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  1. Yagababa

    MP Fantasy Oathwatch 1.0 (WFaS CCoop Mod) [WSE]

    Hello all, really proud to release my first mod: Oathwatch! It's a captain coop invasion-style multiplayer overhaul that's taken about a year to bring about. As sort of a spiritual successor to Demons, you'll find plenty of interesting weapons and equipment for a unique experience. You can...
  2. Yagababa

    WB Coding Port Forwarding a WSE Server

    Hey all, not sure if this is the proper place to ask this but here goes: I'm trying to port forward a WSE Server--I used the same router settings as for my native server (which works), but the server is only accessible via LAN. Has anyone successfully port forwarded a WSE Server/are there any...
  3. Yagababa

    OSP Code MP Seismic Mace w/ Projectile-Simulated Knockback [WSE]

    A while back I was trying to access the game's built in ragdoll physics, but it turns out it's hardcoded and inaccessible. I wanted to create a knockback system, and I'd like to share with everyone my less than elegant solution. The idea is simple: when an agent is hit with a specific weapon, an...
  4. Yagababa

    WFaS Coding New Skeleton Error

    So I added a new race via module skins w/ a slightly larger skeleton--the skeleton, meshes, and animations appear great in game, but the troops don't seem to have a hitbox. Arrows go right through them, I can't hit them with melee attacks, but for some reason they still get trampled by...
  5. Yagababa

    WFaS Coding Changing Armor via Script

    Hey all, I'm trying to make a 'cursed doubloon' item--when you receive a fatal blow, it gets removed from your inventory, you're restored to full hp and become a skeleton. It all works great except for that last bit, I'm having a hard time figuring out how to switch out armor via a script...
  6. Yagababa

    WFaS Coding Triggering Ragdoll

    Hey everyone, sorry for the barrage of questions recently-- Does anyone know of a way to trigger ragdoll physics on an agent off ti_on_hit without killing them (or just knock them back)? I've seen agents get flung off their horses before but that might just be a position glitch. Right now I'm...
  7. Yagababa

    WFaS Coding Presentations Problem

    Hey all, I'm trying to learn how to work with module_presentations, but can't seem to get even a simple example to work: ("player_blood_screen_1", prsntf_read_only, 0, [ (ti_on_presentation_load, [ (create_mesh_overlay, "$g_blood_screen_state", "mesh_mp_score_a")...
  8. Yagababa

    WB 3D Art Placement Banner Mesh

    Does anyone know the name/location of the troop placement banner in Warband (when you hold down the 'hold this position' key)? Thanks!
  9. Yagababa

    OSP Code Combat Leviathan Axe (from God of War) [WSE]

    Hey everyone, I'm very proud to announce my new OSP--my attempt at recreating the Leviathan Axe from God of War! The idea is to have a two-handed battle axe that can be used as a throwing weapon with the following features: 1. Melee cuts and a ranged splash AOE will cause a 'frost' status...
  10. Yagababa

    WB Coding Slots between client/server

    Could someone please give me quick rundown/direct me to an explanation of what gets communicated between a warband server and the clients? I can see that certain things like damage can be done all server side and synched globally, but what about agent slots, animations, and particle effects?
  11. Yagababa

    WFaS Coding Animation questions

    Hey all, had a couple questions about animations in the module system: 1. Is it possible to force an animation/position until a trigger parameter is met? I coded a slot for the condition and that all works properly, but I'm not sure how to go about freezing the target in their current...
  12. Yagababa

    OSP Code Combat Soulfire Arrows w/ DOT [WSE]

    Hey everyone, I'm proud to announce my first OSP! There's a lot of flaming arrow projects on the Forge, but I wasn't really satisfied w/ the results I was getting--so I went and made a new one. I've created a solid system in WFaS with the new WSE build (shoutout @K700) that combines a couple...
  13. Yagababa

    WFaS Coding (game_key_is_down, gk_attack)

    Does (game_key_is_down, gk_attack), not work? I've tested the operation for gk_defend and gk_jump and they both run fine, but gk_attack and key_left_mouse_button never return true.
  14. Yagababa

    WFaS 2D Art WSE WFaS Build Shader Problems

    Just found out about the WFaS build for Warband Script Enhancer! It's incredible news and I'm excited to get to scripting... That said, I'm trying to add it to my current module and am having some weird graphical issues that I'm pretty sure are shader related. I know very little about shaders...
  15. Yagababa

    WFaS Coding Health Bars

    Hey guys, sorry to double post. I found this code for a health bar presentation code, but for some reason they aren't appearing in-game. ("multiplayer_agent_hp_bar", prsntf_read_only, 0, [ (ti_on_presentation_load, [...
  16. Yagababa

    WFaS Coding add_missile alternative

    I'm trying to add a blunderbuss to my WFAS mod using a shotgun script I found on the forge, but it looks like there's no add_missile in header_operations for the Fire and Sword module system... Is that something I could add or is it hardcoded into the engine? If so, is there any workaround to...
  17. Yagababa

    WFaS Coding Heraldic banner mesh background array

    Hey guys, I'm trying to add heraldic armors to a WFAS multiplayer mod, and am running into the black background color issue similar to this thread: I want to completely get rid of the native banners...
  18. Yagababa

    WFaS 3D Art In-game texture are wacky for some mod resources

    Hey all, I'm trying to import some BRF resources to my mod (Some Narf stuff for example)--most of it appears fine while playing, but certain models look really weird, almost like the texture isn't mapping correctly. They look great in OpenBRF, but for some reason it's completely different in...
  19. Yagababa

    WB Coding Need help with compiling error

    When I'm compiling my mod, I get this error. I'm not really sure how I broke it because I haven't done anything with triggers at this point. Any insight would be greatly appreciated! I found this thread which looks similar, but I'm not sure where to look for a syntax error...
  20. Yagababa

    Resolved Banned from my own server?

    I've been playing with a couple friends on a dedicated server I usually host (on the same computer I play on), only recently when I try to join, I get a message that says "you have been banned from this server." There's no ban list in the server files, and I tried adding an empty text file. My...
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