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  1. Snazzelicious

    TMW Vitus.

    Vitus was a well respected member of our community. I'm sure anyone who has been around for a while has seen him on warband servers. Due to hardships in his life, he decided to take it last Tuesday (July 25). Sakata and I found out after we got ahold of his family. I just wanted to raise...
  2. Snazzelicious

    All About Anime™ [AAA] (will be active in Bannerlord)

    All About Anime™ (AAA) What is AAA? AAA is a recreational anime group that is open to everybody. It was founded by former WW/NB members, and anime fans. What do we do?  We play games, hop onto warband servers, scrim for fun, discuss anime-related things, watch anime (of course), [some]...
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