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  1. Jancnahn

    AI Generated Names in Bannerlord (for fun!)

    Hello brave warriors and merchants of Calradia! Are you tired of using familiar character names in each playthrough? Have you ever not being able to come up with a good one when your brother says 'Hey, what's our family name again? Btw, no dice rolling now.' Today I learned that I could parse...
  2. Jancnahn

    a quick question on HeightMap Exporting/Importing

    When I export a single-node terrain of 64x64 HeightMap resolution, say all of height 0, I get a 65x65 png file starting with an extra row of 0.8134432 values and with an extra column of zeroes except a single extry of 0.8134432. Thus when I import the very same height map file, the first row of...
  3. Jancnahn

    Current possible relation exploit & suggestion

    (This could've been already reported, I recently joined playing SP campaigns.) When you join someone's army and the army initiates an attack, you could just leave the army instead of joining them, followed by immediately helping them out so that you gain a relation increase with the army...
  4. Jancnahn

    paid storage access

    for those who don't own a town, how about a paid storage service offered by local notables in a town? storage fee should be measured by the volume in theory but we only have cargo weights to consider in the game, so it should be proportional to the cargo weight stored, up to a maximum storage size.
  5. Jancnahn

    Resolved ten npc caravans stay at a town forever

    In my playthrough, ten npc caravans stay at Dunglanys forever. I don't know how long has it been, nor Dunglanys has been sieged since I discovered this. Gamedays have passed enough to see if it's temporary, it's not.
  6. Jancnahn

    Need More Info wrong message when releasing enemy lords

    if you have an enemy hero prisoner, you can just release them for nothing. when you do that, the message shown at the bottom left corner says you released them 'because of peace declaration.' of course it is nothing to do with the actual peace declaration made between two kingdoms, nor does this...
  7. Jancnahn

    Need More Info board game 'How To' description

    In the game of Bagh Chal, the pictures in 'Capturing' and 'Victory' screens must have been swapped according to the description.
  8. Jancnahn

    how to remove a buggy party?

    I have 0/20 Herdsmen without a hero registered in my clan parties for no reason. Disbanding wouldn't work, so I googled console command today. It looks like campaign.destroy_party is the key. But in the current version, when I open up the integrated console window (no mod) and try to execute...
  9. Jancnahn

    Need More Info [UI BUG] Settlement Defenders = Defenders + Attackers

    When your army approaches to an enemy castle, a menu with three options (Approach the gates and hail the guard. Besiege the castle. Leave.) shows up. In this screen, when you hover the mouse cursor over the castle, the number of defenders is shown as the number of actual defenders plus the...
  10. Jancnahn

    Need More Info Mount Expert perk

    The description says it's a surgeon perk whereas most of the perks under Steward skill are intended to support the quartermaster role. Is it a mistake or intended?
  11. Jancnahn

    separate saves display per playthrough

    The current version simply lists all save files in the load menu. Sorting them by character (playthrough) would help people enjoying multiple playthroughs at the same time with different types of characters to enjoy. I welcomed this feature much when Skyrim adopted it.
  12. Jancnahn

    A village too far from its binding castle

    The village Thorios is bound to Thorios Castle. Usually bound villages are located close to the binding castle, but there is a river splitting the two so that you have to make a long way around (Accessing the village from Amitatys or Varagos Castle are faster than starting from Thorios Castle)...
  13. Jancnahn

    In Progress no arrow barrels in some siege maps

    I have no way to check every single siege map in the current game, but Vostrum doesn't have arrow barrels on both sides (attackers and defenders). Since arrow barrels are already implemented in other siege maps, I guess this is a missing feature, thus reporting. Thank you.
  14. Jancnahn

    In Progress [BUG] outfit in villages

    During the quest where you visit villages to inquire whereabouts of the kidnapped daughter, you and your party companions spawn with the battlefield outfit (I guess this is intended). However, the companion that always spawns right next to you when you enter a town or a village still spawns in a...
  15. Jancnahn

    Resolved [BUG][QUEST] Gang Leader Needs Weapons

    I was asked to bring 19 one-handed axes. I brought exactly 19 of them, and I had two expansive spare polearms in my inventory as well. The gang leader took the spare polearms along with 17 one-handed axes in my inventory, leaving me two cheap one-handed axes.
  16. Jancnahn

    BL multi-player mode vs. Mordhau

    In my opinion, Mordhau is a cousin to For Honor that has more Warband flavor. What do you guys think about this 2019 medieval-battle-royal game? Are there features from Mordhau that you wish you would have in Bannerlord? I'll start first: It is nice to be able to make/save presets (appearance /...
  17. Jancnahn

    minimap with castle outline suggestion

    Hello, my dearest Bannerlord developers! I still stream Mount and Blade: Warband and here's a recent thought that I had yesterday. I find it unnecessarily difficult to deploy defender units during a siege battle using the minimap. When I place a flag on the minimap, I don't know if I'm...
  18. Jancnahn

    Game crashes when "Save As"

    Hello, I apologize in advance if this is already answered somewhere. I looked up the fix for some crashes thread and I failed to find my case. I looked up "save as" on this forum and also on google, but I couldn't find a relevant thread. I love AD 1257, but it crashes noticeably when 1) In the...
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