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  1. Realistic AI mod is a must-have for everyone who loves sieges

    I've practically designed a system for that and posted here years ago, totally ignored.
    The core of it would be that AI would take hefty casualties every siege within Auto-Calc, and personalities of leading lords would define if they'd take the risk of assaulting or not. This way giving room for real siege warfare where it's all about starving and demoralizing the defenders, while the defenders are actually trying to hold-out for backup armies.

    If such a thing would be deployed alongside a decent diplomatic system extension, ownership of fiefs would determine war results and sometimes be the stake for peace treaties, as a Ransom for Royals (rarely), and if won either by assault or outlasting the enemy + not losing to the enemy's main army when it came to the rescue. Add in a chance of the lord that holds de fief deflecting as to not losing his lands, and expanding the siege mechanic to support realistic sieges, and there you have it. The interesting part is that it can fully take account of the noble's personality to determine how both sides handle it. Surrender+Deflecting, Surrender, Holdout as long as possible at the cost of garrison starvation, Holdout until supplies are over, than the Sally Out, flee to avoid capture or staying. If done right it'd add a lot of depth to the game because we'd start to pay attention to lords personalities for real. Adding a strong "de jure" system would help the AI negotiate peace treaties for extensive costly wars, as in they simply give the fief back to the rightful owner and bam, war's over.

    Possible outcomes could be incredible. IE:
    The guy's stubborn, holds out until the last straw, but is also calculating and simply deflects at the last minute, surrendering to the king but keeping their fiefs.
    The guy's daring, honorable and practical, so he sallies out as soon as starvation comes in a heroic last-stand.
    The guy's cruel, greedy and calculating, starts cannibalizing his own men allowing for them to outlast the attackers in food and supplies
    The guy's cruel and calculating, he simply surrenders as soon as the siege starts if his relations with their liege are low.

    so on so forth. With that and giving mini-missions on scene to take control of the water source and poison it, stop sneaking caravans of supplies from getting inside, sallying out with minor garrison numbers to skirmish and protect incoming supplies, use long distance siege equipment to lower defenders morale (indefensible from within the fort, but doesn't cause any dmg to walls), trying to negotiate and flip garrison soldiers to open the gates, etc. That'd be beyond perfection.

    But to pull such a thing they'd need to fix the army food consumption on sieges + add a ton of intricate scenes that involve the fief but isn't an assault. And likely give a existing stance where assaults are diamond jewels, just make it 30% assaullts 70% wait-out sieges for the AI and we'd be golden. Taking into account that everytime an assault's succesful, it'd still ravage the ranks of the attacking army (something like losing 70% of the troops on average)
    That sounds amazing, do you have a link to the post so it can be revived?
  2. Statement regarding Singleplayer IV

    This is still in the backlog, though, I wouldn't consider it a major feature.
    I see ty, can't wait and will there be more in-depth caravan & workshop management for a more immersive trader playstyle?
  3. Future Plans post 2 from Taleworlds

    I think this is a misunderstanding. The core idea of the battle terrain system is to move away from a "random" battle scene selection that draws from a terrain type based pool and to using a specific scene for each of the ~150 regions. I personally think this is better because it allows players to learn the terrain and use it to their advantage. One may also argue that it is more immersive. These don't have to all be unique scenes - though, a greater variety is, of course, desirable and something that we have been working on (IIRC it's ~70+ unique ones atm, with a focus on the more recognizable regions).

    All a matter of perspective. My personal experience of the journey is that there is - on average - a lot more communication than when I first arrived in the forums in 2010. And to me, the communication is fundamentally more meaningful by virtue of the game being released as well.

    As always - this doesn't mean that things can't or shouldn't be better. Just that "abandoned" isn't quite the word I would use.

    Well, given that changes have been made since - in the direction of the feedback - and that there are plenty of statements appreciating community feedback in general as well as the forums specifically... I don't think your assessment is accurate.

    The situation is not all or nothing - we can agree with some and disagree with other feedback. We may make some changes as suggested, solve a problem a different way, simply view it differently or lack the time / resources to introduce a satisfactory solution. And we can care about the forum community while also caring about people not on the forum :razz:
    I hope you have recovered from covid man and welcome back & will there be an updated future plans post?
  4. Siege relieving

    When you attack a besieger, it would be amazing to attack from behind or the sides while the enemy is under fire by the defenders in the same siege scene, it would be so immersive & cool imo. (I'd love to see this but I imagine this would be a tremendous amount of work)
  5. Realistic AI mod is a must-have for everyone who loves sieges

    I saw there was a new update for the realistic AI mod that mentioned: AI module: More siege improvements to defender positioning in some of the sieges, more to come later: Verescand castle and Varnovapol Ab Comer castle, Veron castle, Zeonica and Vostrum." So I went on to try a siege in...
  6. Future Plans post 2 from Taleworlds

    +1, the game has so much potential!
  7. Q2 of 2022 has flown by and.....nothin'

    Yeah, everything started going downhill once mexxico left imo :/
  8. Please reconsider the future plans!

    Sigh...another great suggestion...please be informed you will be ignored
    Most likely no dev will reply but hopefully a dev will take a glance.
  9. Please reconsider the future plans!

    This game has so much potential but the future plans will not realize the potential of this game at all (imo), I have some suggestions to add to the future plans, which I hope will be of use, - naval system - population system like in the total war divide et impera mod. - criminal empire -...
  10. Statement regarding Singleplayer IV

    Not planned. Please refer to our future plans post for what is planned.
    Are there still any major features planned? like the criminal empire, or is the stuff in the future plans the only things that will be added to the game? I hope not because the game has so much potential, so please re-think the future plans in consideration of the potential of this game!!
  11. I feel like bannerlord has gone downhill since mexxico left man, such a shame :/

    I feel like bannerlord has gone downhill since mexxico left man, such a shame :/
  12. Bannerlord Creative Competition 2: Scene Design Contest

    Scene name: Brigands Keep
    Scene type [Forest/Seaside/Mountain/Desert/Steppe]: Mountain
    Screenshots: Artstation
    Great scene!
  13. Statement regarding Singleplayer IV

    Any plans to improve the gameplay loop? or add some variety?? all it is now is doing the same thing over and over.
  14. New Large MOD! Main Story/World Map/New Equipment/New Culture/All Troops/Destroy Kingdom...And MORE

    Is that actually a working feature?
    Yeah, I believe I saw jackiefish build his own settlement with it's own questline.
  15. Is this the first PoP tier mod for Bannerlord? (The Land of Sika)

    Looks amazing from what I've seen on jackiefish's stream!
  16. SP Fantasy The Land Of Sika

    This mod looks amazing from what I've seen! Keep up the great work.
  17. If TW releases features such as: criminal empire & naval system as DLC's will you purchase them?

    If TW releases dlc's with major features will you purchase it?
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