminded me of the glorious moments of defeating huge Swadian armies in 0.750. Bought two copies of M&B back then, one to play, one to...
  4. edyzmedieval

    Bine v-am (re)gasit

    Wow, mi-am gasit si eu parola dupa multi multi ani, ultimul post a fost de prin 2007 de acum 4 ani. Salutare la toti fratii romani, ma bucur sa va gasesc pe aici, si sper sa ne distram cu Fire and Sword care are cateva veleitati Romane prin el. :)
  5. edyzmedieval

    Some questions

    Now, the transition from da good ol .0750 to the new ol 0.894 has been made easily, and also very well. I was extremely impressed by the quality difference of these 2 releases, so I can safely say once again that the 2 licenses I bought were not money thrown away at all.  :wink: This brings me...
  6. edyzmedieval

    This sucks...

    Second time when my army dissapears. The first time, thank God I didn't save. But now, I saved after a 3 party battle and I was left without 14 warriors and Borcha. Where can I get Borcha back? No matter for the warriors. Got enough cash for a better army. But where's Borcha? Second, can we...
  7. edyzmedieval

    Rome Total War - Alexander Official Expansion Pack

    The rumoured expansion pack is officially here. Just wanted to post this with some "at-a-glance" abilities for the viewers to see. :D Rome: Total War – Alexander Some of the new features include - -  A Brand New Campaign Game -  6 New Historical Battles -  6 Multiplayer Battles -  4 New...
  8. edyzmedieval

    Crazy classmates

    Do you have crazy classmates? And by crazy, check this out: One colleague of mine, vanished after we finished school. Time passed,he still wasn't home. It was 10 p.m, not at home. 12 p.m., not at home. Finally, we found him in our class, sleeping on the bench, the next day, at 7 a.m. We asked...
  9. edyzmedieval

    Python language

    Anyone know this language?How hard is it to learn it? :?: I've started reading the tutorials. I need another programming language, besides C++(which I always hated).  :!:
  10. edyzmedieval

    Play any TW mods?

    Most of you guys must have at least one TW game, since you're avid M&B fans. So, what mods are you playing for RTW/MTW/STW? I'm playing RTW(modded by map, added skin packs, fixed bugs) with 1.5, but now I switched to EB(since I also help them, I need to see what they cook). I simply...
  11. edyzmedieval

    Suggestions for 0.800(IMHO)

    I hope armagan reads this. It's intended for him. Here are my suggestions for the 0.8 version. If not, I'll try to do this stuff by modding the game, within the limits(I'm a top notch Total War modder, don't see why I can't be a top notch M&B modder, considering the fact that M&B and TW are my...
  12. edyzmedieval

    No Sound!!!

    I can't believe this!!! Installed the 0.750, and I have no sound!! Nothing!!! Everything on maximum, but nothing. Not even the campmap music!!! Can you help me?  :oops:
  13. edyzmedieval

    When is the new version coming out?

    I want new stuff in M&B like new castles. :D Can you share any info Armagan?  8)
  14. edyzmedieval

    Your most powerful attack

    Couched Lance Damage baby for me. :D Torunament in Zendar, 3 vs 3. I am a lancer. Did 127 damage to the horse and 66 damage to the soldier. He was a lancer too. Instant death. :D  8) Yours?
  15. edyzmedieval

    Different questions regarding my campaign

    Bought a license. Wohoo. I got to level 10, and have different quests and questions. -What's a glaive? (quest from Count Don't Know His Name from Don't Know What City of the Vaegirs) -How do helmets with neckguard look like?  :? -Where do I find Borcha? -What do I get if I conquer Radoghir...
  16. edyzmedieval

    How many people bought a license?

    First of all, I love the game. :D Awesome made. Second, I will buy a license, so I can continue. I'm an addict. :P Third, how many of you ppl got a license?
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