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  1. IceNoVa

    [BEAST 8] Division E week 3

    DR Acedia &Gods of War (2) 8 : 7 (2) Souls of Valhalla
    Posting on behalf of the team, whose regular contacts are not available for this weekend. Looks like a close match though, well done.



  2. IceNoVa

    MEET THE TEAM - Deutschritter Avaritia

    Disappointing, expected Sunny to spit some fire.
    Also how ritter can sleep at night while spreading fake news about Gotha is beyond me.
    7/10 would read again.
  3. IceNoVa

    Karawanen & Krieg

    Die Karawane läuft Gefahr von feindlichen Lords angegriffen zu werden, setzt aber ihren Handel mit anderen Städten fort. Es besteht natürlich die Chance, dass die Karawane so ganz normal weiter Geld bringt, aber ein feindlicher Lord könnte seinen Spaß damit haben. Krieg ist eben schlecht für's Geschäft.

    Workshops werden - soweit ich mich gerade recht entsinne - pausiert. Nach Kriegsende sind sie aber wieder aktiv.
  4. IceNoVa

    EU Skirmish Open Beast 8 Sign ups

    1. That is the ultima ratio, but something any tournament host should keep in mind. Just tolerating bad behaviour is not the way to go.
    2. Again, nothing prevents someone from hosting a tournament. Asking for others to host something is one thing, them expecting you to do anything in regards to it is another. However, if you host something lengthy you may want to check each others timetable, but that's about it and that's also optional.
    3. It's a littly baity, but the mere usage of "simp" will not get you in trouble. However, the post itself may be provocative and considered flame baiting, this is where it gets problematic. Causation and correlation, not the same thing.
    4. The point of a false sense of entilement still stands, as it makes a ton of sense when you consider the context of calling for someone to "be less of a simp and do X instead".

    Also some general notes regarding mod action on this forum: Just calling someone a dickhead will usually just be a verbal and have the ad hominem snipped. That is mostly relevant for on-topic threads, the off-topic may be a little more lenient, depending on context.
    However, repeated display of that behaviour calls for warnings with points, which stack and hence the mute may escalate. One offense is not like the other in terms of punishment, because that factors in your track record.

    You may also just not want to insult others in general, but rather prove them wrong and engage - if necessary - in a civil manner instead. If you do that outside the forums is of no interest here, but it's generally good advice.

    Regarding the event itself:
    I've had my fair share of disagreements with the admin staff over the course of seven seasons by now, obviously that happens and things are not perfect, but they're working. If anyone is fed up with the work of the admins, just start a competing event and things might improve.

    The player base is small, but it surely can't grow much if the attitude of a lot of players, or even some entire teams do not improve. So maybe those dissatisfied with BEAST should indeed start their own event. Weren't there calls for division S? Make an invite-only tournament if you are interested in something like that, it's really not that difficult, it just requires effort.

    also this - and that is from someone who is not exactly a saint either ;)
    I've been criticizing and complaining since season 1, haven't been told I was insulting by anyone. Guess its how you go about things.
  5. IceNoVa

    EU Skirmish Open Beast 8 Sign ups

    I mean Bard ngl.. but if u actually get tilted over insults from a gaming community that's known for excessive toxicity, then u shouldn't be hosting a tournament in the first place. And u can't rly say "many in Div A".. it was like maybe 10 ppl that insulted the admin team.
    Perceiving the toxicity as the standard and acknowledging "only 10 people insulting the admins" as normal is part of the problem.

    What are u actually on about? All I said was, that Ikea's response made no sense, as Aeronwen asked for hosts herself, but when people like Popowicz came forward to host a tournament, she blanked them. Don't really see where I am entitled here.
    You do not "get blanked" when you are hosting a tournament. That is entirely up to those that intend to host. If you want to takeover another event or use some of the assets of that event however, you may "get blanked". But as a disclaimer, I should note that I am not aware of the specifics of whatever talks there may have been. But the only thing required of anyone in this community to host an event is to actually do the work. Nothing and no one prevents that.

    So I really don't see where I am accusing anyone here
    Maybe simp less for her and actually check what ppl plan to do?

    To add something more positive:
    What I meant was, that hosting a tournament in summer is just not smart, as most of Division A will not be there. RM wont have BD and Jufasto, TCV wont have Runcop, Cosimo and Popo and (most likely) me and it wont be much different for alot of clans. July through August just are the months where most ppl go on holiday, cuz they are done with school, university or got time off from work.
    That part is actually makes sense, but also was not part of why I criticised your previous post.

    And lastly:
    I also didn't demand anything or accuse anyone, so unless u actually understand what people write, why don't u refrain from posting responses?
    If you pursue this line of thinking and tell people that they should not post or engage in a discussion, because you have been criticised or they simply do not agree with you, then consider this a verbal warning to not do that.
    You get neither a say in who gets to participate in a debate nor do you get to to dictate how that debate is conducted.

    However, I will add that you have expressed your disapproval in an acceptable manner, which is - as you mentioned - not a given in this commmunity considering the first part of this post.

    Edit because ninja:
    Or, you know, Admins can go and remove people from the competition who act too dumb or insult too much. Also works.
    In the end, the only thing I did here, is arguing your bull****. Because certainly, you are oversimplifying stuff to an extend it just serves your argumentation while absolutely ignoring the rest.
    To quote myself: "Express your disapproval in an acceptable manner". Or lead by example, take your pick.
  6. IceNoVa

    EU Skirmish Open Beast 8 Sign ups

    Popowicz asked Aeronwen to host one, after she looked for hosts and she didn't respond to him (twice). Maybe simp less for her and actually check what ppl plan to do?
    You got it the wrong way around. Hosting an event is - unless you are paid - entirely up to you. You are owed nothing and complaining that others should check your plans and intentions reeks of an absolutely ridiculous degree of entitlement.
    Maybe show a more appropriate attitude for your fellow community members and their work, maybe then they would actually be happy to host and improve upon events. But do not go around and throw demands and accusations around, because you feel that someone else has to do anything for you or literally anyone else.
  7. IceNoVa

    New Season of Beast?

    How about different admins for div A only? It sounds like everyone else is happy.
    That is a terrible idea and is going about anything that makes a fun and fair competition just that. Like who would even want that? It'll be players from the div A teams and the bias calls go all-around because, as has been well displayed in this thread on occasion, a significant portion of players in that division are incapable of engaging with eachother in a way that would be acceptable for admin staff to do.
    It's not like nobody knows who is causing the most issues anyway, so the simple way to handle things is to just enforce the rules in a strict manner and just ban the usual suspects in perpetuity. Drastic, but they very clearly do not respond to leniency.
    Just make sure that is clear to everyone and no short-cuts or exceptions.
  8. IceNoVa

    Your Opinion on TW 'No confirmed information on up-coming patch content' Policy

    I respect the fact that the moderators are quite lenient on this forum; and I understand the reasoning. But I must admit I disagree; I don't think people really respect or value being muted as a punishment. Hell I think MostBlunted might actually do it for fun now. :ROFLMAO:

    I think there are plenty of users - and I will genuinely include myself in this group if I'm being completely honest - who probably should have been banned for some of the things we have said either about other users or the devs. Otherwise we will just go round in circles forever.
    I agree. We also had people that appealed after a while and were unbanned as a result. The leniency is something that works well for a lot of forum members, but the long leash is not something all forumites appreciate equally and sometimes that leads to discussions that are longer than would have been necessary.
    But we still adhere to moderation guidelines and in terms of bans and appeals, those are not up to any one moderator and the developers have nothing to do with either of it. They report possible rule violations the same as everyone else.
    Finally, a mute should - in my mind - result in acknowledgement of your action and either spark the interest in a dialogue to learn more, or most likely a bit of frustration about the timeout. The healthy reaction is to calm your attitude within the duration of the mute and return with a reformed style of posting. Now that of course cannot work for everyone and you get a few people that are really hung about it, but it works for most.
    The replies to some warnings can be quite fun though, I once had a dude insult me while suggesting I should sell donuts for a living. I wouldn't recommend sending replies like that though, things can cascade into more points and further.
  9. IceNoVa

    Your Opinion on TW 'No confirmed information on up-coming patch content' Policy

    MostBlunted gets muted every day before he has finished his morning coffee. But MadVader? I was trying to see what he said that was so bad. What did he do? Lol ?
    Most blunted posted spam that was also fairly inappropriate and insulting the dev team. That in itself did not warrant the mute, but since warning points linger around for a month those became active, hence the mute.
    MadVader also crossed the line and and suggested something inappropriate in regards to the devs and their families. That too would not have resulted in a mute itself, but very well might have. However, he still has numerours active warning points, see above for the result.
    I just added TengriBless to the club, who as you might have guesses also has some points left over, since the warning above in itself would not have resulted in a mute.

    It's a fairly simple reminder that the fairly lenient line that moderation takes is so that you may participate and unless you step way out of line or do it enough times, you will still be able to participate and hopefully turn yourself around and provide something of value to the community.
    However, if you fail to adjust your behaviour and continuously engage in passive-agressive, flame baity or openly hostile behaviour, you head down the road of being not a contributive forumite, but a quarrelsome one. Heading down that road is something that I would not recommend.
  10. IceNoVa

    Your Opinion on TW 'No confirmed information on up-coming patch content' Policy

    Are we playing the same game??
    There's been some news on NIN3's farewell post > here. He mainly focused on the new scenes and some minor fixes/changes, but there's quite extensive work on classes/perks/items going on that should drop with 1.7.2.

    And well, not surprised to see duh not comment on MP, because that is not his department.
  11. IceNoVa

    Is the game considered done?

    What's going on with the development? I really want to start a new game but have been waiting for the next patch wich never comes.
    Same, some of the mods I would like to require 1.7.2, and since I also play MP I don't want to play the beta branch.

    I have a feeling it's coming this month though, but that's speculation on my end.
    Full release is probably closer to the end of the year, which is speculation (again).
  12. IceNoVa

    Are we ripped off in some way by TW?

    I did but thats the wrong mentallity.And we take this for granted.Also does TW. Therefore we can never expect a decent game from TW.
    Well the entire franchise thrives on the modding aspect of the game, which is why the devs made it a priority to have Bannerlord be more accessible and moddable than Warband or the original M&B were.
    From what I've seen in the game industry over the years Bannerlord is far from a rip-off, arguably the only oddity is that the early access began at full-price. And still, you get what you paid for.
    Also I pity the poor souls that play the game without mods. It's still fun, but mods make it so much better and keep it interesting so you might actually "finish" the sandbox for once.
  13. IceNoVa

    Beta Patch Notes e1.7.2

    It's generally good advice to calm your attitude when participating in a debate, otherwise it damages your line of thought.
    It might also clash with the forum rules, so be sure to keep that in mind before you press send on a post that would otherwise be described as regrettable.
  14. IceNoVa

    Gotha's Battle Server? An Exciting Sign of Progress!

    Please consider putting a test server in East Asia as many of our players want to play the low latency battlefield mode
    We're running the server from a root that is privately funded. With DR being a European based German language clan, hosting anywhere other than EU is not feasible for us. Let's hope testing goes smoothly and the full files will be available soon so that there will be servers where they are needed.
  15. IceNoVa

    Auf der Suche nach einem Regiment

    wäre auch echt zu schwer einfach das FSE zu erwähnen, aber nein das wäre ja sicherlich Abwerbung von Forenmembern..

    naja salz beiseite: In der o.g. Liste sind 3 Bannerlord Clans, die auch noch in NW aktiv sind. Das wären: Excercitus Imperatorius (kk), Grafschaft Waldeck (3.KBR) und Haus von Bittenfeld (Nr13). Grundsätzlich sind aber noch weit mehr Regimenter dabei. Die Zahl ist zwar über die letzten Jahre gesunken, aber die Anzahl an aktiven Regimentern ist noch knapp bei +-20. Weiß jetzt aber nicht, ob ein entsprechender Forenlink, wo die Regimenter gelistet sind, hier angebracht und erlaubt wäre, da die Mods hier etwas streng sind. Falls noch weitere Fragen von dir @GamerLady28 bestehen sollten, einfach anschreiben (Steam ist ggf. auch verlinkt).
    Das FSE ist im NW Board direkt verlinkt, das genau wie das WFaS Board archiviert wurde, allerdings hat mich OP ebenfalls per PM kontaktiert und hat dort einen Link zur Deutschen Regimenterliste erhalten.

    Die Mods hier sind im Übrigen nicht streng, es gibt hier schlichtweg Regeln und diese werden durchgesetzt, das von dir angesprochene Verlinken ist vollkommen legitim. Falls du diesbezüglich Fragen hast oder in Zukunft unsicher sein solltest, du findest die Forenregeln unter dem Reiter "Hilfe" oder >hier.
  16. IceNoVa

    Permanent ban?

    Just look at this "man"
    I think we have to say goodbye to such people forever.
    Click (His nickname is "Death to Ukrainians")

    I said everything, I'm waiting for a reaction.
    Did you file a report in game? Those are essential to the process, since a ban involves an identification process that relates to the account of the user you have reported and makes taking action much more efficient. If you did not, please use the in game report function in the future.
    Reports of inappropriate behaviour have previously been made on the forums - via PM - to the community managers, but keep in mind that the report system has been in place for quite a while now (1year+ iirc) so this may not be as fruitful as you like.
  17. IceNoVa

    Battle mode has been released?

    First things first, the current Battle mode is already quite fun and, as NIN3 already confirmed, the class system is here to stay. I understand if people aren't super thrilled about it, but playing for 2+ years now I've gotten quite used to it and it's not ruining the fun for me at all.
    The thing about flags is, considering how Warband worked, that decision flags would pop up anyway and having three points of interest right away focuses the players quite well.
    Honestly, playing on Skirmish maps with 40v40 or, currently 50v50 (Gotha's server yesterday, DR_Battlegrounds now, same thing) was good fun and I'm happy to see that the regular Skirmish maps work quite well with that number of people, not just in terms of performance - which is always a work in progress - but conceptually. The dedicated battle maps will probably be larger in size though and more open (think Field by the river/Ruins style).
    So before people dismiss it and moan, just have a go. Considering we're much closer to proper custom servers now, that opens the door to a number of exciting perspectives, (e.g.: mods)
  18. IceNoVa

    [DR] Deutschritter [EU/DE] [Best Battle Clan] [Recruiting]

    I'm just casually dropping this one here and tell myself it's not a double post, because it's been almost a year.

    Quick notes:
    1) The server files are a part of a closed-group community test and experimental. Things may not work 100% smoothly
    2) The server went up yesterday (11/04/22 as Gotha's server) and initial tests with 80 slots went well. Slots are now increased to 100.
    3) All praise and glory to Gotha and our friend NIN3 and his colleagues to bring us onto the final straight towards proper custom servers.

    Where can I find your server stats?
  19. IceNoVa

    [Clan] Deutschritter - rekrutiert!

    Bekanntmachung: Battle ist da!
    Die Deutschritter sind hoch erfreut bekanntgeben zu dürfen, dass wir Teil der Community-Servertests sind und den ersten Battle-Server der Community zur Verfügung stellen können. Aktuell läuft er mit 100 Slots und weitere Server werden gehostet werden, unser hauseigener @Gotha ist der Mann der Stunde und ihm gebührt der Dank über diese freudige Kunde.


    Ein Fragen und Antworten:

    Was hat es mit Battle auf sich?
    - Battle ist im wesentlichen dem gleichnamigen Warbandmodus entlehnt, aber verwendet ebenfalls das bekannte Klassen- und Perksystem von Bannerlord, so wie die drei Flaggen aus dem Skirmishmodus. Haken ist: Respawns gibt es nicht, ein Leben pro Runde muss es richten.

    Auf welchen Karten wird Battle gespielt?
    - Aktuell auf den Skirmish Karten, sowie einer der von TW bereits bereitgestellten Karten für den Modus

    Wie viele Leute können auf dem Server spielen?
    - Gegenwärtig hat der Server 100 Slots. Da die Sache noch experimentell ist, könnte die Zahl aber noch verändert werden. Erste Tests mit 80 liefen jedenfalls vielversprechend, daher die 100.

    Wo finde ich die versprochenen Serverstats?
    > auf
  20. IceNoVa

    Gotha's Battle Server? An Exciting Sign of Progress!

    Seems like 1.7.2. is going to be something to look forward to.

    Some people may notice that Gotha's server will be missing from the server list, but do not despair:
    The testing yesterday went smoothly enough that Gotha is comfortable to let it run as DR_Battlegrounds.
    We're also considering a few more servers, but of course things are experimental and we're just happy to finally get closer to proper custom servers. I can't really comment on the technical side of things and let's just say there's a reason it was named after the one and only adimi. On a side note, playing Skirmish Maps with that many people is really, really fun, the map size works quite well atleast on a 40v40 scale.
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