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  1. tintontoe

    Black African Faction

    I mean no **** Bannerlord needs a lot of work but a suggestion like this is completely harmless. Anyways I'm done with you, 1/10 really boring troll.
  2. tintontoe

    Black African Faction

    Jesus Christ, you're retarded. Europe and Africa never met until colonial times, 400 years after bannerlord, 250 after warband. Just because you're a lefty tosser it doesn't mean we want to see or hear about a **** idea for a DLC.
    Awww the little one doesn't hasn't attained decent reading comprehension yet, I specifically criticized the notion that the setting HAS to imitate Europe as closely as it does and even then these cultures had significant interactions with who the Aserai are based on, why not place them South West of the Aserai? Jesus Christ why are you so offended that someone is suggesting to add an African inspired faction?
  3. tintontoe

    Black African Faction

    You don't think it's under represented? How many movies/tv shows do you see set in medieval Sub Saharan Africa vs medieval Europe? No one is saying it needs to be created but only that it would be nice. I'd definitely watch a decent movie set in medieval Africa over a decent one set in medieval Europe simply because I have been over exposed to the latter.
  4. tintontoe

    Black African Faction

    I think an Africa update/dlc would be interesting but it's not really high up on my list. The OP is literally just saying "wow it would be cool if this region that is under represented in mainstream media would be added to the game in some way" and then someone like you comes around and spews historically inaccurate gibberish. And idk you seem to be the normie here with your eurocentric ignorant views but that's okay because I believe in your ability to learn real history.
  5. tintontoe

    Black African Faction

    Explain what you mean between black African. Sub Saharan Africa was hardly developed, Mali would be the only one with the slightest infrastructure due to it's slave trade and gold trade. The rest would just be random tribes. The Moors, Tunisians, Berbers, Moroccans etc were all Islamic Emirates ran by Arabic families. The truth is, if you're talking about "Black Africans", not many would have been past the Sarah desert. People of the Mediterranean were a lot paler in skin colour, looking more Italian if anything. For example the Ancient Greeks have been said to have bright blonde hair, and the average English man has more genetic match up to the pharaohs than the modern day Egyptians. Don't forget that a lot of the settlers in that region, in the historic years of the 11th century would have been Germans, Romans, Greeks, Phoenicians and Arabs. After the fall of Rome and the Byzantine's power was diminished the Arabs swept across North Africa in Jihad, force converting masses of people to Islam. This is the reason you have the North African states, and in Bannerlord there is the Aserai, an Arabic based faction across what would be northern Africa and the Middle East. You're complaining about nothing. The Dev's made the lore and setting perfectly.

    Holy **** Ronnoc reading that vomit you just posted made my brain significantly smoother and dear god I don't need it any smoother. A couple of factions could be added that are based on significantly developed Sub-Saharan kingdoms/polities inspired by the various kingdoms in the Sahel area and Ethiopia/East Africa, which are regions that had significant interactions with those who the Aserai might be based on. Implying that West Africa was just barely developed is just idiotic and if you think the devs "made the lore and setting perfectly" that's fine but don't fling **** at someone who can imagine a setting more interesting, varied and favourful setting than something that's 99% like an anachronistic medieval Europe and its surroundings.

    0/10 literal brainlet post
  6. tintontoe

    Poll - What is your favorite faction ?

    A Kievan Rus faction is infinitely more interesting than a copy of the Nords, maybe save the viking themed faction until you have something that takes an advantage of what actually makes them interesting like ships/naval combat of some sort.
  7. tintontoe

    Bug - Khuzait Heavy Lancer stats 1.0.3

    The Khuzait Heavy Lancer has way too low stats.
  8. tintontoe

    fishy more like cutie :oops:

    fishy more like cutie :oops:
  9. tintontoe

    TaleWorlds News: New News Necessary for the OT Neophytes

    Apparently the Left, Confederation dudes and Civic Coalition were most popular with Polish expats here in Iceland with around 25% each, PiS got 17% of the vote. That differs quite a bit from the election result in Poland. :razz:
  10. tintontoe

    Dev Blog 22/08/19

    olo said:
    olo is very motivated.

    bolo will burn olo with oil
  11. tintontoe

    [BoP: 1910] Balance of Power: Europe 1910 - Game Thread


    King of Belgium

    King Frederick extends his congratulations to King Albert on his ascension to the throne of Belgium and wishes him good health and a long reign.

    Kingdoms of Scandinavia

    The Danish government agrees with their colleagues in Norway in that our ancient Scandinavian kingdoms should champion peace and prosperity in Europe. We look forward to working with our Scandinavian friends and others that share the same values.
  12. tintontoe

    [BoP: 1910] BoP: Europe 1910 - Introduction/Application Thread

    If you're welcoming people who have never played BoP but are interested to learn, I'd be up for picking Denmark.
  13. tintontoe

    Football and/or Soccer Thread

    Yes! And with your win over Peru it's been a pretty good day for the Nordic countries. :grin:
  14. tintontoe

    Football and/or Soccer Thread

  15. tintontoe

    Imperator: Rome (New Paradox game)

    Well the first dev diary is out. It isn't very meaty info-wise but it does give us a rough picture of what they want to achieve with this game and a nice screenshot of Iberia.
  16. tintontoe

    Imperator: Rome (New Paradox game)

    Aye, I'm pretty sure they've both stated that the map has yet to be filled with countries properly and that there will be empty spaces to colonize.
  17. tintontoe

    Imperator: Rome (New Paradox game)

    Haha, I mean I am an optimist.
  18. tintontoe

    Imperator: Rome (New Paradox game)

    I mean I enjoy both games. Hoi 4 seems to be on the right track especially since they announced they're adding fuel along with the naval dlc earlier today but I absolutely love Stellaris, I think it's in a really good place atm and will only improve with time. I was mainly referring to the rough releases both games had and that I'm hoping that they'll deliver a solid game from the get-go
  19. tintontoe

    Imperator: Rome (New Paradox game)

    I am aware, I was just memeing.

    And aye, I wouldn't be surprised if we saw the timeframe extended, CK2 got 300 extra years slapped onto it's timeframe. And who knows, they haven't announced the end date as far as I'm aware so it could be later than expected.
  20. tintontoe

    Imperator: Rome (New Paradox game)

    No you dunce, it's Imperator Rome.

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