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  1. mr.master

    Need More Info Crash when killing first enemy in any battle

    CA - Eagle Rising 3.0.5 for BL 1.6.0
    Improved Custom Camera Fix 2.0.1
  2. mr.master

    Need More Info Crash when killing first enemy in any battle

    Summary: Currently, sometimes my game crashes when I kill an enemy. I haven't been able to verify the exact time it happens. Only that it happens when I kill the first enemy, and only if I am the one who kills. How to Reproduce: Have you used cheats and if so which: no Computer Specs: OS...
  3. mr.master

    Beta Patch Notes e1.4.0

    Not for me, companion X is in settlement Y, I go to settlement Y and he/she/it isn´t there, the encyclopedia still says he/she/it is in settlement Y, even if I wait for more than 2 ingame days.

    Playing without any mod on the latest beta branch.

    Do your troops also use all 3 siege ladders?

    On the money topic:

    Modders who work for free are able to fix a lot of the bugs, but I don´t use mods anymore, the minor updates break too many of them. So I´m playing vanilla to just play this "game". Why do I do this if I rant? There is no alternative! If there was, I would be playing it. I love the game, the setting and everything.

    Covid 19:

    I´m a team leader for the customer support of a huge online merchant, we were able to get all of our employees (about 110) to work from home. We need VPN, a new whitelisting to access our "stuff" and so on. I´m not a developer, but if I would be...were is the difference to code something in the office or from home? You still use the same programms and so on. Really? Where is the difference if I wrote a code in the office or in my home?

    Covid 19 doesn´t have a huge impact when it comes down to software developement. If someone catches the virus then it has, and I really hope none of them have Covid 19.

    They also never said that they have problems due to Covid 19, maybe they have, I don´t know. They also don´t communicate with their customers. With their pace, we´ll have a finished product in 2028.

    I repeat myself, release the source code and the tools and we have a finishied working game in 3 months. TW already did most of the work (engine, assessts and so on) and now they´re just juggling with some numbers when it comes down to updates.

    Modders fixed so much stuff (like perks, patrols, diplomacy) and TW does "nothing"...

    TW did an awesome job with the engine and the basic game, but I don´t see any improvment since the EA release. My game experience hasn´t improved since launch, it has with mods. but as I said, I don´t use them anymore. Those minor updates break too much without improving my game experience.

    So again, why can modders (also work from home for free) can fix a lot of the issues but TW can´t.

    Not important: There was a dev blog like 2 years ago about banners, they are not in the game. Modders (without the source code or modding tools) were able to add them, they are not perfect but they work. Why can´t TW do this?

    Instead we get "nerf this, buff this" numbers...

    TW isn´t an indie company either...not for this price for EA. I played a lot EA games like Rimworld, Kenshi and so on, they were more finished than Bannerlord is. Their updates had more impact than the updates we receive for Bannerlord. And those games cost like 15-20€. They also support modding and did updates that not only changed some numbers...
    Stating that working home as software developer is no different than working at workplace is just blatantly wrong. I can guarantee you 100% that it is different, and stating that Covid 19 doesn't affect software developers is even more wrong.

    I'm a software developer, and I can tell you right now that this whole situation has brought a whole lot of problems working from home, and productivity isn't nearly as good as it were at work. There are developers that may do better now, and dont have problems, but I highly doubt they are the majority.
  4. mr.master

    UIExtenderLib: library to extend standard UI

    There is an issue in domain assembly loading scheme, where it will prioritize dependency assemblies that come first alphabetically during load. So, for example, if mod A depends on Harmony1.0 and mod B depends on Harmony2.0 only Harmony1.0 will be loaded and that will obviously wound't work for mod B.

    I'm still investigating the issue and will probably have some workarounds in the near future. For the time being you can scan your bin folders to find (possibly) outdated `0Harmony.dll`s.

    Update: I have made a temporary workaround by making a custom harmony dependency. This should resolve issues where different versions of harmony were used, but wouldn't prevent if those versions aren't runtime compatible (i.e. Harmony1 vs Harmony2).
    Awesome, this fixed the problem. Thanks!
  5. mr.master

    UIExtenderLib: library to extend standard UI

    For some reason, when I use this, I can't make it work with any other mods. It works fine when I'm only using my mod. But no matter what the other mod does, won't work. Changing load order doesn't work either. Any tips?
  6. mr.master

    SP Native BattleStamina - A Total War-inspired battle mechanics mod

    Been waiting for something like this for Mount & Blade for ages. Amazing!
  7. mr.master

    BL Coding Making a party follow players party

    Do you have a stack trace? Also, the "skip dialogues" mod added menu options, you can decompile that to see how he did it.
    Ill post the stack trace later on today. Ill take a look at the "skip dialogs" mod, thanks!
  8. mr.master

    BL Coding Making a party follow players party

    Nothing to add, just wanted to say thanks for sharing your progress here. It's not a problem I'm currently working on for my own mod, but I'm sure this thread will be handy for anyone who's working on a similar issue

    Hopefully this will be of use to somebody. I've played around, trying to find a way to add new options to conversations. However, I haven't had much luck. I did find this though, which to my understanding should add a new option to the conversation. However, game crashes with a null reference, which I wasn't able to solve yet. Any ideas?

                TextObject _test = new TextObject("test");
                Campaign.Current.ConversationManager.AddToCurrentOptions(_test, "followMe", true, _test);
  9. mr.master

    BL Coding Making a party follow players party

    Alright, I've made progress. I had some misconceptions on how you should use CampaignBehaviourBase. Basically, if I understood correctly, each behaviour just subscribes to party hourly ticks and does conditional checking on what to do with the party. I originally thought the whole Behaviour base instance is applied conditionally, instead of each behaviour subscribing to tick events.

    I managed to get companion parties to follow my party. However, they try to stray off once or twice per day, for a few seconds, and then they come back. So there is still something that I'm missing. It works by talking to your companions party and just leaving the conversation. Id like to add an option to the menu to select them to follow you. Any ideas?

    Heres the code so far.

            private void conversationListener()
                _myParty = MobileParty.MainParty;
                //CampaignEvents.HourlyTickPartyEvent.AddNonSerializedListener((_followerParty), this.HourlyTick);
                CampaignEvents.HourlyTickPartyEvent.AddNonSerializedListener((object) this, new Action<MobileParty>(this.HourlyTick));
                InformationManager.DisplayMessage(new InformationMessage("Conversation started with leader" + _followerParty));
            private void HourlyTick(MobileParty mobileParty)
                if (mobileParty.LeaderHero != null && mobileParty.LeaderHero.Clan != null && mobileParty.LeaderHero.Clan == Clan.PlayerClan && mobileParty.LeaderHero.Name != _myParty.LeaderHero.Name)
                    mobileParty.SetInititave(0.33f, 1f, 24f);
                    SetPartyAiAction.GetActionForEscortingParty(mobileParty, _myParty);
                    InformationManager.DisplayMessage(new InformationMessage("Conversation started with leader" + _followerParty));
  10. mr.master

    BL Coding Making a party follow players party

    There seems to be two event dispaters for this.
                CampaignEvents.TickPartialHourlyAiEvent.AddNonSerializedListener((object) this, new Action(this.HourlyTick));
                CampaignEvents.AiHourlyTickEvent.AddNonSerializedListener((object) this, new Action<MobileParty, PartyThinkParams>(this.HourlyTick));

    I'm going to try take a closer look if I can get anything going using these events.
  11. mr.master

    BL Coding Is hardcoded dialogue the expectation?

    This is something that I'd like to know as well. I'm trying to add in more options for companion conversations, but right now, I'm trying to wrap my head around where the replacing should be done.
  12. mr.master

    BL Coding Making a party follow players party

    I'm having a bit of trouble getting a party to follow my party. Obviously I'm missing something. The basecode is this. Basically, I'm listening to when a conversation is started and trying to change the beheviour that the conversation party would follow me after the conversation. They will...
  13. mr.master

    Battle Atmosphere

    Hopefully so! A lot if improvement can be seen in singleplayer already, I just hope some of these would reach the developers ears.
  14. mr.master

    Modding in C# feels incredibly boring and tedious.

    I really really liked the old warband scripting langage. I agree with you, once you get how it worked, you could easily add game changing features. It's too early for me to judge the new system, although adding new troops is a breeze with XML, really easy, both to do and to understand.
    As for C#, I am in the process of learning this waste of a langage, they made the worst choice ever IMHO. However, there is an incredible amount of great tuts on the net, and well, I have free time on my hands... However, going through the DLL's, the amount of tweaks is huge, and I can't wait to learn more to be able to add new features.
    And lastly, I think people complain, but in this case, they should just set the game aside, and come back in a year or so when it's done.

    Waste of a language, worst decision ever? Care to elaborate why? Using C# is a massive improvement.
  15. mr.master

    Battle Atmosphere

    NOTE: This a copy from my old post. Some of these points still stand. One the crucial points of improvement that I personally am expecting from Bannerlord is the battle atmosphere. Don't get me wrong, alot has been done, and by far, it is better than Warband at this point. However, I do believe...
  16. mr.master

    ?Gamescom 2019 (20-24 August)

    Fortnight said:
    Oh, I goofed then. However, lowest level AI being hardcoded isn't ideal either.
    That is true, and I wish it will be opened up more as it would open up more possibilities.
  17. mr.master

    ?Gamescom 2019 (20-24 August)

    Fortnight said:
    NUQAR'S Kentucky "Nuqar" James XXL said:
    There was a glassdoor review which suggested that the code base is in an even worse state than warband. And if the game releases and there are as many engine bugs and poor coding practices as warband, the problems will be literally impossible to fix or just plain soul-crushing respectively.

    Unless a game is open source, modders never have access to all the code. In warband there are some long standing issues which are impossible to fix right now because they're part of the compiled .exe file. Some examples:

    1. Terrain generation is impossible to edit and there are some weird stipulations, for instance a battle taking place near a mountain tile will override any settings you input and make the hills look ridiculous, like marshmallows. The game also randomly colours parts of the world map and the in-scene terrain.

    2. Retreating troops will stare at the sky.

    3. If you code troops to crouch or turn around or anything like that, the combat scripts override it every frame.

    4. The default random number generator is bugged and returns some values way more often than others.

    5. Just about all of the combat intricacies are hardcoded.

    And so on and so on. All these things add up to make modding more complex stuff kind of a pain. It's frustrating to work on something for ages only for lazy coding on the developer's part to make it impossible. And finding these bugs is even harder, because so much of the code is undocumented, and you can never be sure if it's your own bugs or the game's. It's like living with a psychologically abusive spouse.

    In bannerlords defense, warband has terrible code dating back to like 2003, back when it was just 2 turks in a basement. But the problem now is that they've scrapped features several times. Who knows what it'll be like to mod.

    We know from the devblogs that combat AI on all levels is hardcoded, so, rip.

    From my understanding of their boasts about the moddability of blord, it's going to be easier for non-programmers (with all the in-game editors and stuff) and for making modules, but only so long as you make superficial changes. More complex things like fixing the subpar AI will be locked and hardcoded. Though I guess that all remains to be seen.

    That is not true at all.

    Will battlefield AI (Both the troop AI and the strategic AI) be accessible or hardcoded?

    Lowest-level troop AI is hard-coded, but you can customize it somewhat by changing aggressiveness, maximum speed etc. You can also give AI target movement points.

    Formation AI and overall battle AI is extendable and modders can add new tactics and AI behaviours.
  18. mr.master

    Bannerlord closed Beta problem with starting the game.

    Hensen said:

    I went to gamescon just for bannerlord and to my surprise they gave people closed beta keys for the multyplayer, only problem is i played around with the settings and now it keeps crashing on startup. i think it is because i changed my resolution so dont close the game with not the native resolution. Does anyone now how to solve this problem?

    Check the integrity of the files via Steam.
  19. mr.master

    Battle atmosphere

    Vakhtang said:
    NUQAR'S Kentucky "Nuqar" James XXL said:
    One big improvement I think bannerlord should make is to have distant shouting soldiers contribute to the volume of one loud combined ambient noise, with fewer individual ones for the close guys. Total war does this and it sounds a lot more convincing, especially in Rome II. I tried something like this with gun sounds in warband and got some good results. A computer just won't be able to mix 50 simultaneous voice clips in a believable way, so having some ambient noise to replace them when they get too much would be great.

    It's more generic than the current few voices. In MB you are more personally involved and each soldier is it's own thing, so adding one ambient sound would take away the dynamic feeling even if it's for distance. The fighting being different in total war too with the more spreadsheet style also makes it less noticeable to have an overlay sound.

    Why shouldn't it be able to mix 50 voices, we could go beyond that. It comes down to their processing of positional/directional audio and what kind of sounds the sound guy picks. Audio hasn't been their strongest point in the past, at the same time it's not bad but for that "big" cinematic real-time sound they fall short.

    I mean just look at DICE, they have one beast of a sound team and their games sound amazing. There's tons of firearms going off, yells, explosions and not to mention if a jet decides to do a strafe next to you. All of this at the same time and it works, whereas some games can't even do half that before it becomes a phasing mess. The dynamic range is big enough to allow these, whereas in MB it's flatter and smaller. One part of the issue.

    These are some good points. I really hope one the developers could shed some light on some of these. Atleast to the point that we know what is and isn't possible and what will be left for modders.

    One other thing that did come into my mind which in my mind could something worth trying/considering.

    Camera angle.
    I believe a more distinctive angle could atleast be given as option.
    For instance



  20. mr.master

    Battle atmosphere

    One the crucial points of improvement that I personally am expecting from Bannerlord is the battle atmosphere. Don't get me wrong, alot has been done, and by far, it is better than Warband at this point. However, I do believe that there are things that can still be added/changed to make it more...
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