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  1. zincra

    Immersive Clan & Party

    Anyone remembers those old good times where villages were lordships tied to castles, i think they should brought back. And will be free to give you companions to govern so they have they own income and home base, but thats that. There is few ideas about: Party I have always thought Player...
  2. zincra

    Workshop management

    Players should have more options for workshop management like: Increase Production Hire More help Upgrade workshop, need first upgrade to hire more help Have Storage Have storage for raw material. Have storage for final product Set condition to buy raw material from market if price is x...
  3. zincra

    Kingdom/settlement building

    I thing for generational gameplay there is important to settlement building part where player can be content with one castle in long time and can have focus on it. So i think fliefs should matter and take some player focus to make them succesful. Castles should have more building oportunitys to...
  4. zincra

    BL Coding Moding armor weapon Tiers

    Have anyone figured out how to mod armor and weapon tiers like it were in MBW Floris mod, where armors and weapons had different qualitys , like hardened, lordly, balanced sharpened. Seems like there is by default Some kind of weapon tiers you can craft, fine,masterwork or Legendary. But how can...
  5. zincra

    Smithing Suggestion : weapon parts.

    Think would be more immersive, if only smelting could give knowledge of new weapon parts. Smelting should mostly like 90% give knowledge only on weapon part what weapon is made off, and small change of gaining a weapon part similar to smelted weapon.
  6. zincra

    Mod Request- Custom troops witch equiping ability or equipment selection ability.

    As i am no moder but have alway loved different warband mods especially Nova Aetas where were custom troops for player and Pendor mod where some lords had unique troops + Knight orders. That means i miss that kind of features from bannerlord. There is few ideas about how it should work...
  7. zincra

    Bannerlords Lets plays

    As my current PC are not running Bannerlord i wished to dig in lets plays while i renew my PC. But i countered heavy problem. Actual professional MB players are not doing lts plays. There is plenty of streams and plenty of lets plays where some new player engages with his wievers. But no...
  8. zincra

    Rename Smithing

    Rename Smithng to handicraft or crafting and allow create also other items like chainmail, mittens, shields, bows and other stuff.
  9. zincra

    Your character thread

    At first , i hoped there is more character optimation, but still love it. So there is my character one good day i will find some clotes for her, but now it has to do
  10. zincra

    Player Housing

    As some mods in warband allow player to own and build a house/village castle. Should bannerlord also have this mechanic in officaly. Allowing player to build estate and upgrade it to village or town. SHould it be premade or modular and how it should be intreduced to exicting economical...
  11. zincra

    Troops production mechanic

    Does anyone know, if Bannerlord coing to have some troops production mechanic. In early devekoplment there were situation where troops could be produced in village and villages had thier own production power. That was nice idea to limit game from overflow troops. But as this mechanic seems to...
  12. zincra

    Not desired free exp

    Hey i have problem i made adventure chararacter and started on playing on Sargoth first so i waited on Sargoth and got 2 x 29999 exp, then i roamed some days around and come back sargoth and then i got 3 x 29999 exp so it fast lvl up and ruined my game play is it possible to turn this off,
  13. zincra


    Yhis mod totaly needs LP. So is there some Lps who gonna  make this mod some promo
  14. zincra


    Is there source anywhere avaible? SOD i nice mod and have many ntresting features so i tought are there source anywhere avaible on developpers intend to develop it ahead and try to keep it unique?
  15. zincra


    I dont know MB and phosphor mechanics that good so i have questions. Does AI: 1) need money to hire troops as player do. 2) need money to upgrade troops 3) upgrade buildings 4) wait until troops have enough exp to upgrade troops. Becouse i saw one lord with 6 bluewood duke, but they are lvl 67...
  16. zincra

    questions about tweaks?

    I just made new nation and i reqruited <nation name> recruits and discovered i cant upgrade them to better troops, then recruited other troops and discovered same.  I tought i would download Morgh editor and add all thouse troops to troop trees but im afraid to to that becouse i scare it will...
  17. zincra


    1) resources of colonies should have some more purposes, than just selling to shop. Atlest, like town mayor giving quest to bring some resources, or use them for personal production, Grapes + sugar = wine and so on. 2) Colonies should develop to villages and cities. Like have 500 colonist to...
  18. zincra

    personal troop tree

    I think in castle should be marshal or something. You talk him and ask to make new troop. Then there will be open page. with troop like lvl 8 and that troop have free skill, stat and prof points. You choose your stat, skill and prof points. and select gear, ofcose you pay for first set gear...
  19. zincra

    Upgrade business

    Would be cool if  we can upgrade business and produce better  quality items. ! lvl of business produce worst quality and every time if you upgrade you produce better quality items.
  20. zincra

    Few ideas

    1)Would be some different weapon proffencies. Right now there are one-hand weapon , two hand weapon etc.. But would be like one hand axe, one hand mace, two- hand sword , small bows large bows etc.. 2)Party roles improved, depend on skilllike shopkeeper depend on trade stat, would be like...
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