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  1. Cek

    7 new maps, Ranked and Battle mode, hundreds of balance changes

    Sorry buddy, you're alone in this Aliaksandr.
    Leash is a hard fix for several extant problems in Captain mode that would otherwise take another year to resolve. It is easy to implement and understand. It will improve the game mode because we no longer have to nerf Cavalry into the ground to prevent Solocav play. Missile troops will become important again. Formation and Engagement become primary concerns again more so than Kiting tactics.

    Its just a good thing all around and there's nothing to be gained by leaving it out.
    Warband captain servers had leashing, it was very enjoyable. Don't be afraid of the change!
    I agree with Zarthas here, i think the "leash" will put the captain mode back in track to more what it should be, a fight between two armies not a skirmish game with more life.

    I think right now a lot of captain player (myself included) are taking the bad habit of going alone against the enemy as infantry, because it is a low risk high reward action, expecially if you are more skilled than the enemy you can kill a lot with risking only your life while your troops are safe somewhere.

    It would be also interesting to see a reductiong to heavy infantry shield hit points, it would make skirmisher and archer a little more usefull and also give some use to perks that give bonus to shield damage (never saw a shield breaking recently).
    Another flaw of this mode i can see right now it is that most melee fight are over in a very short time frame, not giving you the possibility to do any type of maneuver (for example flanking the enemy).
  2. Cek

    7 new maps, Ranked and Battle mode, hundreds of balance changes

    Hi everyone!

    First of all, thank you all for the warm welcome! Also i want to thank @NIN3 for the hard work, and wishing all the luck for the future endeavors. I’ll be happy to see you around any time, thank you!

    It's very nice to see so many people are really interested in multiplayer and how it develops, also very encouraged to give helpful feedbacks and basically try to help out. I’m also planning to stay in touch with the community and get as many comments as possible at all times.

    About the upcoming patch 1.7.2, even though Paul did a great job explaining all the details in the changelog, if you have any questions/comments, feel free to communicate and i'll try my best to contact back with solutions/answers as much as i can.

    Thank you all for the welcomes again! :party:

    There is any plan to make this type of balance multiplayer patch (changes to perks/equipments or troops count) more often and detached by the main single player patch?
    From my little understanding changes to perks, weapons, armors and troops count could be done without any impact on the singleplayer side of the game, correct me if i'm wrong.
  3. Cek

    Go to hell with your scalpel, I have my scimitar... or Rambo nerfing from TW

    The Captain leash solves at least partially addresses several problems:
    --Enemy ranged AI exploitation by kiting with your Captain
    --AI abuse by abusing pathfinding (like standing on top of a building)
    Taleworlds is in "Ship It" mode. They were not going to address these issues any other way, so we got the Leash.
    I agree with you that are problems in this mode and the next update will try to address them at least partially

    It is worth any detriment it will bring, honestly.
    Light Cavalry will now become more important for reconnaissance, giving them some actual purpose in Captain.
    I think they still be not used anyway, as it is better to take heavy cavarly anyway as the speed and number difference it is not so great, and heavy cav at least could do something on the first charge (than become useless).

    Archers can be a little more competitive.
    Yes and no, for example the developer say that in case your troops are under "charge" command this leash doesn't activate, so you can still leave your troops in the fight and go alone stop an entire squad of archer.
    You still can occur in the risk that you own men are kited away doing so, but still a good tradeoff as not many people do that.

    Also the biggest problem for archer to be competitive in my opinion is the map design, most of the map we have right now are small and with a lot of obstacle in the way.

    And Solocav is dead forever. (RIP).
    Until we see the actual distance you can "park" your men before they go back to follow. i would not say that solo cav is dead

    Captain mode will go back to being about what it is meant to: Engagement, Positioning, combined arms, and good use of formation.
    Hope so, but also hope we not go back at the start of EA situation, when most game were only infantry composition meeting in the center of the map and fighting there.
    In my opinion to have that we need more commands over the AI, more big and open map (were you can actually move around)
  4. Cek

    Beta Patch Notes e1.7.2

    There will be two different queues, solo and group. In the group queue, you will be able to queue up as a team of 2, 3, 4 or 6 players.
    I hope i will be wrong but with the current low population on mode like Captain Mode, where it is already difficult to find matches in under 10min (and i'm talking about EU) if you are in a party of more than 2 people, would it not divide even more the population and just increase the wait time?
    It doesn't start the match (won't place you in a server) without 12 players.
    What happen if you have three group of 3 people and one group of 4 people, will no one be able to play a game? Or after a while the server give up to search and create a game with the most people it could fit in one?

    I'm not against ranked matchmaking as it should make the game more fair and fun for everyone, i just fear that right now it will increase the already long waiting time to play a game.
  5. Cek

    [BEAST 7] Rosters

    Player Addition

    Team Name: Kingdom of Vlandia
    Name of player(s):

  6. Cek

    [Beast 7] Division E Week 4

    Ordre du Lion d'Or - IVe Corps d'Armée Français – Kingdom of Vlandia
    On Sunday 6 at 8pm GMT/9pm CET
  7. Cek

    [BEAST 7] Division E - Week 3

    ZINK 12(4)4(0) Kingdom of Vlandia





  8. Cek

    [BEAST 7] Division E - Week 3

    ZINK – Kingdom of Vlandia

    Sunday 30/01 at 19 GMT/ 20 CET
  9. Cek

    Division E Week 2

    @Cek, @Dominique19
    Where are the results of teh refs v KoV match?

    Refesesesesferes (3) 10 - (1) 5 Kingdom of Vlandia




  10. Cek

    [BEAST 7] Statistics

    Thanks for the good work!
    For the division E, team KoV

    Crus, FramedYannick, Mortine the Beheader, PaulVmax,Wayne2077 : Cavalry
    Cek : Archer
    ArdenDoge, TheBrightKing, Biggus Dickus, Caanan Banana, fc, PerfectDark, Saffa,Türknauf : Infantry
  11. Cek

    [BEAST 7] Rosters

    Player Addition

    Team Name: Kingdom of Vlandia
    Name of player(s):

  12. Cek

    Division E Week 2

    Sorry for being late on the posting
    Refesesesesferes – Kingdom of Vlandia
    23.01 Sunday 19:00 GMT
  13. Cek

    Captain Mode Shield Strength Multiplier Should Be Reduced

    I agree with you that right now the shields are too much durable and probably can take something like 50 arrows or 10 jareed before being destroyed, but in the other hand i would also not change is value by too much, or you risk to reduce the effectivness of shieldwall and heavy infantry in general.

    For example you mention that doing so will make infantry need to scavange shield more, but that could also not be used by the opponent to work against you? Taking only skirmisher and archer units, so basically the skirmisher destroy the shield you have while the archer finish you off, as without any melee fight there are no other shield to get.

    I think it is quite tricky to balance it well, but notherless would be good to see this type of changes more often and see how could they eventually swing the meta
  14. Cek

    [Beast 7] Division E Week 1

    Kingdom of Vlandia – La Légion du Cerbère
    Sunday 16/01/22 at 18 GMT
  15. Cek

    [BEAST 7] Rosters

    Player Addition

    Team Name: Kingdom of Vlandia
    Name of player(s):

  16. Cek

    EU Skirmish Open BEAST 7 - Sign Ups open! (Deadline Sign Ups: 7th Jan, Tournament Start 10th)

    Team Name: Kingdom of Vlandia
    Team Tag: [KoV]
    Contact 1:
    Cek (Taleworlds & Steam)
    Contact 2: Mortine the Beheader (Taleworlds & Steam)

    Division (self-estimation, no guarantees): E
  17. Cek

    Week 3 - Matchups

    Bro , what is this silly tournament , we literally trashed you ( no offense ) and you won tournmanet, hahaha what is this joke :smile:
    You are right, i did check again the table, i saw i did a mistake in updating the score
  18. Cek

    Week 3 - Matchups

    HM and CRBR didn't manage to play the final match even with the more time given to them, both of them receive a default lose

    So whos winner ? :grin:

    You can see it here Leaderboard
  19. Cek

    Week 3 - Matchups

    So whats going on ? we playing more or its over ?
    it is over, i'm just waiting for HM and CRBR to play their last match for the final leaderboard

    I'm thinking about hosting something small in term of time after this one (like a draft tournament) as the holydays are near.

    P.S if you want to play other Captain match KoV is always open to it
  20. Cek

    Week 2 - Matchups

    KoV 4 (12) - CRBR (1) 0

    CRBR forfeit the last 4th game


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