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  1. paladinx333

    A 12.6 MB update has ruined my life!!!

    I received a 12.6 MB update and ever since, the game will hang randomly while I am riding across the map. It seems to happen while the game is processing the daily tick event and all that message spam is cluttering up the screen. This did not happen prior to the update. Am I the only one having...
  2. paladinx333

    bl Combat is broken

    then suddenly enemy are spawning in all around your guys (including behind them)

    Never fight near the enemy spawn point.
    Never let your cavalry run wild unless the enemy is more than 90% dead. They will just run to the enemy spawn point and get slaughtered.
    Never charge your infantry. Let the enemy come to you.

    I can't confirm your results as I don't take many casualties anymore. I used to get slaughtered by spawning enemies. Now I use the spawn system to slaughter my enemies.

    The reinforcement system in this game is awful. It's no better than Warband. Magically teleporting enemies is unrealistic and silly.


    Maybe some day we will have a game that can take full armies on the battlefield. Today is not that day.
  3. paladinx333

    In Progress Siege AI Defender Ladder Issue

    In Battanian castles, like Flintolg Castle, no one defends the walls. The defenders all stand around in a large clump in the middle of the castle. This appears to be an unfinished battle scene.
  4. paladinx333

    In Progress Companions' body weight/build settings are not randomised (skinny companions)

    I have some companions that I added to the game myself. Their appearance is set in the XML files. Prior to 1.5.7 their bodyweight matched the file. Now their height and faces match the XML, but they are all extremely skinny when generated by the game.

    This is definitely a bug as ALL companions are generated skinny.
  5. paladinx333

    Is it just me, or is fertility broken in this game?

    With constant war the game ends before children grow up. In my current campaign my sister Alda is only fourteen and the campaign will end long before she will comes of age. War declarations come one after the other and there is no time to do anything else. Children seem pretty irrelevant when the campaign ends when they are still young.
  6. paladinx333

    Anyone else feels like the progress of the game has stalled?

    They have never had a solid plan for creating this game. Rather than having a plan they had a vague notion. It's pretty hard to get anything done when all you have is a vague notion to guide you.

    This is true of life in general, not just the floundering development of this game.
  7. paladinx333

    The economy broke down after last patch

    We need a balance sheet. My income tool tip has been too long to fit on the screen for two game years now.

    A balance sheet and a message log are two features that are sorely needed!
  8. paladinx333

    A possible workshop bug

    Workshops don't seem to perform very well. This is partially be design as the devs seem to hate passive income.

    That's why we have mods:
    Workshops Work Better

  9. paladinx333

    1.5.9, Javelin economy and other issues still ongoing

    The more fiefs your kingdom has, the cheaper vassals are to recruit. They can still be insanely expensive mind you, but the size of your kingdom and the number of vassals your kingdom already has are both factors in the formula.
  10. paladinx333

    Today the holy patch arrives.

    They are trying to fix the whole smithing issue. One of the changes is that weapons will be much less valuable. Armor will still be ridiculously overpriced.
  11. paladinx333

    Sieges got worst?

    In 1.5.9, attackers cannot break the inner gate after the outer gate is broken by the ram. The guys that are supposed to do that mostly run to the ladders instead of gate, sometimes they confusedly run there and back again, only once some of them die (either by arrows or once they accidentally climb the ladder to the ramparts) will someone else be asigned to the job and maybe hack the gate to pieces. We managed to fix it on most of the maps (it took Marnah few hours but its kinda fixable even without access to the actual map and engine). Question is how did they manage to break the game between 1.5.8 (I think this was not hapenning in 1.5.8 ) and 1.5.9 so much.

    Some siege battle scenes are broken. In my current campaign spanning 1.5.8 and 1.5.9 I have found that the battering ram crew has about a 50% chance of breaking down the inner gate. The other half of the time I needed to do it myself.

    Some sieges have terrible archer placement, where the archers all stand around in large clumps.

    I think some of these battle scenes were rushed together for the early access release. Someone at Taleworlds needs to go back and revise all of the sieges that fail to work correctly.
  12. paladinx333

    Releasing Prisoners you've captured

    Sometimes you can talk to a prisoner lord and they say: "I can't talk to you." Most of the time the option to talk isn't even present.

    This seems to be very unfinished, although Warband was the same way. You could talk to lords imprisoned in a dungeon, but the conversation was simply pointless.
  13. paladinx333

    Sandbox: Took a Castle.

    If you have vassals they vote for war all the time and you can't control them at all so it's just a miserable cluster**** with no strategy at all.
    This is where mods come in. There are many lightweight mods on the nexus that make being a king less of a pain.
  14. paladinx333

    Mount & Blade 2 lore is bland and boring

    The game isn't a true RPG. It is a battle simulator with some strategy and RPG elements tacked on. I tend to play it like a first person total war game. If I tried to play it as an RPG I would be disappointed.
  15. paladinx333

    How to get more information about crashes?

    There is a mod on the nexus called Better Exception Window. I highly recommend it if you use mods. It can tell you the error encountered and show the stack trace. It makes debugging crashes much easier.
  16. paladinx333

    Change the Map

    The maze-like region around Saneopa should have at least minor changes. There is also a river near Lageta and Rhotae that could use a brigde or two.

    They tried to use terrain to artificially make the map seem bigger. It didn't turn out that well.
  17. paladinx333

    Faction leaders (and respective heirs) not marrying another npc lords anymore

    Maybe no one wants to marry a impulsive, cruel cheapskate...
  18. paladinx333

    Weird gear pieces on troops

    The top tier one has eastern curved boots who only give 5 points of leg armor.
    There isn't a lot of high tier leg armor in the game. I don't believe there is any top tier eastern footwear, for example. I think they spent their assets budget on helmets and body armor and the leg armor got the short shrift.

    I really wish that intern hadn't nerfed the lamellar plate boots. After every update I have to edit the XML file to restore the boot's armor value.
  19. paladinx333

    Did 1.5.9 equal battle size for armies?!

    The tactics skill of the army commanders adjust how many troops will be on each side. I don't have the actual formula available.

    For example: Two armies with 1000 soldiers per side fight. One army commander has 100 tactics skill and the other 50. The troops on the battlefield at the battle's start would be about 666 vs 333 solely based on tactics skill. Army size ratio will also factor into this if the army sizes are different.
  20. paladinx333

    battle advice

    You need to keep the battle away from the enemy spawn point. If you let your men fight the enemy at the spawn point, they can be surrounded and cut to pieces when the new wave of enemies magically appears. Like Julius Caesar said in his war chronicles, never fight the enemy on unfavorable ground. The enemy spawn point is as unfavorable as ground gets in this game.

    When a war first starts the lords usually have some very good troops. Once they have wiped once their army will be filled with recruits.
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