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  1. Nunu

    Simple Bank mode I have made

    Prevent him from trading with the cities of the faction he has a debt with. And as his "reputation" grows, every cities.
    He should only be able to repay his loans. Until then, no trade.
  2. Nunu

    Learning C# by making a mod for fun

    I am in the process of learning C#. This langage is bulky and grammatically unbearable as hell compared to other langages, but no choice. From my experience in code modding many games (especially Rigale for Warband, but many others), the best results I got were from learning from others, and reverse engineering stuff. I usually identified a mod that was close to what I wanted, or that had part of the effect, would read the code, and then tweak it a tiny bit. I would be in awe, that would give me the joy and energy to keep going, then, a little more, discovering new stuff in the process, then more, until I could create a function, then, a system. However, this was slow, and not quite time efficient, although really nice for intellectual challenge.
    However, C# is another beast. I am right now int the process of learning it from scratch, because the way it works in Bannerlord is full of stuff I don't get. So after trying the old way with some little success, (adding a few gold and XP to random skill every day) I am reading and watching (and practising) C# tuts. There are LOADS of them, on every subjects. Sometimes I go back to BL, and I discover that some stuff make a little more sens. And I go back to my tuts.
    From my experience and for me, learning a new coding langage is really a "read and practise until it clicks" process.
    If that confinment can give me that, it will have been well invested.

    Anyways, keep up the good work mate. I wish you all the best.
  3. Nunu

    Modding in C# feels incredibly boring and tedious.

        private double BuyPercentage
            return 10.0 / 100.0;
    Seriously ?
    if colliding Type has interface IDamagable, call TakeDamage method
    This is C# ? No it's not. Write this kind of stuff in C# now. And then in Godot (using signals).

    That's a good boy. Breathe in those delegates deeply and exhale all sort of illegal declarations, then typecast all the Vector3s you need to pave your way out of this dark learning tunnel.
    Great argument mate.
  4. Nunu

    Modding in C# feels incredibly boring and tedious.

    Well, i wanted to mod for warband but the bloody mess it was made me simply wait for Bannerlord, knowing it would be in C#
    Well, I DID mod warband. I kicked my ass, learnt the stuff, and modded it. I didn't quit because "muh not to my standards"
    What you C# fanboys dont seem to get is that there are other langages that are MUCH simpler to grasp than this overcomplex piece of arrogant garbage (I am in the process of learning delegates. Just give me a break, please. Seriously, get out of your confort zone, and go see the world, like I am doing by trying to learn this circomvoluted garbage, because I want so much to properly code this game) Of COURSE, those langages and IDE won't check and triple proof every line of code you write to make sure you don't make a mistake, but then, I don't need whatever bull****s stupidity proof system to write a simple function.
    I'm not too good at C# yet but I'm grateful for having a real programming language to work with. Since it's widely used, you can google stuff.
    +1 the amount of tuts is amazing.
    That said, back to intellectual challenge of trying to leisurely, as an electrician, grasp this arrogant garbage.
  5. Nunu

    SP Native Female Troop Trees [All Factions]

    Great addition. I can't wait to slaughter armies of women, thanks :smile:
  6. Nunu

    Modding in C# feels incredibly boring and tedious.

    Because I actually love coding more precisely, creating functions, and toy with randomness and variables. I don't know why, it gives me the giggles. This is why all my mods are so heavy on randomness. Random tests results, random encounters, random loot, random crafting... ! And in godot you have to code everything from the ground up. But then, I don't waste my time trying to learn whether a function should be static or serialized or whatever, but I waste my time creating neat little buggy random systems. As for Unity or unreal or lumberyard, I just can't get into it.
    Send my regards to GSanders if you can please, he took over Rigale, and did a huge work on it.
  7. Nunu

    Modding in C# feels incredibly boring and tedious.

    Tx adrakken, I was feeling kind of lonely. I think I made my points many times. I freaking modded rigale for warband, Frontieres for NWN2, the lost continent for legend of grimrock, was toying with godot before bannerlord launch, and a few minor others. I am not against learning a new langage, quite the contrary, I like the intellectual challenge it provides. But the fact that some people consider that C# is cool or whatever, is beyond me. So far, this is a bulky, unintuitive, redundant crap. The only thing saving it is VB, because that intellisens stuff is amazing. Although I don't see how it can make me a better codder. Driving a totally assisted car won't make me a better driver...I might be wrong, but so far, I am on the verge on giving up on this ****, and going back to godot. But man, I have been waiting for 8 freaking years to mod this game :sad: , so I will persevere a little bit. Sigh...

    Anyway, I believe the original purpose of this thread has gone of track
    Well, my opinion was that I totally agree with OP unpopular opinion, and explained why :smile:
  8. Nunu

    Modding in C# feels incredibly boring and tedious.

    Just give me a . You are speaking chinese to me. I don't give a about memory, ram usage, vectorized instructions, 32 or 64 bit whatever, it being a compiler or whatever, being a tenth of a second faster for whatever, I just want to create a function that will use parameters, and call this function somewhere else and passing parameters to it, and returning one or more values. Now what's with these static and non static methods. Godammit all these are turning me crazy ! overly complex piece of langage.
  9. Nunu

    Modding in C# feels incredibly boring and tedious.

    Sure, whatever you win, C# is great.
  10. Nunu

    Modding in C# feels incredibly boring and tedious.

    Come on....Ever coded in any other langage ? And having only one float got in your way ? Seriously ? Well, I never felt "safe" or "helped" because I add to choose between multiple float types, actually, I never had to... Well, maybe that will change now :smile: I can't wait to experiment a "****, I chose double, I should have used "float" or "decimal", GREAT !" kind of help.
  11. Nunu

    Modding in C# feels incredibly boring and tedious.

    Lol it's object oriented programming. Write your own DisplayMessage method?

    public void ShowMessage(string Message) {
    InformationManager.DisplayMessage(new InformationMessage(Message));

    Then call your own method: ShowMessage("Blah Blah");

    Better? You have the freedom to do this. Object Oriented is tidy but comes with a price.

    EDIT: Most people in here just need to learn C#. It's really a easy language compared to other programm languages like c++.
    Sure whatever, you seem very smart, good on you. I am not a pro coder, so having 3 different decimals (float, double, decimals) types is beyond me. And for me, this is exactly what is wrong with this langage. Mostly having to define everything, then create it, then populate it, is overly complex for my small brain, furthermore because this doesn't exist in other langages I came across. Maybe, as I learn more, I will get to appreciate it, but so far, this is really humbling, and a total pain in the arse compared to other langages.
  12. Nunu

    Modding in C# feels incredibly boring and tedious.

    Thanks, I an ashamed and feel like puking.
  13. Nunu

    Modding in C# feels incredibly boring and tedious.

    but you have to gain more experience before making comments like this
    I am indeed a novice programmer, it's not my job to code, but from what I have seen so far, toying with python, lua , and other PL, C# is the most unintuitive, over complex, piece of I have come across. Now once you know it, or if you are very smart, or learnt it at school, or whatever, it is probably a great engine, and VB and intellisense are great, but it is, once again, imho, and overcomplex piece of . Just creating a function is freaking unintuitive. In what kind of freaking world is a PL so dumb that I have to create a var, and then tell again the PL I created a var. I am so mad after this piece of PL atm...
    I just want to create a freaking function, and this stupid ask to give it a "body" ? An then it won't recognize the vars I am passing through this function ? Seriously ? WTF ?
    using System;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using System.Linq;
    using System.Text;
    using System.Threading.Tasks;
    using Rigale2RoC;
    using TaleWorlds.Core;
    using TaleWorlds.Localization;
    using TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade;
    using TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem;
    namespace Rigale2RoC.Systems
        class Rigale2Systems
            public int Rig2_getAttributeCheckResult(CharacterAttributesEnum attributeToCheck, String difficulty);
            int result;
            int AttributeValue = Hero.MainHero.GetAttributeValue(attributeToCheck);
            int randomCheck = new Random().Next(1, 20);
            result = randomCheck + AttributeValue;
            return result;
    Just this very simple function won't work because whatever godammit.
  14. Nunu

    Modding in C# feels incredibly boring and tedious.

    Now everyone who read your code know what testDictionary is, when "var testDictionary = {}" could be anything.
    well, once you know that {} is only meant for dictionnaries...and I really don't think that C# is meant to be casually read by anybody...And godot and other langages dic can store almost anything without having to define the types of values first...
    Thanks a lot anyways. I am learning a lot by reading other people's code already. And there are great tuts all over the place, so I should be fine.
  15. Nunu

    SP Native Entrepreneur - Dark Age Real Estate!

    Yeah, I LOVE this Idea. Great job, it was a pleasure reading your code, I learned a lot :smile:
  16. Nunu

    Modding in C# feels incredibly boring and tedious.

    C# : private Dictionary<string, string> testDictionary = new Dictionary<string, string>();
    Godot : var testDictionary = {}

    InformationManager.DisplayMessage(new InformationMessage("Blah blah."));
    In any prog langage I know, you don't have "new InformationMessage". You just add the godammn message, and don't have to tell to create a "new" message. Bull****.

    So of course I will get used to it, but please don't tell me this is, for a basic and self taught coder like myself, in any way an improvement.
  17. Nunu

    Documentation Coding Community Modding Documentation

    I don't know
    I don't know
    the name of the native XML file you want to change
    the path is the name of your xml file that is changing the id.
                <XmlName type="1" id="NPCCharacters" path="Rigalebandits"/>
    This for exampkle a part of my ModuleData
  18. Nunu

    Modding in C# feels incredibly boring and tedious.

    Well, as far as I am concerned, and having toyed around with other langages or dedicated langages (godot, lua, python, warband...), C# is stupidly confusing to me. I am discovering the langage oc, but the simple fact of having so many different parameters when you create functions (or "methods" if I understand well, is stupid imho. WTF public, private, serialized, whatever, I just want to create a damn function, like in so many other langages. ANd then, classes, methods, various types of same variables (float,, int32, and so on), its just bull****. Having to create a variable, then, creating again (new whatever), I find this stupid. In so many other langages, I just freaking create a function, and can use it right amay. However, I am using VB, and I am amazed by the number of qol systems.
    I must get use to it anyways, no choice, but so far, I really don't like it, and find it overly complicated.
    @ Kentucky James VII
    I know, I must have written thousands of lines for warband (I created the Rigale Mod, which was, as a matter of fact, quite heavy on new systems...)

    Now you guys are probably really happy because you already know C#, great on yall :smile:
  19. Nunu

    Modding in C# feels incredibly boring and tedious.

    I really really liked the old warband scripting langage. I agree with you, once you get how it worked, you could easily add game changing features. It's too early for me to judge the new system, although adding new troops is a breeze with XML, really easy, both to do and to understand.
    As for C#, I am in the process of learning this waste of a langage, they made the worst choice ever IMHO. However, there is an incredible amount of great tuts on the net, and well, I have free time on my hands... However, going through the DLL's, the amount of tweaks is huge, and I can't wait to learn more to be able to add new features.
    And lastly, I think people complain, but in this case, they should just set the game aside, and come back in a year or so when it's done.
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