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  1. Arch3r

    The Dank Jewel Estate (Dankest Dungeon AAR)

    This is a Darkest Dungeon AAR. Originally started on another thread, I thought it would be good to give it a thread of its own. People are free to request to join as an in-game character. Here's a list with the available classes. Current claims...
  2. Arch3r

    CoR leave the WNL

    Yea, last match to play, but we can't get enough players for the last match. Against heroes we somehow managed to get 8, because the stars aligned and all inactive members somehow showed up. We won't be able to pull that off again. Wanted to do it before picknight, but it doesn't seem to matter...
  3. Arch3r

    Arch3rs Snowy Village remake.

    Updated 21-06-2012: New spawn points I've never really liked the Native Snowy Village because of various reasons: - I found the gameplay to be not so fun: cavalry and archer spam, bunkering up on the mountains and spending one minute to reach each other if a team does choose to charge. - It's...
  4. Arch3r

    22nd v IG Non-Drama rule discussion thread.

    It's really idiotic that there's so much drama and default wins in my opinion. There  should be a rule about causing drama all the time because I think some clans are just too afraid not to win.
  5. Arch3r

    Proposed new 'give lust a break' rules and discussion about day's topics.

    Here's a new rule, give him a break. He does a great job organizing tournaments to keep the competitive side of Warband active but all he gets back is threads full of carp. And these threads take even more of his time, while he already spends so much time organizing and managing this stuff...
  6. Arch3r

    Multiplayer + spawn_agent - does it work?

    I used spawn_agent in module_mission_templates, in a multiplayer script and the agents spawn fine, on the correct position with the right equipment, but they do not move. I've set them to a team, set_is_alarmed, tried relation stuff, nothing seems to wake them up, they just stand there and won't...
  7. Arch3r

    Merc's used in |VS| against Boh from RS?

    Was it correct that I read that |VS| used mercs from RS, a clan that is also participating in the tourney? If so I think that really should be forbidden. It makes no sense playing for your own clan and as merc for another clan, in my opinion. If it ain't in the rules yet than the rules should...
  8. Arch3r

    Custom multiplayer scenes crashing the server. Solved.

    So for my mod I added some custom multiplayer scenes, some from an older version (ported) of the mod and some made in the newest Native. The weird thing is that one scene works (Siege scene) but the other scenes (battle and DM) crash the server. Anyone had this before and might know a solution?
  9. Arch3r

    Full Invasion Launch Event

    Jaha, Invasion is coming back and this time it's going to be a Full Invasion. Tonight, the 25th of September 2010, Full Invasion will be released and multiple servers will be up.,181.0.html What do I want you to do Download Full Invasion when it's...
  10. Arch3r

    Matches/funwars organization

    There's an IRC channel up now on the Quakenet server called #mount&blade-matches. I also made a xfire group, for the Xfire users, please apply @ And a Steamgroup, join (You can get IRC for free...
  11. Arch3r

    Admin on holiday, referees etc. taking over

    I'm going on holiday for 3 weeks, beginning sunday, these that offered to help as referee's/admins/supervisors will get moderator powers on this board. There's no way to contact me anymore, instead PM either of them on the list. Admins are: Guz-Lvsitania SCGavin Zoltanus Kittenhuffer Arcas Nebun
  12. Arch3r

    Server reservations.

    Post here to reserve the Nations Cup server. The times are in GMT. Keep in mind that it is Summer Time, so for example in Britain the time-zone is GMT+1. Add one hour to your usual time-zone or check this thread for further information...
  13. Arch3r

    Matches and results. (Schedule posted) (New)

    Please, don't post anything in this thread but match scores. Sunday the 27th of June the Nations Cup will begin. The Nations Cup is a round-robin tournament, meaning that all teams play each other once. The sunday two weeks later, the 18th of July is a deadline. In these two weeks all teams...
  14. Arch3r

    Looking for Nations Cup admins/supervizors and recorders.

    I desperately need people to check matches. I need two people per match. Their tasks are to spectate and hop onto teamspeak/ventrillo to check for foul play and ghosting. PM me if you want to be a Nations Cup admin. Current admins: Me Guz-Lvsitania SCGavin Zoltanus Kittenhuffer - Is away on...
  15. Arch3r

    [M] Full Invasion [A co-op mod for WB] - 14th of June

    Full Invasion 1.05 Should work with the latest Warband version! Install instructions: 1. Install Mount&Blade Warband 2. Download from: AND Download the hotfix if you're hosting the server: - dead link -...
  16. Arch3r

    Open Source Medieval Expansion (the "who's interested in helping" thread)

    Since the Open Source Project is very outdated and the number of Open Source models, mission templates and scripts isn't that large, are there any modders that want to help me making a new open source project, medieval based. That means open source models, textures, scripts, map icons (badly...
  17. Arch3r

    Questions and discussing.

    Anything, as long as it's Nations Cup related, goes here. I felt like we were missing such a thread.
  18. Arch3r

    Router crashes when pressing Start Search

    When I press the 'Start search' button in the server list menu, my router seems to be crashing. I'm quite sure the router crashes are related to the start search because the router crashed a lot of times at exactly the same moment that I pressed start search. It must have happened like 10 times...
  19. Arch3r

    News and schedule.(read this!)

    Upcoming deadlines, events and matches: Deadline #1: 7th June ends team subscription. Make sure your nation is taking part, because if it's not you can't subscribe after the 7th of June.
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