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  1. Quintillius


    As you know there's the enhanced Shaders Addon (ENBseries) which adds a soft color overlay. I want to start a discussion about the use of this addon. Have you ever tried it? What is your opinion? The mod's textures are optimized for this addon. Without having it installed, the textures will...
  2. Quintillius

    Traits feature overhaul

    As you guys know, negative or positive traits can be gained upon choosing options corresponding to a story.  This however is according to many people not the best approach for good gameplay. I, myself, share that point of view and want to ask you to think together with me about how to set up a...
  3. Quintillius

    Enemy cannoneers sometimes spawn off-map, making the battle impossible to win.

    Can anyone provide additional details? Where exactly do they spawn, just in line together with other cannoneers, but outside the map boundaries? In the corner? Is it a mountainous area? Does it happen to the enemy team only? How can I easily reproduce this bug? Provide screenshots if you can...
  4. Quintillius


    Can you guys please provide some feedback on quarrying. Just as of town management I barely hear anything. Does it work correctly? Have you died lots of times by a mine collapse? Melting? Is it fun. Please tell me your experiences.  :)
  5. Quintillius

    Feedback on town management & crafting

    Dear all. I'm planning to release a new update at the end of this month (but only if time and the game allows me to do so *crosses fingers*). I have read lots of bug reports and feedback on Steam, ModdB and Taleworlds forum. Though, I haven't seen many people giving feedback on the town...
  6. Quintillius

    Sea Faring AI Troubles

    As work for study is coming to an end this semester, I'll get more free time to work on Nova Aetas. One topic I want to work on first is the AI pathfinding troubles related to sea travelling. For this I need your help. There are a couple of findings worthy of further investigation: 1) AI...
  7. Quintillius

    Sea Travelling Troubles

    As Nova Aetas gets improved with every update, complaints and bug reports about the sea faring feature don't cease to persist. The current script is basically from a third-party developer, but hugely polished and improved. AI pathfinding has always been an issue in Warband and manually...
  8. Quintillius

    Improved Shaders Addon v2.0

    I've altered some variables for the shaders addon: - Reddish colour neutralized - Bloom effect halved Anyone willing to share feedback  :)?
  9. Quintillius

    [FIXED!] - Solving Freezes Thread

    Okay let's explain what happened. A long time ago I added the campaign and AI tweaks of Moto ( These make the map more lively by creating more fights and better AI  decisions making. One of the additions is that the marshall of a faction...
  10. Quintillius

    v4.0 final feedback

    As final and stable v4.0 is now released I'd have a few questions for you guys. Just to get some feedback from the community. Feel free to answer to any questions below. Please note that short answers don't really help much. This feedback will be used to improve the mod further. Just copy text...
  11. Quintillius

    [Animation] - Muskets shoot into sky

    I have a problem where my musket aims into sky and has strange mismatch with hand. Does anyone easily see what's gonna wrong? Animation code: Item code: The animations are from this mod:,196100.0.html. Screeny: - Muskets and arquebus are OSP...
  12. Quintillius

    [Discussion] - Introduce yourself

    Nova Aetas has a great community with many loyal players. Though I never know you guys personally, I mean, your background. Where you guys come from etc. So it's time to learn each other better  :). Let's introduce myself first: My real name is Steven (though it's pronounced differently than...
  13. Quintillius

    Request: troop descriptions

    As you know I am also putting in troop cards (recruitment menu towns/castles). An idea has cropped up in my mind. I'd like to have troop descriptions for Nova Aetas. However I am don't have enough time to write down the advantages and disadvantages and so for each troop in the mod. That's why...
  14. Quintillius

    Great Bug Investigation: FIXED

    Fixed as of v4.0. Issue was probably caused by uploading few files as update for v3.0. Seems I'd better reupload all .txt files with codes to prevent this register bug from happening again. As some of you people know, a bug has slipped into Nova Aetas. This is actually the worst bug possible...
  15. Quintillius

    [Solved] - Flickering Glitch

    Now let me ask for help for something else which proves to be very irritating. A long time ago I edited the landscape. Then I discovered a glitch. When I visit maps it shows some flickering. I tried the following which didn't help: - Removed terrain_borders - Changed all ground textures and...
  16. Quintillius

    Remove material/texture duplicates

    I am a modder myself. A long time ago I've decided to keep textures and materials per .brf file. For example a .brf file with armour sets contains the matching materials and textures. On the opposite there is also the option to create one .brf file with all textures and one file with all...
  17. Quintillius

    Gmax: link vertices to multilple objects

    Hello guys! I am using Gmax to create vertex animations for Warband. Yes I know. It's super old, but it's the only program that lets me export to .md3 format. I am not experienced with Gmax. I use it for a few weeks or so but I get the basics. This is my model: I want to make an animation so...
  18. Quintillius

    Spelling & Grammar check

    As you probably know, I have my roots in the Netherlands. English is not my native language. When I check fan-made series on Nova Aetas I sometimes see people saying that not every English text is correct. However, they never say what exactly has gone wrong.  :roll: I am appealing for your...
  19. Quintillius

    Animating - import / export

    Animating is the last thing in the Warband modding world which I still don't have experience with. I want to learn this and put some decent animations in my mod, Nova Aetas. However it appears that this work is frustrating as always. I tried several tutorials here. Animating with Blender v2.49...
  20. Quintillius

    Gothic Font (with poll)

    Please I'd like to know your thoughts on the Gothic font being used ingame. Do you like it or rather want native's font?
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