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  1. Stalker007

    Question about Gems

    I've searched throughout the forum and found only pretty outdated topics concerning my question. So I want to ask: do Dawn Gems, Royal Gems, Azure Gems and Gold Ingots have any use in current version of the mod (0.723), or are they still just valuable loot that can only be sold for a high price...
  2. Stalker007

    Need help with texturing

    Hi all, i am noob at modding, an wanna ask some help. I have exported some models from TES4:Oblivion to M&B, but I am really not good at texturing. Honestly, i cannot texture at all. I was trying to follow some simple tutorials, but have only crushes and errors. So, I beg some people, who have...
  3. Stalker007

    Where autors taken all that models?

    I have a question for this mod creators. There is a many of new models in this mod. Some of them are exclusive, and some taked from osp. Could authors give me a list of used OSP, 'cause I'm gonna make a module similar to this mod tematic.
  4. Stalker007

    Firearms models.

    Hello, I am a modmaker, and need some firearms models, some handcannons, pistol, rifles, muskets etc. Of cource, I'll give your credits in the mod. Interested in weapon with flintlock, and burning-rope-lock (sorry dont know how it be "fitil" on English). I am interested in any weapon from period...
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