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  1. GhostTechGaming

    Will 1.5.8 beta come before February?

    I'd say early february. I hope we see, It is taking a bit longer than the last few patches, I hope it will be better siege AI, and a bit more smarter kingdoms.
  2. GhostTechGaming

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.4

    • Players can use ALT + LMB to escort a party.
    The game is now finished
  3. GhostTechGaming

    When was the first time you ever played mount&blade

    I first discovered the game in 2014. I started in rhodoks territory and joined them first. Had no clue on the factions, lore or anything, I stumbled upon the game looking for war games with mass battles and I found reformistTM and watched a ton of his videos and bought the game. I then became addicted and added over 1000+ Hrs and streamed it for a bit becoming the 3rd most watched on twitch. The first mod I played, was lord of the rings. however my favorite mods would be, AWOIAF, Pendor, Perisno, and the best of all Narnia. If you have played it you know.. Overall, I hate that I didn't meet the game sooner. However I am also glad I got it when I did. It got me threw tough times and almost made me not graduate. But now I am here, also I loved viking conquest, that was also one of my favorite moments with warband.
  4. GhostTechGaming

    What are the best and worst aspects of BL right now? Share your thoughts on the current state of game.

    Best: Marriage and Children, I love the idea but it needs more depth and realism, instead of popping out baby's how about dialogue options to win your wife over. Or more depth in general, more simulation and realism? I don't know, I guess I want a dating sim for it tbh. Then raising your children teaching them to fight and more depth with that. I understand that, it will never end up like that but it would be super cool to have. Still my favorite feature of the game, besides sieges and large battles.

    Everything needs more depth, I think the worst thing is just the amount of depth the features have. Just everything feels barebones. It's there and on par with warband but there needs to be more, which will eventually happen but still. The perks need more oomph to them, there needs to be blood and gore, and so on. There needs to be life put into the companions and I need to be able to build relationships with the people in the world. Right now, there is no friendships, love, or respect to anyone in the world everyone has no soul. THAT NEEDS TO CHANGE.

    Please Fix: The perk system, Personalities, and Just more depth with everything.
  5. GhostTechGaming

    Does anybody like current Clan system (Singleplayer)?

    I love it, but it just needs more work and depth. That is all!
  6. GhostTechGaming

    Almost two months into EA. Satisfied?

    I honestly haven't played the game since, exactly April 13th. I love the game but am waiting for some more fine tuning and bigger updates to come out. I played 60 hrs of the game and was happy every second. I just want more diplomacy,quests,sieges and so forth just more stuff.
  7. GhostTechGaming

    In Progress I've been married for almost 10 years and my wife isn't getting pregnant

    Ooof, My wife is like on her 20th baby, we have 3 sets of twins. She has a kid then after that she has another and so on, can't wait till they actually age up. I am like 40 years old now smh.
  8. GhostTechGaming

    Make aging an option.

    I conquered all of Calridia in 10 years at age 40. My kid was only 6 years old so I left the game on full speed for a few hours while I slept. Kid's still 16 and not of age yet.

    Ageing is way too slow at the current rate, I mean who starts off as a peasant and then 10 years later conquers the world. Should take 2-3 generations minimum, 100+ years, not 10. Democracy of trolls and idiots.
    Playing more and more I can agree, however. When I start my character I want to start at 18. Or choose my starting age, and I want to be able to speed up the age my kids grow up to maturity. And Now I have like 50 kids. So that needs tuned also. At this point though. The starting age needs to be lowered or to be chosen. I actually think the aging is fine for the player but the game world moves to fast for it. And the child ages to be raised by 4 each year until 16 at least.
  9. GhostTechGaming

    Increasing village recruiter relations when no quests available?

    One way is rescuing the villagers from looters, and you can also attack hideouts that are near and that will get you +2 relationship. Other then that I am not sure.
  10. GhostTechGaming

    Executing captured Lords and Ladies?

    There is now an option to execute captured heroes. What effect does this have and is it worth damaging your reputation? I saw that you get their lands when you execute them? That seems like a really easy way to expand your empire and could even be game breaking very quickly.

    How does execution work? It must have severely negative impacts somehow? It can't really be possible to capture a bunch of cities and castles just by executing a whole bunch of nobles. That's almost too easy.
    There whole clan they are in gets -100 relationship. However the rest of there faction doesn't seem to mind. I executed Caladog
  11. GhostTechGaming

    Change that would make the game a lot better

    Please make it like real history. Where big battles and huge sieges were at least a year apart. I don't want to play 50 hrs in this game and conquer all the map.
    I like this idea to a certain sense. There should be a bigger risk besieging right now I fell like they can gather 300+ troops to take a castle in no time.I'd like the idea of when you lose troops it actually has an effect so to speak. Right now if you lose troops you just go to the village and get more. However this needs a lot of work and not done right there will be a ton more snowballing issues. I think a less aggressive ai like you are suggesting would work fine for the time being. However. In my game I am fighting Battania and we are going back and forth capturing each other castles then we lose it and then take it back, Meanwhile the Southern Empire has conquered all of Khuzait land.There just needs to be a bigger effect of the casualties and more peace overall
  12. GhostTechGaming

    Need More Info Game crashes after sucsessfully recruiting a lord from another factions

    Pretty annoying, as there isn't much point progressing my main save at the moment.
    There should be a fix soon, I hope. I am pretty sure they know about it
  13. GhostTechGaming

    Resolved Wife getting pregnant without me present

    +1000 for this getting fixed. Along with it, can we tune the birth rate back just a little?
    I completely agree with this, I have 3 children in a years, I had twins to start I wonder if that is rare?
  14. GhostTechGaming

    Resolved Crashing (Endless Loop Vassal Wants to throw hands)

    Still happening in 1.05, my saves are unplayable :sad:
  15. GhostTechGaming

    Resolved Crashing (Endless Loop Vassal Wants to throw hands)

    Summary: I made a vassal join my vlandia, and well he wants to fight. A lot of people are having the same issue. I can spam spacebar to fix that. However no matter what I do exactly one day later. I get a crash. I think a lord is defecting which is also causing the crash but It could also be...
  16. GhostTechGaming

    Resolved Convinced lords keep triggering dialogues

    This has been moved to crash reports so I feel like I should precise, the game does not crash, I can continue playing afterwards.
    My game is super unstable, now because of it, I can't make it past a day without it crashing. I am guessing you are lucky.
  17. GhostTechGaming

    Resolved Game stuck in infinite loop after convincing enemy to join faction

    I have the same issue, on top of that, I spammed space to fix it but now, I am getting a crash a day after. I wonder if the two are linked
  18. GhostTechGaming

    Need More Info laggy in sieges

    Then that is where you put it, or near it
    I do want to mention sieges are quite laggy at the moment, but it is not unplayable for me
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