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  1. B Medieval 1487 AD: A Time for Change

    This must be the luckiest necro in Taleworlds history! Awesome work
  2. SP Medieval Renaissance 2.1

    Finally got you mate!

  3. Can someone help me mod Medival Conquest? - progress so far

    On the scenes fixes, you might want to check original 1257AD files or the Enhanced Edition's. The scenes there are okay and can be inserted into Medieval Conquests; you find them at SceneObj
  4. I've united Poland (and Europe by accident)

    that's beautiful  :shock:
  5. The Epic of Æthelweard (WIP)

    Rather challenging! I like how you keep narrative concise and description elaborated at the same time
  6. B Medieval Rus 13th Century: Way of the Warrior

    Janycz said:
    It's so conceived. Talk to the tavern keeper to learn something about the garrison.

    I understand that. On the other hand, I see no point whatsoever in removing the option of accompanying lords, extremely useful when following the marshal.
  7. B Medieval Rus 13th Century: Way of the Warrior

    I noticed one can't see the composition or total number of garrisons and armies; and that the "Accompany" option (to follow certain lord) isn't available. Is this WAD?
  8. Random crashes to selection menu during multiplayer game

    When I'm playing on a online server, the game will randomly direct me back to the character selection menu at some point. No error messages come up.
  9. B Medieval Medieval Conquests

    Mikeck said:
    For some reason I am not unable to join battles in which my own countrymen are involved. For example: I am playing as a French duke. A French lord with 40 troops was in battle with a Castilian lord with 100. I tried to join but the only option I am given is “do not get involved” ! It’s the ONLY option listed

    This issue has only come up recently in a long game but happens consistently.

    What am I doing wrong?

    That is really strange. I'm able to join everyone's battle
  10. B Medieval Medieval Conquests

    I don't think javelins should be nerfed. Most infantrymen have shields anyway
  11. SP Medieval Renaissance 2.1

    I don't know whether this is possible, but gate castles (those castles where there is no siege ladder but only a gate) should be more abundant. They are far more interesting and have fewer pathfinding issues
  12. Neko and Hwicce

    Just wait them get eaten by Gwent
  13. SP Medieval Hispania 1200 (RELEASED)

    There is any speculation to provide download link?
  14. What does pressing "t", "Huzzah! You encourage your nearby troops", do?

    Batko said:
    You sure they will cheer even in the middle of the fight and in front of the enemy?

    Yep, they'll.
  15. How to conceive a child if you're playing as a woman?

    Children are items, unfortunately.
  16. Constant war?

    Merc Merc Merc Merc, war is money
  17. sling?

    Carlos Danger said:
    Bows can kill if shot accurately, can pierce armour if lucky, but can be snapped off and a warrior can keep hacking away, while a slinger can break bones and render a warrior useless.

    Well, in all my playthroughs at Brytenwalda I've never been critically hit by a slinger, while bowmen have slayed me a lot times. And I play on 500 battle size, i.e, javelins, arrows and stones flying everywhere.
  18. sling?

    jorma666 said:
    have you ever tried? slings are far better than bows

    Then you haven't face a welsh archer yet.
  19. sling?

    So.. you really expect to kill someone using this? :razz:
  20. Sense that doesn't make sense

    Are you using lance recruitment? If so, the sense is supposed to doesn't make sense. If you choose native recruitment, you won't have such problems. And the horse lose speed probably because you ****ed it. This is totally correct and accurate to me.
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