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  1. NPC99

    Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    Beware, stupid questions to follow:

    Does the PC version have to be tied to the console version?
    Would it be too much work to have a basic skeleton shared by both platforms initially then branch out for each and maximize the PC version separately from the console's?
    I can't see that happening. TW will want to keep the maintenance simple. An integrated approach was flagged from day 1 by the low minimum pc spec.
  2. NPC99

    Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    I know that´s why I said:

    What I meant, he found a bug (as it seems at least) in his spare time (read after working for TW), so imagine what he could have done while working for TW on the PC version instead of a console port.

    I also claim that "no warband console version = no bannerlord" is bull****, but just my opinion.

    And of course I appreciate his work, no matter if beeing employed by TW or in his "spare time"! In no way that was meant as in insult or anything like that.

    And even if "Warband on console = Bannerlord on PC", still PC players funded the game (Bannerlord). I already often said, a console port is logical! Everything else would have been stupid with the EA success. At the end TW is a business and needs to make money, sure thing. It´s no shame that they want to make money and even more money.

    But I believe they made more than enough money with the PC EA release (can´t proof this of course) without needing to develope the console version while PC version is still in EA. I don´t think/believe that TW is on life support and needs every $ to see the next day, also the console version won´t make money until the game is finished.
    I'm sure they're not on life support. In fact, I'm surprised TW Devs were working on the console port. I'd assumed it would have been contracted out. For all I know, consoles might be the way to salvage multi-player, which seems jinxed on pcs.
  3. NPC99

    Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    Whatever TW says, PC EA players funded the console version.
    By the same token some of the Warband Console income funded Bannerlord on pcs.
    No offense in any way, but didn´t you just found the error in the "workshop thingy"? In your spare time? What could you have been able to do if didn´t have to work on the console port but on the PC version? And I repeat, I´m not blaming you or anyone.
    Reread his post. He used past tense. He was a TW Developer, but isn't now - no TW Banner. Just be glad that he's now a modder. :smile:
  4. NPC99

    Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    If they sell a lot of copies, then it is ok. Let’s be fair, most of us work mainly for money.

    What bothers me is that I think they are not going to get much from consoles, while they have had to downgrade the game to make it compatible with consoles. If at the end they get a lot of money from consoles, and I am wrong on my assumptions, then I would understand it.
    Having ported Warband to consoles, TW always planned to port Bannerlord as well. That's why the game's minimum pc spec is so low. At least with consoles they only have to optimise for fixed hardware specs - unlike our infinite variety of mixed kit. GamesCom will be a good test whether they can make the 25th October target release date that Sony accidentally leaked by updating its database prematurely.
  5. NPC99


    Aging&Death, having kids, etc, was probably for me the most anticipated feature announced for this game some time ago. Currently, it is sadly a totally wasted feature because aging pace is extremely slow. At the same time, war pace is too fast, which makes having kids pretty much pointless, because you can conquer the whole world before the main character dies.

    My suggestion is related to increase the aging pace, something like reducing the number of days per year, plus making the reducing the heroes’ availability age from 18 to 16, to have kids available faster than now.

    Reducing the number of days per year, something like 62 days per year, would mean that we could have our kids available at campaign day 1000 or so, which is still a lot of time but much more reasonable than having to wait +1600 days.

    Making this change could mean that you maybe have to adjust some other elements like making the skill levelling a bit easier, and maybe also increasing the rate of AI lords marriages and pregnancy chance.
    Bannerlord seasonality cycles through four seasons. Weeks are the traditional 7 day cycle. Bannerlord has a 3 week seasons, giving 84 days p.a. (4x7x3=84). The only viable option to vary seems to be weeks per season, allowing 56 days (4x7x2=56) or 28 days (4x7x1=28 ). IMO the later option would be far too short for the seasonality system to seem sensible.
  6. NPC99

    SP Native Realistic Battle Mod

    was I talking to you? No? Oh!
    PS: Don't be an 4rs3
    Ironic considering you're telling someone else its easy to do something that you won't do yourself and they don't want to do anyway.
  7. NPC99

    SP Native Realistic Battle Mod

    easy there mate, just suggested that you can add varying degrees of gear into a item pool, not that they need to be arbitrarily outclassed.
    supposedly, if you add a conditional to the pool and score the gear, you could easily slap in inconsistent load-outs that are always balanced in the meta department.
    Pool has Helmet, Chest, Weapon
    Helmets score from 3 to 6 (always better than armor for any time period, preferred equipment)
    Armors score from 1 to 3
    Weapon scores from 1 to 5

    target score for Tier = 10
    helmet 3
    armor 3
    weapon 4

    h 6
    a 1
    w 3

    h 4
    a 2
    w 2

    h 6
    a 3
    w 1

    h 5
    a 3
    w 2

    so on so forth...
    Totally doable as long as you create a score table that's decent, although it's A LOT OF WORK. So by all means, I don't demand / expect or judge you for not doing it, I just said that it is doable.
    Take a hint. Re-read his posts. He doesn't want to do it in his mod and won't do it in his mod. If you want it, make your own sub-mod.
  8. NPC99

    The more you know!

    #472 The first authentic case of human recovery by artificial respiration was reported in 1744,
    concerning the resuscitation of a suffocated miner using the mouth-to-mouth technique.
    (Joseph Black discovered carbon dioxide in 1754).

    Hong Ge (284 ~ 364 AD) wrote that a reed pipe was inserted from the mouth to the throat and another person blew through it after blocking the nostrils.

    Nowadays everyone's doing it :smile:
  9. NPC99

    The more you know!

    Does feeding these birds make me an unwitting colaberator?
  10. NPC99

    Battle Recording and Review System

    I hate that this is most likely the truth.
    No it's not.

    The replay editor is not working at the moment, updating it takes a lot of time which during EA we use to focus on other things. But it still exists. Our (EA) Launch Trailer was made by using it for example.
    TW will deliver it eventually.
  11. NPC99

    Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    I dont have great comprehension of what I am looking at because I'm not code familiar, even this simplified api stuff. But I gather its a large number of inter-related variables.
    Is your point that its too complex to simplify or make more readable?
    I'm not sure maybe this stuff reads like a book to someone fluent in the syntax, and wouldnt be aided by visual simplification?
    I am genuinely asking by the way.
    The API document is a reference dictionary. Flowcharts are more normally used in procedural programming where instructions follow each other in a logical sequence. Bannerlord's game code is written in C#, which is an object orientated language as opposed to a procedural one. It's more focused on defining data and behaviours into reusable objects.
  12. NPC99

    Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    Such a diagram would be decently complex (complexity that could be made more readable by visual design) but nonetheless it would be finite.
    Have you even bothered to look at Bannerlord's API documentation?
  13. NPC99

    Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    is there any confirmation/proof on this?
    Why would a former Taleworlds Developer need to prove to you what he's reading in the game's code? I'm glad that he's now exploring code in areas he didn't work on and publishing mods to help us.
  14. NPC99

    Ukraine Today

    1. You are not seriously trying to rehash JFK conspiracies?!
    2. The CIA cover-up was uncovered by the CIA inspector general in a few years after the event. Are you saying official control mechanisms WORK??
    3. That's another military cover-up of nasty killings in a warzone, which is more of a rule than an exception. Where is the conspiracy? And it's another example of an exposed cover up.
    Just pointing out that the truth takes time to surface especially when officials are deliberately burying it.
  15. NPC99

    Ukraine Today

    We are living in an age of transparency and leaks, your example is from the age of secrecy and desperate, inhumane trials in the name of national security.
    I'm pretty confident that contemporary conspiracies (the real ones) get exposed very soon and callousness with human lives of your own citizens gets you fired or even worse, CANCELED.
    I'm sure US citizens were equally reassured, in 1964, by the exhaustive transparency of the Warren Commission findings. :smile:
    Why would anyone cover anything up?
    I'm reassured that the MOD has issued a strong rebuttal to the BBC's claim that SAS death squads were operating in Afghanistan.
  16. NPC99

    Ukraine Today

    Sure, it would be a cause for concern if they had air-mailed a bunch of nuclear missiles on any number of other flights, or fired them in a training exercise without realize what they were, but they went from one nuclear-armed air base to another. Both had the same enhanced security, and the fault was found to be failure to follow established inspection procedures. It's scary that it was done with nukes, but it's ultimately someone failing to complete their paperwork correctly and everyone else in the chain assuming that it was done properly.
    I'm glad that you're reassured. In my experience, the truth takes decades to surface.
  17. NPC99

    Assertion fail whenever I try to load a scene (Beta 1.8.0)

    Oh I see,
    No no I was loading my own scenes too. In my own scenes the game wouldn't let me do anything (Error spam no matter what and bugged terrain) But thanks for the clarification on the sandbox/main map
    The error spam in your own scenes is probably re the decal atlas bug in 1.8.0. Every decal throws these warnings but only for those close to the camera. I tend to sweep the camera around the scene and always ignore the warnings until eventually, I've got them all and no more spawn. Hopefully, Taleworlds next patch will resolve these problems.
  18. NPC99

    Ukraine Today

    Within a week they had demoted, discharged, or otherwise disciplined the people responsible, and all that happened was they loaded some missiles onto a plane that were mistaken for training variants.

    For the first incident in 40 years it was pretty low-key since they were still in controlled military areas at all times.
    The initial response was it wasn't newsworthy and would have been suppressed without the press leak. How many other incidents occurred without a leak or anyone being reprimanded? Anyway, just pointing out that there are no guarantees in life and it is human to err.

  19. NPC99

    Assertion fail whenever I try to load a scene (Beta 1.8.0)

    Lucky you,
    as I said, when I do that the scene is bugged (terrain doesn't load or has the wrong texture)
    Terrain for TW scenes will only load in the editor for those few examples where they included \SceneEditData\terrain_ed.bin files in the download. In 1.8.0 the vista texture for \Sandbox\Main_map is white in the editor (ok in game). I thought you were loading your own scenes.
  20. NPC99

    Ukraine Today

    Checkmate NPCs.
    :smile: even I realise they didn't launch. There but for the grace of God.
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