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    is there an end scene for winning the game? How about how to thwart rebels?

    is there an end scene for winning the game? How about how to thwart rebels?
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    Viking Conquest 2.060

    Viking Conquest 2.060 is live! If you have the game on Steam then you should receive the update automatically, otherwise, you can access the installer over on the website download page. Unfortunately, there has been a slight delay with sending the update to other platforms, but we are working to fix this as soon as possible. Server admins can access the updated server files on our website by following the link: Viking Conquest Reforged Edition

    - Scaled all scaleable models back up, using natural variances and probabilities, and lop off those too tall to work right with ragdolls
    - Updated multiplayer server files
    what does this update offer? Bannerlord seems to have a dead end as did VC to me. Perhaps I'm missing something? thanks :smile:
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    In Progress Numerous Issues with Latest Patch

    Yes, this problem, and
    Troops cannot find the last 1 or 2 defenders despite castle gates open and way clear to the keep.
    3 Sometimes the players act properly, go to the correct place, but not always.
    4. Game crashes EVERY TIME trying to talk to a prisoner in a city. It is working OK when talking to the same prisoner that is transferred to an allied army.
    Would be nice if"
    1. We had setups for siege and non siege battles with troop type, distribution, leader and personal and character weapons.
    2 How about a reserve chest of weapons, e.g. more arrows or other weapons such as another shield or switching to sword. A faithful shield bearers would be nice in ones personal bodyguard.
    Question, how to win this game. Is there a closing screen? It seems all cities are taken by my faction, but there are stragglers. Are we ever crowned ruler of "the empire"? I don't want to go about killing everybody so me and mine are the only ones remaining.
    Thanks :smile:
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    Need More Info Incorrect behavior of troops during a siege in version 1.7.2

    I cant read Cyrillic but finding it more difficult to take a city/castle due to one or two defenders not being found despite giving different groups 1-3, 1-4,1-6, orders, looking all over, opening all gates I find. This used to just need the above and time, but now I have to retreat and then re attack. This takes time, is annoying, and if there is a huge army waiting for the retreat and get you in a weakened stage, that is bad.
    2. Ladders and siege towers sometimes work, sometimes just do not. Any hints on this other than a problem not fixed, moral, health, intercultural stuff?
    3. Some of the siege commands are working better, e.g. a team GENERALLY will follow orders, but as I said, often a huge mass is stuck outside of the city doing nothing, no thing. Would increasing combatants in a battle help this?
    4. Why so few names? "Ransome for xyz offer has arrived" XYZ of WHO?? Please put the faction in this message!
    5. NPC says yes, I will marry you, go see my father. Father does not talk about marriage at all. I notice her older sister I did not speak to has the same name?
    6. There are more but please fix these newer problem and inconveniences, thanks! :smile:
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    Resolved HOLDING bug

    brother lost in holding file has been uploaded
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    Resolved HOLDING bug

    BTW older brother has now moved to the family castle, but cannot be found or made governor.
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    Resolved HOLDING bug

    sorry, I don't know how to do that. Win 11 Steam, and I probably deleted saves just before and after. Thanks for asking
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    Petition to return to the pre 1.7.0 method of assigning troop types.

    I don't particularly like parts of the new system, but I do believe the idea of assigning group commanders with skills/perks along with pre-battle deployment is a good step forward.
    It just needs to give control (or "micromanagement") of the troops back to the player!
    People have clearly voiced what they want in assigning troops so I think the Devs (@Callum @MRay ...etc) will take that into account and improve on the new system!
    yes on the game, and to Plato, yes, so let's all go into our inner closet or self and say "something" we are trying to articulate the un articulatable, and it is wonderful :smile:
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    Petition to return to the pre 1.7.0 method of assigning troop types.

    I'm surprised more people aren't frustrated by this. An easy way to group troops by type and culture seems like a no brainer. Also a way of grouping your companions into their own unit. Oh well, I guess I'm in the super minority on this one. :sad:
    we are in the minority, the new system has merit, while removing all the good stuff of the last system. Don't beta players complain about this ? Now we cannot protect weak units, How to do the "train troops" well unless one has no other infantry without shields etc? Am I missing something?
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    Resolved HOLDING bug

    Hi! Thanks for the feedback. Could you upload your save files that are saved just before and right after this problem to so we can investigate this further? Thanks in advance.
    all is updated as of last night and the problem still exists. So, lost a brother, I want compensation :smile: But really now I cannot send anybody on a quest. This is major, and known for a long long time, what about it?
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    Resolved HOLDING bug

    Unfortunately, it seems like same problem occured again. I have played game more than 300 hours and never met this problem before 1.7.0 beta update. My brother seems to be stuck "HOLDING" in Marunath after I sent him to a mission.(Mission failed btw) And his wife is also lost in Marunath after I was defeated in a battle. I tried to assign them to governor or tried to create party with them, but none of them worked.
    I found a solution using developer console, (Give them to an enemy lord as a prisoner with cheat command, then defeat the lord, they are released and found one of my castles, then I can use them again), But I don't want to use developer console to solve a bug inside of the game, and I don't know if it happens again, and I would have to do it all over.(I don't like to use cheats, developer console, mods etc.., I prefer to play game in native.) Please respond. (I created a ticket and uploaded save game, screenshot of the problem)
    the problem still exists,
  12. gravur

    Companion incompetence.

    I found this. In the mean time do not send anybody on quests or parties away from yours, and as always, save a lot.
    Losing lots of development time and child making time for the brother, probably about 140 days. I want compensation ! :smile:

    "My daughter is stuck as "holding" after losing a battle as she had her own party. It says she is in Zeonica, which is my fief, but when I got there I can not find her.

    Does anyone have a fix for this? Can't assign her to a new party either. Can not assign her as a governor nor can I kick her from the clan.

    So this is a temporary fix from a user on steam called yogurt:


    This worked for me (with Brother Nathanos being in HOLDING forever):

    Enable cheat code (open “engine_config.txt” in your documents folder and look for “cheat_mode = 0” change the value to “1”) ingame by pressing ALT+ tilde and enter:

    campaign.take_hero_prisoner "hero who is holding" "random enemy hero"

    Chose any enemy faction hero. I entered "Nathanos" and "Ira".

    After that you can find your companion (wife/family member) in a town and pick him/her up!"

    You can just open the console and type config.cheat_mode 1
    No need to go into documents folder. Remember to turn it off again with config.cheat_mode 0"
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    Companion incompetence.

    Isn't the solution to losing a companion to holding or staying kicking the companion out of the clan then rehiring them where ever they end up?
    That may be, but what of the brother?
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    Companion incompetence.

    Okay but does the clan list (left on party screen) say STAYING or HOLDING, if it says HOLDING they're not anywhere actually, just in a cool down and will eventually spawn somewhere else and it will say STAYING. If they're staying look in the tavern or keep in the UI bar, I don't know if they will go to a village like that.
    They are holding, brother in a city but not really there, and companion in a village, but not there for 125 days, the brother longer than that. So, no way to find them? So what is the solution? Don't send anybody out because they could be unrecoverable?
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    Companion incompetence.

    Is it possible they had a zero success chance? I think it's not well implemented and I would just not do it. The HOLDING should eventually turn to STAYING and they may change to another location and you can access them then. When it says holding the npc is in a cooldown and can't be accessed.
    I have a brother and companion listed as in a town, other in village, they cannot be found, NPCs no clue, no bandit bases found, not found in local villages and towns, no bandits had them captive. Any clues on this? Not in any dungeons or taverns or in games either.
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    Petition to return to the pre 1.7.0 method of assigning troop types.

    I agree with the author of the post. But I also think that there is no need to return to the old system. Perhaps it is worth combining these two systems.
    I agree
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    Petition to return to the pre 1.7.0 method of assigning troop types.

    What ever you do - NEVER do the "train peasants" village quest .. it's HORRENDOUS !! You cannot divide troop skill types, meaning all elite troops and trainee peasants are together, so it's very difficult to train up by attacking Looters.

    The only work around is to go to your town and move all elite troops into the town .... annoying.

    .Also, I suspect in the future, modders will want to setup groups with particular troop types - eg "Hastati" or "Princeps" etc etc etc Current system doesn't allow that.

    Hard coding is a ....... !

    good point, this quest just got worse. It is perhaps good in early game or using poor troops along side them, but not in the present system after early game.
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    Petition to return to the pre 1.7.0 method of assigning troop types.

    Yes, you form units in the party screen. Not just before battle, before battle you deploy units not form them !
    I agree, does this count as a signature? I'm glad this was brought up.
    new question. Why are family and companions gettin glost after quests and do not return or be reported as prisoners, but reported in a town and they cannot be found, not in local villages, not in bandit bases that I can find, etc? 90+ days without them is too long. Moral is good in the group. whats up? thanks
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    Thanks . Something to be added later. Hey, another question. Family and companions are lost...

    Thanks . Something to be added later. Hey, another question. Family and companions are lost, listed as in a town, but I cant find them there, not in villages, bandit bases not being found, nobody talks about them. Any clues? Thanks :)
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    once every city and castle is yours how do we win the game? Is there no closing screen?

    once every city and castle is yours how do we win the game? Is there no closing screen?
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