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  1. Percival!!

    [NADL] Sign-up [Signups Done]

    Player Name: Percival
    Main Class: Archer
    Main Gamemode Played: Skrimish
    Your Country: United States
  2. Percival!!

    TW multiplayer feature delivery times calculated

    Updated the OP to add a screenshot of a discussion I found about Duel mode from during the beta:
  3. Percival!!

    When will the next "Statement regarding Multiplayer" appear?

    Statement Regarding Plans For MP Vol.6​

    • We have decided the game's multiplayer is in a state that we are happy with, and have decided to stop working on it for the time being :smile:.
  4. Percival!!

    Menace of Wenfire {SLAYERS OF MEN ELITE!}

    wher wer u when canton was kill
  5. Percival!!

    Post your dream teams

    no i like chowski too much to kick him off the team, sorry.
  6. Percival!!

    Post your dream teams

    Chowski, Headcrab, Yoshie, Nub Puppies, Mihawk, Les is More

    I believe that this team would have the best chemistry. I would pay to watch a livestream of them scrimming
    replace chowski with hancock to create an even more dynamic unknown duo and this team is perfect
  7. Percival!!

    1or3's petition to fix duel untill we get our actual duel mode !!!

    Ah my bad, understandable it would take some time then
    9 months at least
  8. Percival!!

    1or3's petition to fix duel untill we get our actual duel mode !!!

    Changing the factions on duel is too difficult.... It will take 9 months!
  9. Percival!!

    Post your dream teams

    Infantry / shCOCK Inf (4): Sloppy, Koartz, Maccle, Sigi
    Archers (2): Percival, Canton
    Cavalry (2): Kcin, Ruthven

    Power of friendship:
    Infantry: Nub puppies, Headcrab1226, Les is More, Marty McHigh
    Archers: Yoshie, Vorn
    Cavalry: Hancock, Canton
  10. Percival!!

    taleworlds HATES the community!!!

    Yes, we do lock troll 'suggestion' threads, thank you for noticing. If you don't want your threads to follow suit, maybe start by having a useful poll.

    It's extremely unfortunate that TW might not read the thread past the OP because of the OPs trolling. There's good discussion in here though.
  11. Percival!!

    the wu tang clan

    1) age: 13
    2) height: 4' 9''
    3) weight:65
    4) level of polish knowledge (not necessary just curious): Pierogi yum yum
    5) thoughts on naval combat: yes

    im a female gamer girl, please let me join ur ur clan

    ACAB, BLM,

  12. Percival!!

    A.I. Points [Ratings of MP players in Bannerlord]

    Good list but why did you rank Fietta so low?
  13. Percival!!

    taleworlds HATES the community!!!


    I personally love TaleWorlds keep making momma happy. Keep up the great work TaleWorlds!
    i said boats not whales
  14. Percival!!

    taleworlds HATES the community!!!

    They literally released a new blog Friday. If what’s in the list actually comes, it’s almost everything we’ve been asking for
  15. Percival!!

    taleworlds HATES the community!!!

    The lack of communication by Taleworlds on their plans for multiplayer is downright impressive. Something as simple as changing the factions on a duel server becomes a "to do", only for us never to hear about it again and for Taleworlds to forget they ever mentioned it. How long would it have...
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