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  1. WB Coding Game modes map

    Looking to know how to add maps in a specific game mode like Multi_Scene_27 for Siege and Mulit_Scene_28 for Conquest
  2. A lot of the maps are not compatible with Team Deathmatch?

    I have a fun time playing Invasion with my friends. But sometimes I played Team Deathmatch along with bots. I and the bots would spawn outside the walls and under the map or outside of the map borders. Just wondering if I can change some of that so It can be compatible with Team Deathmatch.
  3. WB Coding How to use python to add items?

    I read the tutorial and I still have no clue on what to do. I already added some weapons at the Indo-Persian OSP pack to the base game. But there are still 300+ items to add and I don't want to spend the week editing all of that. The best thing that I can do is hope for an items_kinds1 on the...
  4. Game Limit

    Morgh's editor Item Limit. Well, I added 5066 items on my mod. Then when I open Morgh's it just says an error. And when I play a lot of the Items are missing meshes and textures. So what's the limit to not just Morgh's editor but the entire game.
  5. WB Coding Noob needs answers for adding items for Warband.

    I recently knew that modding is a thing in this game so I think I downloaded a mod called something like Anno Domini. All I needed to do was put the folder to the modules folder. Then after that, I downloaded the OSP Variety Items pack which has instructions that I followed. I copy and paste the...
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