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  1. fedeita

    Question to devs about the maps ingame

    Hello it's been a long time since I stopped following the game, I'm having many personal life issues that I'm struggling to solve and honestly I'm not even sure how it will end. Whatever, lately I was curious about my favorite series so I watched some new videos about recent versions añd I'm not...
  2. fedeita

    Screenshot Thread

    Feel free to post screens here!
  3. fedeita

    Unit groups are too generic

    I don't know if l seen it right but there are only four base groups plus custom ones for units: infantry, archers, cavalry and horse archers. I know this isn't a total war game but we need more of them: Skirmishers / archers / shock infantry / spearmen / pikemen / shock cavalry / archer cavalry...
  4. fedeita

    Al is a problem

    I'm really worried about ai of the game: actually it's the same as warband as many of us already noticed since the old gamescom and not because of the ingame difficulty settings. I'm from phone so l will be short 1 bandits fight even if defeat is obvious, they don't care for their life.   This...
  5. fedeita

    Physics-Based Combat

    We know from the blogs that in Bannerlord the combat uses physics-based parameters just to calculate damage of the weapons but time is passing and now for me it's not enough, even weapon impact should get some love. Here some ideas I have in mind: First the engine need to take into consideration...
  6. fedeita

    AI and the surrounding enviroment

    We know that AI now can climb siege ladders, use static weapons and form more complex formations but how it will interact with the obstacles around the map? what happens when AI face a lower object like a fence or a stone wall? I borrowed this picture from the forum to show what happens on the...
  7. fedeita

    How to change the ligthing of a scene.

    Surely I'm missing something but I can't find the way to change the ligthing settings as you do in the edit mode and make it permanently.
  8. fedeita

    normal maps not working on terrain borders?

    Is it me or does the material for the new terrain borders doesn't read the normal map assigned? if so it's not a game breaking bug but it would be a shame to leave it how is it now.
  9. fedeita

    Problem with my new scene

    I don't know why but I get this problem with my scene: as you can see I'm not able to edit the terrain height over that line...
  10. fedeita

    problem editing troop flags

    I don't know what I'm doing wrong but when I edit the flags of the troops (tf_guarantee_stuff) nothing happens and units keep using default ones, any idea?
  11. fedeita

    [need help] modding animations

    I want to change the combat ready anim to fit with my scutum shield but I'm having some problems with it since when i use it ingame the sword disappear and even the shield position is different from what i see in the 3d editor.
  12. fedeita

    -different sizes for the horses

    do you know if this announced feature is implemented in warband?
  13. fedeita

    Animated texture

    is it possible to create an animated texture? what i mean is something like waves
  14. fedeita


    sapete mica come si trova la pioggia? ho iniziato una nuova partita ma non cade neanche una goccia  :evil:
  15. fedeita

    Mod DB 2008 Awards ci sono le votazioni per le migliori mods ma soprattutto per i miglior giochi "indie" del 2008, votate o l'uomo che ho in signa verrà a trovarvi  :P
  16. fedeita

    Mod DB 2008 Awards

    Vote our preffered indie game for the Mod db 2008 awards here i don't seen if a similiar thread already exist but well another one surely doesn't hurt  :P be numerous
  17. fedeita

    milkshape3d vertex weight problem

    i already posted this in the forum of the program but it seem all dead. the problem is when i export a model to .smd the vertex weight get bugged and remove multi weight. i tryied to reinstall all but nothing changed, all this after formatting...  :oops:
  18. fedeita


    modifica veloce veloce (veloce) dell'erba per fare una prova, che ve ne pare? questa è quella base poi ci saranno fiori cespugli ecc. il colore è da aggiustare
  19. fedeita

    Rigged Mail coif

    here it is a wip of a rigged mail coif i'm working on, actually it move and follow the head but there are some clipping problems with it and the pic when you buy it is all messed up  :?
  20. fedeita

    Bug ATI

    mannaggia finalmente mi sono deciso a cambiare la mia scheda ormai improponibile con una nuova 4850 ma ora mount & blade è ingiocabile graficamente: texture rosso sangue e buchi nel terreno che sembra d'essere all'inferno  :lol: a quanto ho capito è un problema risolvibile con i driver beta ma...
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