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  1. Dejan

    This is unplayable (Stuttering 1.7.2)

    We have just pushed out a hotfix aimed at addressing the stuttering issue. Please let us know if the issue has been resolved. Thank you for your patience.
  2. Dejan

    When do you plan to release a HOTFİX?

    We have just pushed out a hotfix aimed at addressing the stuttering issue. Please let us know if the issue has been resolved. Thank you for your patience.
  3. Dejan

    so is this game dead now?

    We have just pushed out a hotfix aimed at addressing the stuttering issue. Please let us know if the issue has been resolved. Thank you for your patience.
  4. Dejan


    We have some estimations internally, sure. But they are far from set in stone (many moving parts that depend on how well the closed tests go) so I would hesitate to share them with you. We are excited about it too and hope to release them to you in the near future.
  5. Dejan

    Need More Info FREEZE / STUTTERS

    We're working on resolving the issue.
  6. Dejan

    multiplayer 1v1 large battle?

    We currently have no plans for a game mode like that but once modding MP support (and custom servers) are released to the public, modders will be able to create custom game modes.
  7. Dejan

    You can find the minimum requirements on our Steam store page...

    You can find the minimum requirements on our Steam store page:
  8. Dejan

    e1.6.0-e1.8.0 Modding Adjustments & Access Modifiers Changes

    I was wondering why setting the skill level directly is still not allowed. Is there a way to reduce skills? I would rather not use Harmony like the open letter says. IHeroDeveloper lets us do a lot, except change the skill level down instead of up as a result Hero.SetSkillLevelValue() being internal and HeroDeveloper.ChangeskillLevelFromXpChange() being private. Is it because of how Skill levels work in conjunction with XP?
    We'll discuss it at the modding meeting.
  9. Dejan

    e1.6.0-e1.8.0 Modding Adjustments & Access Modifiers Changes

    First, why fore single OR multiplayer for a module? What happen for modes like the one trying to make the campaign a coop, it will be a single player AND multiplayer mod you can play both. Again starting to restrict badly what modders are trying to achieve.
    Some clarification on this one would be needed.
    Secondly, why remove isNoble in the hero class. Ok you moved it to the clan class but it has no sense at all. So a hero not noble joining a clan becomes nobles and is not anymore when he is kicked out? What about the the herocreation that was actually giving bonus depending on if the hero was noble or not, mainly in leadership, it was a bit like his education and how he was raised, so now all the clan have the bonus no matter what, while other non noble clans won't have it, even if you marry a noble woman.
    This feature wasn't utilized properly. Everyone was noble except minor clan members. This is still the same. We simplified the design and the code. We did not use the noble property in hero properly and now we are using it in a better way. If you want a distinction, you can always add a noble bool to the heroes and use it properly.
    Finally where is the IHeroCreationCampaignBehavior implemented in the last version? If you actually try to use it now you got an exception in submodule class of the game with a "reflection" error that do not tells you anything except "Oh dude there's an error" come on guys ...
    We made DeriveSkillsFromTraits properly moddable. You can use CharacterDevelopmentModel.GetSkillsDerivedFromTraits.
    VolunteerProductionModel is no longer part of the TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem.
    Where I can find it now or what I have to use instead?
    We made some namespace changes so it would be more consistent. Models in CampaignSystem are in the namespace "TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem.GameComponents" now.
  10. Dejan

    Command Console unlock parts

    @Dejan Can we get the command in cheat mode to unlock all weapon parts. It was taken out a few patches ago. That was very helpful in testing of things like crafting orders, or legendary, type perks without wasting hours of smithing.
    Sure, we'll add it.
  11. Dejan

    Bannerlord Creative Competition 2: 3D Art Contest

    f we are limited with 16 crafting pieces, is it fine to make something like 3 types of weapon for different culture, for example 1 for empire, 1 for vlandia and 1 for sturgia, or are we limited for 1 culture of our choice?
    Well, we didn't state anywhere that the set needs to be for the same culture. But you should think about the consequences of doing completely different weapons, given this rule:
    • The whole weapon set should be on the same texture map.
    We may also take it into account when evaluating the Visuals of your submission as a whole.
    Are we not allowed to use on modding tool a native material such as weapon_crafting.mat material for our blade metal?
    Not allowed. You should create your own material.
  12. Dejan

    e1.8.0 Troop & Item Changes

    There is a confusing typo here, so confusing that I thought Vlandian Sergeants got removed for a second. :lol:
    It should be Tier 3 (Vlandian) Infantry, not Tier 5.
    Indeed, it's a typo. Thanks. Fixed to:
    • Vlandian Footman no longer upgrades into Vlandian Infantry (Vlandian infantry will be isolated in order to be removed from the game). It will now upgrade into the Vlandian Light Cavalry and the Vlandian Spearman.
  13. Dejan

    Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    This is also not fully understandable for me: experience is gained when I destroy siege engines on a campaign map or during the mission? Or both?
    Both. Previously it was only for the campaign map.
  14. Dejan

    e1.6.0-e1.8.0 Modding Adjustments & Access Modifiers Changes ->

    The website doesn't allow unsecure connection and gives an error, link has to be in HTTPS
    Correct, fixed.
  15. Dejan

    e1.6.0-e1.8.0 Modding Adjustments & Access Modifiers Changes

    1.8.0 Changes​


    Here are the modding-related changes that came with patch 1.8.0.
    • We released API documentation for Bannerlord. You can find it here:
    • Modders can now define & add different races like Orcs, Elves,... through the skins.xml file. Custom skeleton support has been added for humanoid characters.
    • Fixed various issues with the implementation of a modded world map, removed the hardcoded assumption that the world map is named "Main_map", fixed the hardcoded map size,...
      • In response to the reports from various community members. Special thanks to @NPC99 for his continuous testing and feedback. @hunharibo thank you for your report as well, we now fetch the terrain size from the overridden scene.
    • Enabled warning & assertion texts to help modders with common errors (the Modding Kit must be installed).
    • The Atmosphere Curve Editor is now available through the Atmosphere Inspector. It allows you to change the visuals of an atmosphere.
      • In response to the community request by @NPC99.
    • Added the Color Grade Manager script to the main map scene. It allows the dynamic color grade and atmosphere effects to be previewed within the editor. Color grade textures can be changed from worldmap_color_grades.xml file.
      • In response to the community request by @NPC99.
    • Added exposure compensation to materials for glow effects.
    • Changed the physics object colors of barriers that only players can pass through to green for clarity.
    • Implemented a new method of using generated banner textures in item materials. A new channel called "TableauMaskMap" has been added to explicitly mark where the banner texture will be applied. This leaves the alpha channel on the original texture to be used for the item's own requirements for tassel etc. "use_tableau_mask_as_separate_texture" flag needs to be enabled for this to take effect.
    • Language files are now referenced in language folders in the "language_data.xml" (they were previously automatically searched for and added).
    • Added XSD for game texts, they are now added via SubModule.xml.
    • Players can now override the TournamentModel.GetParticipantArmor to change the tournament participant armor.
    • Changed the SettlementComponent list to single SettlementComponent in Settlement.cs. Settlements can no longer have multiple SettlementComponents.
    • "NonSerializedObjectTypeRecords" were removed from MBObjectManager. There are now only ObjectTypeRecords and their appropriate functions.
    • Removed XML support from game menus and moved related content to code (EncounterGameMenuBehavior.cs).
    • Removed XML support from conversations and moved related content to code.
    • Modders can now use the OnCrimeRatingChanged event for various purposes. This event will trigger with the change amount and the faction it is related with.
    • Added IRandomOwner for easier random usages.
    • Added a dev config option to show localization IDs of texts (relevant for translators).
    • Enabled modders to go above the maximum tier cap for troop upgrades (above tier 6).
    • Modders can now modify the voices of agents (via voice_definitions.xml).
    • The skill leveling system is now fully moddable (Skill Leveling Manager).
    • Removed the campaign cookie system.
    • Refactored the Quest system to make every quest use only one dedicated menu instead of creating multiple menus per quest.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the navmesh grid generation on big scenes from working correctly.
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when generating rivers.
    • Fixed a bug that caused different instances of a model to use the same factor color.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the addition of custom troops to villager parties. Villager parties can now use different troop types.
    • Fixed a bug that caused decals to discard season visibility settings.
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when exiting editor scenes while retreating outside of the border.
    • Fixed a freeze issue on the campaign map that was caused by modded troops not having any upgrades.
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when clicking on the Leave edit mode button.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the second editor window to freeze.
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when placing decals on an empty editor scene.
    • Fixed a bug that caused civilian battle sets (for troop spawn) placed in editor scenes to be processed wrongly.
    • Improved the warning messages for incorrect battle set placement.
    • Added an experimental search functionality to the inventory screen. It can be enabled with "ui.set_inventory_search_enabled [1/0]" while the inventory screen is open. We think modders can use this functionality to test and find their items in-game more easily.
    • Extended the functionality of the UI debug mode. Added a new command ("ui.set_screen_debug_information_enabled [True/False]") to help modders find and examine GauntletLayers more easily. This new panel will show the currently loaded GauntletLayers, list included widgets, their visual properties and more in real time.
    • Added the Core.FaceGen.UpdateDeformKeys boolean. Previously, all the sliders in the body generation screen were cleared and added again after gender change. Since we don't use different deform keys between genders, we've moved this functionality to this boolean. If your mod uses different deform keys between genders, your mod should set this value to true. If not done, some deform keys might not show up as sliders in the body generation screen. Can be toggled with "facegen.toggle_update_deform_keys" command.
    • Added Scene.GetAllEntitiesWithScriptComponent method to gather all entities with the given script type.
    • Introduced a "CustomScale" value to font properties, used by Gauntlet. This value is used to scale the whole font. It’s used especially for fonts that generally have bigger characters compared to other fonts used in the game. Modders can use this value to make their fonts bigger or smaller across the whole font.
    • Added a new boolean to the Hero tooltip, isNear. It's used to hide tooltip entries of a hero tooltip that shouldn't be visible if the main hero is not near, like available quests by hero.
    • Improved the spritesheet generator performance, especially for generating numerous sheets at the same time.
    • Changed the banner editor layout to support more colors. Useful for mods expanding the available color set.
    • Changed how we determine singleplayer and multiplayer modules in the SubModule.xml.
      • <SingleplayerModule/> and <MultiplayerModule/> have been renamed to <ModuleCategory/>
      • The correct usage is now <ModuleCategory value="Singleplayer"/> or <ModuleCategory value="Multiplayer"/>
      • The default ModuleCategory is Singleplayer.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented mods from overwriting already existing custom widgets in Gauntlet, consistently.
    We have also published a new page on the modding documentation:
    We continue to work on other modding-related features/issues:
    Thank you again for all your feedback and suggestions. If you have any questions or would like to make further requests, please discuss them below (or HERE).
  16. Dejan

    e1.8.0 Troop & Item Changes

    Greetings! The following troop and item changes that weren't included in the patch notes are also being pushed out with e1.8.0. Troop Changes Moved Mounted Pillager and Mounted Ransacker to bandits.xml. They are now of "looters" culture. Quest NPCs "Mounted Pillager", "Mounted Ransacker"...
  17. Dejan

    Patch Notes e1.7.2

    My biggest hope/gripe is to get Player Death in battle in this patch. It makes logical sense for it to arrive with the armour update. Both of those things would shake up the game - but they sort of need to arrive hand-in-hand.
  18. Dejan

    what's wrong with EA server?

    Hello, East Asia servers should be back online.
  19. Dejan

    We haven't seen any EA servers in three days.

    Hey, East Asia servers should be back online. Sorry for the inconvenince.
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