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  1. MostBlunted

    Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    Troop costs are largely irrelevant most of the time. You would have to double their cost, and if you're worried about things being "stupid," that's pretty stupid in itself. And it still wouldn't fix the problem of archers being too strong in combat.
    Yes, this would only affect the early game when money is rare. So it´s no solution.
  2. MostBlunted

    Why are they still a thing?

    Proof me wrong:

    This feature is just in the game for the shiney trailers during the hype phase to make us idiots go like:

    "OMG, they even have board games in the game! If they already have board games what other amazing stuff will be in the game?"
    a few years later...
    - added improved sheep texture

    Give me a joust tourney and remove all board games and yea, I did the quest exactly one time but that also counts for other ones. Usually I´m just doing the fighting quests. :grin:
  3. MostBlunted

    Beta access code

    You don´t need any code or anything at all to access 1.8.0 you can just choose the version in Steam.
  4. MostBlunted

    Disappointing progress.

    I do wonder how they'll develop other titles they're making without the monetary success, and attention of the media that Bannerlord had.
    + without the Bannerlord fanbase
    + without beeing the only game in its genre
    + failed Bannerlord EA

    Their space game will fail, it will be compared with games like Elite while Bannerlord just has no damn real competition sadly.
  5. MostBlunted

    Disappointing progress.

    There is sadly no minimum standard for EA, it simply means you're paying for something that is usable but incomplete.
    And you have to trust the EA description and TWs description was just a lie, they sold it as "mostly finished, needs polishing and bug fixing and some minor stuff is missing" and their best joke was the feedback part. But to be fair, every company always claims that they listen to their customers so it´s just a standard lie.

    And I´m sure, TW was totally aware that in no way they would be able to complete the game in "around one year".

    I was most times very optimistic with the development, as I know the usual problems in big ambitious software projects firsthand. I hoped for TW getting their mess sorted out and upping the pace. But now I simply must agree, that the development speed is way too slow to hope for big features if the October release rumors are true.

    The sad part is, even if they won´t realese it in 2022, there is no hope for any big new feature which was not announced yet. There won´t be this big surprise update from TW, they are just doing their stuff and finish the game.
  6. MostBlunted


    I don’t understand why people freak out about the Governor thing: the town DOES have a Governor by default. It’s not just running itself.
    Yea, all those riot threads here about governors...

    And no worries, there is like a 0,1% chance that TW will change something related to governors.

    And the town has a governor by default? How? Never noticed it. What bonus does this default governor grant? What culture is he from?
  7. MostBlunted

    Balancing skill tree...

    One hit from a horse with a javelin = +53 skill points in riding
    Riding for several weeks = +0,7 skill points in riding
  8. MostBlunted


    1. I wouldn´t expect any graphic upgrade at all for the future but I also believe it´s not really necessary. The graphic is quite good and by far the smallest "problem" of the game
    2. Sure, why not. Was already often suggested and TW already added several new quests time by time
    3. Yes, hideouts are boring after you´ve done like 5 of each of them. Was already suggested to improve them but I don´t expect anything to change
    4. Why not
    5. Skills don´t really matter for AI troops they have a very very very small impact. The whole system is flawed for the AI
    6. Was already suggested often, I don´t expect anything to change
    7. Quickly? Usually you have already conquered like 3/4 of the world before your first child turns 18. Time is too slow and not too fast.
    8. Governor is just a stupid role overall but don´t expect anything to change. An easy fix would be that a governor won´t count for your companion limit.
    9. We all want this but TW already denied more control over our parties, doesn´t fit TheVisionTM.
    10. They´re working on it as far as I know

    Overall, most of your suggestions are good and were already mentioned several times in the past 2 years here in the forum. TW is just not that interested in most feedback (only if it fits TheVisionTM) but maybe your thread has more luck than the hundred theads before.
  9. MostBlunted

    Disappointing progress.

    I'm sure part of my frustration is because when I first bought it I thought 'early access' was the stage after Beta testing & it would be going live in a few months.
    Yes, this is the way EA should be. But the Bannerlord release was more an alpha version of the game (Placeholderlord).

    To be fair, TW claimed (and I guess still claims because they never bother to change it) it will be in EA for around one year.

    Around 1 year is something between 0,5 and 1,5 years for me.

    There are some rumors that the console version will be released in october and if this is true, the PC version will also release then. And if this happens we can just hope most major bugs are fixed and the missing announced features are added. Sounds unrealistic to me if I consider TWs pace for releasing updates or fixing bugs.

    But at the end there is nothing we can do but wait, just keep the company name in your mind when they announce/hype their next EA games and ignore them.
  10. MostBlunted

    Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    Gute Besserung!
  11. MostBlunted

    The strategic AI is still making really bad decisions at times in 1.8.0 and needs work when multiple armies are in the fray

    I gotta say, really liking the progress that has happened on AI thus far, seeing them team up for sieges is good.
    Yep, huge improvement compare to before, not perfect yet though.
  12. MostBlunted

    Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    Sometimes I wonder if TW would behave the same if they didn´t make that much money with the EA release, but of course we´ll never know.
  13. MostBlunted

    Thank you Taleworlds

    Fighting system is like a 1:1 copy from Bannerlord.
    You said it's a 1:1 copy of Bannerlord and it's anything but that.
    Learn to read, thanks!

    BTW, everyone has those passive abilities when reached max level and you can reach max level in like 1-2 days. You can even reskill until level 90 for free (100 max level).

    The only thing those perks do is like choosing your class so that not everyone is just using a bow before the melee brawl. If you choosed the 2h perks you´ll make like no damage with bows and otherwise. It´s just like a class system that´s "gated" behind a level up system. And the system really works in the game. As a archer you could wear heavy armor but then you won´t do damage at all so every archers is using light armor. And that´s means you´re just dead when a heavy knight was able to close in, you could win if you have a much higher skill than the other player, but that´s really hard and it should be.

    A 1v1 duell is not really different than in Warband. Directional attacks, feints, blocking, stabs and so on. It has a stamina system though.
  14. MostBlunted

    Thank you Taleworlds

    How is this mmo anything similar to Bannerlord multiplayer lmaoo?
    Fighting vs other people with medieval weapons/armor with a directional combat system without any skills?

    I also mentioned all the stuff that makes it of course different but seems like your reading ability is lacking, I´ll use more pictures next time.
  15. MostBlunted

    Thank you Taleworlds

    People wanting something like Bannerlord but in functional and not dead online can check this game out:

    Fighting system is like a 1:1 copy from Bannerlord. No magic stuff. Archers not OP as I first thought. But it´s a small scale mmo. You won´t lead your own army but you´ll attack/defend castles and other places together with other players. You can´t yolo in this game and you won´t be a 360 no scope archer. It´s slow paced in the battles. Buy2Play and the cashshop (which is not penetrant) and really not pay2win, at least yet.

    There are also no skills, there are no thiefs that can go into stealth or stuff like this. Everyone is literally the same, you can choose between perks that makes you a better archer, cav or better 2h troop and stuff like this. It´s pretty grounded. It´s totally PVP focussed and you can kill other players (3 factions) like everywhere. PVE stuff exists (no dungeons/raids) but it´s more like a filler thing. There are also loot areas where you can loot other players or be looted, but it´s not full loot and equipment isn´t that important. Crafting plays a big role also and the economy is player driven and seems to work unlike Bannerlords economy.

    I enjoy it so far.
  16. MostBlunted

    Thank you Taleworlds

    Space Game will be TWs Star Citizen killer. Release is around summer 3110. EA will start around ~2890. Preorder for exclusive alpha access in 2025.
  17. MostBlunted

    Lost companion

    Was it XYZ the spicevendor? If yes, she run away with your money because there is no spice in the game so they´re just scammers.

    Jokes aside:

    Sounds like a bug.
  18. MostBlunted

    Voting System - It needs an overhaul.

    Why also not more candidates?
  19. MostBlunted

    Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    I liked the wrestler faces :sad:

    The good thing is that they return like every 2-3 updates for a while.
  20. MostBlunted

    Thank you Taleworlds

    Just wait until the esport hype will kick in, Bannerlord MP will become the next CS:GO.
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