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  1. Modding in C# feels incredibly boring and tedious.

    I think that this thread is more than ever up to date.

    No interesting mods have been released since its creation. Most people here are at best tweakers. Even the developers remove most of their work in the patches because they fail to correct their absolutely insane work.

    I've never seen that. This is terrible. It could have been so simple, yet they decided to make it the worst architecture ever.
  2. BL Coding Help: AgentDrivenProperties (AI Combat Effectiveness)

    I tried your code and I'm not 100% convinced by it. Maybe it is the way I implemented it... Could you upload the file just so I can test ?
  3. [UNPOPULAR OPINION] The amount of "mods" on nexus will KILL the game

    I said it would be an unpopular opinion.

    So take as an example my mod that fixes a bug with unit skills. Should i not post it even though it is very easy to fix and it took 10 min from finding to fixing it? This takes much longer for developers as they have to go through QA, administration and then wait to for the next hotfix. Or take my mod Equipment in encyclopedia. Is this a mod or a tweak? Where is the line? In warband you had 1 module at a time. No way to mix mods unless the modders included other mods in their own. Now you can mix freely, as many mods as you want. Yes some mods are going to be incompatible, at the same time a lot will be compatible, many mods, big and small, will work together so that point is pure BS. What is a necessary mod? What is a true mod? Who decides which mods are high quality? If there are enough people swarming the forums with mod bugs to affect the normal game, there is obviously a huge demand for these mods. So how are they ruining the game?

    I will try to answer one point at a time.

    About your mod that fixes a bug with unit skills. You should just report it to the developers, and explain clearly how you fixed it. No need to put a mod on nexus that will be useful 10 days and destroy the scale of downloads/endorsements later.

    The Equipment in Encyclopedia is to me a modder resource. It is a tweak as it can't be considered as a mod to me. However, it could be added to a larger-scale mod as a relevant feature.

    The line is : does your mod overhaul a part of the game or not. If not, consider teaming with other modders to build a better mod. If you don't have the time, don't bother posting your mods.

    A necessary mod is a mod that CLEARLY improves the game. A true mod is a mod that STRONGLY enhances the need for a player to get into the game, by adding or changing a whole part of gameplay. For example, SkyUI for Skyrim is a great mod. But Bannerlord Tweaks is not.

    The demand is here because people are always craving for change. But it is often not necessary as it is a short-term behavior. It is clearly emphasized in this case, as most of the mods are not up to date or even relevant patch after patch.
  4. [UNPOPULAR OPINION] The amount of "mods" on nexus will KILL the game

    There are currently many "mods" on the nexus page. I will discuss the current state by making successive assumptions : 1) The current "mods" are not mods. They are tweaks 2) Bannerlord's true mods are and will be swarmed into the utter crap that is the mod community right now. Impossible to...
  5. BL Coding Help: AgentDrivenProperties (AI Combat Effectiveness)

    Yeah, I want to do exactly the same thing. I will try your setting soon.

    It is right that some parts of the AI need a rework : the ability to kick and to avoid kicks is extremely important (it was extremely easy to implement in warband).

    I think the AI is good -if modified.

    Anyway, I'll probably do some testing soon.

    There are two things that need to be fixed in priority :
    -the AI must kick and avoid kicks;
    -it should be impossible to cheese the AI by turning around it.

    But I don't want Taleworlds to work on the AI abilities since it can be so easily modified. And this is why they did a great job on that. Of course, the default values are not suited to a veteran.

    It is impossible for us to choose the spacing between units as far as I am aware, as well as it is yet impossible (or tedious to the point that you don't want to try it) to script their paths. It should be possible in the upcoming full game.

    Apart from that, I think some of the values that you implemented can be modified to make the AI better. It is also likely that you will experience issues on a large battlefield with these values if I remrmber correctly.
  6. BL Coding Help: AgentDrivenProperties (AI Combat Effectiveness)

    I have been working on that piece of code a few hours too. But at the time it was located in another model.

    Anyway, you want to consider that those abilities are, for an overwhelming part, between 0 and 1. Only the timers and some AI abilities that I might have missed do not fall into that range.

    So setting 100 or everything like that seems pretty suspicious considering you want to reverse engineer the code. It also explains why you experienced troubles with the "decide -> attack" ability.

    To be honest, I think this part of the code is handled properly by the developers and I think the combat AI is very convincing with the right values set. It is extremely easy to tweak as is the damage system. We just need a way now to control the formation and strategic AI and we will be able to build some great mods.
  7. Modding in C# feels incredibly boring and tedious.

    As I feared, no progress has been made towards a better AI. Everything is so poor that we can't even add our own templates.

    This is a setup for tweakers, not modders.
  8. Modding in C# feels incredibly boring and tedious.

    And for what reason would they release the compiled code?

    It is not stated that there will be scripting tools.

    I guess we shall see. And don't get me wrong, it is indeed extremely easy to tweak things or add a new feat and so on and so fourth. But as I said, adding a party that starts at a certain IMapPoint with custom heroes is extremely tedious, as well as modifying the damage system or modifying the heroes' attributes that are deserialized from the xml files. It doesn't seem possible to me to modify the individual AI behavior, which is something that was really easy to do in Warband.

    You are not answering my concerns at all, and your arguments are clearly pointless.

    Those are just examples . But indeed, it is a great architecture for 'tweakers'. If you aim at something else, you will take much more time to achieve it (although I admit it may not be the case for menus).
  9. Modding in C# feels incredibly boring and tedious.

    I do understand the replies stating that it is a far better programming langage overall, and I'm not against that.

    The problem that I see is that it seems very easy to add tweaks, but it would be extremely hard for example to modify the individual combat AI, the spawn of a party, the properties of the hero class, the formula to output damages when in warband it was extremely simple.

    I am worried for many reasons, but also because they designed some systems to be incredibly black box and difficult to tweak such as the melee damage output in the code. If you fiddle with it, you will see a bunch of goto functions, of variables defined one after the other and it doesn't seem that it can be modified easily without using harmony. Seriously??

    public static float CalculateStrikeMagnitudeForSwing(
    float swingSpeed,
    float impactPointAsPercent,
    float weaponWeight,
    float weaponLength,
    float weaponInertia,
    float weaponCoM,
    float extraLinearSpeed)
    float num1 = weaponLength * impactPointAsPercent - weaponCoM;
    float num2 = swingSpeed * (0.5f + weaponCoM) + extraLinearSpeed;
    double num3 = 0.5 * (double) weaponWeight * (double) num2 * (double) num2;
    float num4 = swingSpeed;
    double num5 = (double) (0.5f * weaponInertia * num4 * num4);
    double num6 = num3 + num5;
    float num7 = (float) (((double) num2 + (double) num4 * (double) num1) / (1.0 / (double) weaponWeight + (double) num1 * (double) num1 / (double) weaponInertia));
    float num8 = num2 - num7 / weaponWeight;
    float num9 = num4 - num7 * num1 / weaponInertia;
    float num10 = 0.5f * weaponWeight * num8 * num8 + 0.5f * weaponInertia * num9 * num9;
    double num11 = (double) num10;
    double num12 = num6 - num11;
    float num13 = num10 * 0.5f;
    return 0.067f * (float) (num12 + 0.5);
    public static float CalculateStrikeMagnitudeForThrust(
    float thrustWeaponSpeed,
    float weaponWeight,
    float extraLinearSpeed,
    bool isThrown)
    float num = thrustWeaponSpeed + extraLinearSpeed;
    if (!isThrown)
    weaponWeight += 2.5f;
    return 0.125f * (0.5f * weaponWeight * num * num);
    public static float ComputeRawDamageNew(
    DamageTypes damageType,
    float magnitude,
    float armorEffectiveness,
    float absorbedDamageRatio)
    float num1 = 0.0f;
    float factorByDamageType = CombatStatCalculator.GetBluntDamageFactorByDamageType(damageType);
    float num2 = magnitude * factorByDamageType;
    float num3 = (float) (100.0 / (100.0 + (double) armorEffectiveness));
    float num4 = num1 + num2 * num3;
    float num5;
    switch (damageType)
    case DamageTypes.Cut:
    num5 = Math.Max(0.0f, (float) ((double) magnitude * (double) num3 - (double) armorEffectiveness * 0.5));
    case DamageTypes.Pierce:
    num5 = Math.Max(0.0f, (float) ((double) magnitude * (double) num3 - (double) armorEffectiveness * 0.330000013113022));
    case DamageTypes.Blunt:
    return num4 * absorbedDamageRatio;
    return 0.0f;
    num4 += num5 * (1f - factorByDamageType);
    goto label_5;
    private static float GetBluntDamageFactorByDamageType(DamageTypes damageType)
    float num = 0.0f;
    switch (damageType)
    case DamageTypes.Cut:
    num = 0.1f;
    case DamageTypes.Pierce:
    num = 0.25f;
    case DamageTypes.Blunt:
    num = 1f;
    return num;

    Well this looks incredibly bad to me, on top of the fact that it is not easily modifiable. And it is just a small part of the code for damage output calculation in melee. And it is also not balanced, because cutting damage will deal natively less damages than piercing damages because of the wrong formulae they implemented, spears will be overpowered when swung from a horse and so on and so forth.

    So they decided to "fix" the problem by implementing a multiplier of damages of every blade of the game that you can build in the forge (you can see that in the xml files). If you know how to code, this is INCREDIBLY bad design. I'm really afraid that most of the code is difficult to read, difficult to modify and not balanced at all.

    It is really good to try to simulate the physical properties of the real world, the economy etc etc but please do that when you have some knowledge in that, not just when you like fiddling around with wrong numbers and terrible simulations... And C# doesn't help by being the most difficult language to read for many reasons, with a really convoluted syntax for many things.

    This game is not horribly bad, but it looks like they ported the code of warband to a better architecture but they understood that their architecture was actually really bad to make further progress (for example, dialogs with characters are boring and rare, and it is because their system to implement them looks just so wrong...). I must admit that having all the dialogs in one file in warband was much more convenient.
  10. Modding in C# feels incredibly boring and tedious.

    Unpopular opinion : I strongly prefer the Warband MS, as it was possible to add some incredible features in only a handful of hours. It would take days to add the same things in Bannerlord. And the sealed Hero/Characters (and so on) classes add up to the mess if we want to create features...
  11. Let's talk about the Paradox model

    Honestly, OP, I have absolutely no respect for people like you.

    This is a beginning of an early access. We PAID FULL PRICE to provide support and beta testing. So do not even talk about it, this is nonsense.

    Just to be clear about that kind of possibilities :
    If Taleworlds decide to release the game while most features are not here or if it still full of bugs and then they decide to release some DLCs, I'll make sure my country will disallow Taleworlds from selling in our territory.

    I'll report you, and if your message doesn't get deleted I'll strongly consider to wage a full war against that company.

    All The Best
  12. Let's talk about the combat IA

    All right. I agree on that.

    But now rush on the side of your infantry opponent and circle around him. He will not be able to turn around quickly and will stop parrying.

    You can beat any opponent that way. Really disappointing. This is a gamebreaking mod and I hope it will be fixed in the next days.
  13. Thread about modding

    I suggest that we start talking about ways to add factions, new settlements, etc... just so we can build some strong bases for the upcoming release of the official modding tools. If you have any question, tutorial or answer to provide, explain it here !
  14. Auto-block in singleplayer

    If it previously did the check regardless of whether the feature were enabled that sounds like something that was programmed inefficiently.

    It is in a larger function and was indeed inproperly implemented, but I don't think they build their engine with that idea in mind so it's clear that it would be the same this time around.
  15. Auto-block in singleplayer

    To be crystal clear, autoblock was also one of the reasons for Warband to run so slowly, as there is a check of all the agents in the mission template and their attacking stance, then their positions and the order of their incoming attacks to the player so that the adequate parry is outputed.

    So YES, it is a big deal for all players, everyone is concerned. Even if you don't use autoblock, you will still be affected by the newly added slowliness to your game, because the check has to be done no matter autoblocking is on or not.

    There is also the fact that autoblocking fools people on their true level, lowering by a large amount the skillcap in multiplayer. Please, if you used autoblocking one time in the past, don't do it again or DO NOT come in multiplayer.

    Third, developers will need a lot of time to address that demand. Because it is clearly a demand as it is formulated with insults, capitals letters and raging behaviors.

    Time that we, mount and blade fellow players, want them to allocate on scripting bugs and release of the modding tools.

    We don't have time for casual gamers.
  16. Auto-block in singleplayer

    I strongly hope that all of the "auto block" trolls will be put aside quite quickly, as they are clearly beginners that are really annoying and toxic. Even if that is a limited part of the community, they are harassing people in private messages and insult whenever we make a point.
  17. Auto-block in singleplayer

    I must admit that I am quite surprised at the amount of people who want autoblock.

    There are many options to circumvent that problem :
    -use a shield
    -grab a bow, a crossbow, some throwing weapons
    -use a horse
    -trade, blacksmith or lead your troops instead of fighting alone
    -if you don't know how to block, just spam the attack button, it will allow you to kill most things up to level 25
    -uninstall the game

    With all those options available, I absolutely do not understand why this debate is still a thing.

    It also really bothers me that the title of this subject is in capital letters, highlighting the real rage of that part of the community. When most people try to take the debate seriously.

    Anyway, this matter reminds me of a truly interesting statement : "use your brain to circumvent what you cannot face, or grind all your life for a worthless goal".

    Concerning disabled, I am pretty sure that moving their mouse right and left isn't that much of a deal since they do that anyway to wander around the campaign map. So I think most """disabled""" here are just trying to blame taleworlds using the generally-working card of minorities.

    All The Best
  18. Troop Trees and auto block

    Most people that want it back are clearly beginners or they played Warband a little. Learn and improve instead of limiting your gameplay.
  19. Troop Trees and auto block

    Autoblocking could slow the game even further if it is not carefully implemented, so please, STOP WITH THIS.

    Grab a shield, learn to play, get a refund but the community does not want taleworlds to spend thousands of hours on the matter.
  20. All perks and all skills video now on youtube

    Anto07 said:
    aBigHunkOBannerlord said:
    Will your skill only improve through the perks or does the value of the skill also give some bonuses?

    According to the gdoc, skills and perks give bonuses.

    The worst thing is : ten points of tactics = 6% power bonus in simulations. I have never seen such a horrible feature before, in any game. This is just awful  :facepalm:

    EDIT : simulations were previously autocalculated battles. Very suspicious.

    Accurate. I will not play this game until all of this is modded out. I just can't enjoy the game with those """features""". Autocalc was already a pain before, but now it will just become a question of tactics. I also think that if you have a sufficient amount of tactics, you will perform better than in 3D battles, because of horrendous design. It will delete all the fun of the game almost instantly. This is just... I don't know, it's just not right. If you are developing a video game, don't do that if you want your game to last.
    But of course, it's also a sales argument. "IMPROVE YOUR HITPOINTS BY EATING CALRADIA BUTTER WITH ONE HAND ! IMPROVE YOUR PARTY SIZE BY SELLING BUTTER TO JELKALA. INSANE !" It does not make any sense, very disappointing.

    Returning to beta, I hope multiplayer will not be corrupted... Well it's not that entertaining but we waited for this right?
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