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  1. Uwus Krassus

    dr(german) servers do not crash, taleworlds please use their code

    DR Server Captain crashes during gameplay at start and end! You can complete 3 of 10 games!
  2. Uwus Krassus

    Your servers are a shame

    There's nothing broken... @ Captain. There are just not enough players. Why? Because TW wants to force us to play alone with the new ranking. We can't party with friends anymore. That's why there are no more players....
  3. Uwus Krassus

    Queue for Captain at 8 PM EST

    sorry... there are nicer things than waiting in line...
    Captain is dead... :cry:
  4. Uwus Krassus

    1.7.2 killed Captain

    I believe that the new ranking system including the queue is fully functional. There are now just over 400 players with at least 10 games registered. The system is intended for the future... with 2000 active players... The old players, the Rambos, the super heroes mega parties were deliberately destroyed. But that won't work out for TW... because it will be difficult to get out again...
  5. Uwus Krassus

    1.7.2 killed Captain

    It's unbelievable what the TW team thought! To fix some problems in the old captain, they destroy the entire captain community! The system cannot be changed in a very short time! This can take months... :cry:
  6. Uwus Krassus

    Get rid of Clanstacking/Partying up in Ranked modes.

    ... just don't play anymore... it's summer! No MP players for a game developer is really tough. :wink:
  7. Uwus Krassus

    1.7.2 killed Captain

    I can only agree! I don't play captain anymore! Captain is dead!
  8. Uwus Krassus

    4 Problems with Ranked (placements, gains, everyone is in the same lobby)

    Since I can only agree @Brandis. .... One problem is that, in principle, Captain, there are simply too few players for the new system ... friends can not play together anymore ... My Captain is dead :wink:
  9. Uwus Krassus

    Ranked fix

    Captain is dead!
  10. Uwus Krassus

    Ranked mode sucks, and heres why

    I only play Captain... Had 5-minute warm-ups 3 times in a row today... with a draw. With the general low player count, it's impossible to play... In a few days, there will be no players at all. too bad...
  11. Uwus Krassus

    The State of Captain Mode

    Good post Brandis.!
    The minimum distance between the player and AI units is the best solution for me! This is surely easy to realize for the devs and just has to be DONE! At least for TESTING!
    In a normal captain game you can handle one or max two Rambo players well ...
    In the league games it looks very different.
    Almost all players attack here as Rambo!

    There is then no way to keep the losses at 1v1.
    Here you have 3 or more losses before you catch the Rambo.

    The Captain League games now have the following tactics!
    Park AI units, 1 or 2 players protect the AI, the rest go out and kill as many AIs as possible.
    Then it is waited and further decimated until shortly before the end of morality and rush the rest.

    Please DEVS, find a SOLUTION!
  12. Uwus Krassus

    Heavy armor should deflect arrows

    My 55 lbs Yew Longbow breaks through a car door at 50m without any problems .....

  13. Uwus Krassus

    Current patch unplayable

    All Player crashed now in captain ! Server Crash!
  14. Uwus Krassus

    Random earrape static noise happening on servers

    After the Patch, Walhalla Sound again here...
  15. Uwus Krassus

    3 server crashes in a row (captain)

    For me there are also over 70% server crashes. It takes about 5-10 minutes until the session is closed ..... if you terminate manually, you cannot log in until the server has terminated the session ...
  16. Uwus Krassus

    Working solution to play the stable and beta version with a PC, without downloading 8 GB every day!

    Hi Knights, First you have to create a new local user in Windows. Second, you have to install Steam again. As an example "Steam2" Third, you have to create a new Steam account. Since I have purchased two versions of the game, I entered the second key. I don't know if that works with one version...
  17. Uwus Krassus

    @Devs, how can I play stable and beta without downloading?***Solved***

    They have no control over this as it currently is, they use Steam infrastructure. They would have to implement a switch in their launcher, have us download unnecessary stuff and they would have to handle versioning themselves in order for this to be under their control. This is just not going to happen, too much work for little to no gain.
    I will test it tomorrow with this guide....thx for this :wink:
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