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  1. Namakan

    [Beast 8] Suggestions

    yes we will have them :smile:

    Why so many admins? And half of them are literally nonames.
    I'd like to know who Lincoln is, rest I somewhat know.
    Also not sure how many admins are too many, but I assume you've thought about that before adding everyone
  2. Namakan

    [Beast 8] Suggestions

    hi. tag rules, please.
  3. Namakan

    This is unplayable (Stuttering 1.7.2)

    It wasn't mine to begin with, and you started this pedantic tangent. It's right there on the previous page of this topic.
    Yeah, the ikko person made it up and you took it up, and I disagreed with your post disagreeing with it. Was that now me or you starting it? I don't really know, and I don't really care if I'm honest.

    Analogy or not, I think it's pretty clear by now that it's not as simple as "why didn't they just play it and see that it's broken?" What bizarre fantasy world do we think they live in where they never try their own product?
    Lol, you clearly haven't been following what has been happening with Bannerlords multiplayer for the last 3 years.

    Given their track record, I'd guess that the reason it took a month to push a hotfix is because they had trouble fixing problems they discovered during their internal testing.
    The testing that was supposedly done in the half a year the patch was on the beta branch?
    Jokes aside, you make a reasonable point here, but that should be communicated far better then, rather than leaving everyone that doesn't read every single thing on the forums in the dark for a month+ yes, I opened the whole "TW needs to communicate better" thing. I don't think we really need to discuss it, everyone knows already.

    By your own report, the problem still exists but it changed:
    If this is indeed the case, it seems to me like they began investigating the issue and implemented fixes for some things but not all.
    Pushing a hotfix without investigating would be quite something. I said it felt better - that's anecdotal at best, and as I also said: It quickly deteriorated and is still very much noticable (read: nearing unplayable) with higher player counts.

    Thanks. I know it's obvious. It should still be their number one step but I have reason to doubt it was done in depth...
  4. Namakan

    This is unplayable (Stuttering 1.7.2)

    Sure, but cars are more akin to consoles than PCs in this case. On a console you have (mostly) fixed hardware, which is a known quantity from the beginning to the end of that console's life cycle, and stricter version control. Being the equivalent of a mechanic for a console version of the game is more straightforward because many problems which are rooted in hardware can be readily tested in the office. It's like being an in-house mechanic at a manufacturer's dealership: you work on cars from that manufacturer, using parts you get from the manufacturer, and that's it. For PC it's like being a BMW-Mercedes-Fiat-Alfa Romeo-Ferrari-Citroen-Volkswagen-Ford-Chevrolet-Toyota-Hyundai-Subaru mechanic who specializes in engine repairs, transmissions, electrical, and bodywork on gasoline, diesel, electric, and hybrid cars. There are people running this game on budget PCs from 2015 and there are people running it on i9-12900Ks with 64GB of DDR5 and a 3090 Ti, along with everything in between. Performance problems can present differently across different hardware setups, and may not even be noticeable on some. The devs have a finite number of PCs in their office with different hardware they can test the game on before an update is released, which cannot possibly account for the amount of hardware variety their customers use. So, they ask for data on how the game is breaking from people who experience problems.
    The game stutters. It's not a performance issue that only affects people with certain setups, be it high or low specs.
    You can get hung up on your car analogy all you like, but this issue has been around for a month and I have not heard of anyone not having it.

    TaleWorlds pushing a non-working "hot"fix a month after they introduced an issue is laughable at best.
    Do they need more data to troubleshoot? Maybe. I honestly doubt it, since a) they could look at what code was changed with the last patch and b) they could just play the game and experience the issue themselves.
    With those things said, asking for data from players now comes across as... disconnected, I guess? love you though MArdA, we know it ain't your fault ♥
  5. Namakan

    This is unplayable (Stuttering 1.7.2)

    If we want to overanalyze the analogy, we can read any number of assumptions into it. The fact is the product is not working as intended, and the way to facilitate fixing it is to provide the data which details how it is malfunctioning. It is common knowledge that in order to get things fixed, one has to explain or demonstrate how something is broken. Nothing happens in a vacuum.
    If this was a somewhat isolated issue - yes, you'd be right. But it is not. If they wanted data, they could spin up their own game and record it themselves.
  6. Namakan

    This is unplayable (Stuttering 1.7.2)

    More like TaleWorlds is the car mechanic, you're the customer, and they tell you to bring your car into the shop so they can fix it. Instead, you insult them over the phone. Guess who's left with a broken car and no more access to the telephone?
    Meh. That's pretending there is an issue with one car made by TaleWorlds, not with all of them. And that that issue would have to be fixed for each single car itself, not for all at once.

    I haven't met anyone that doesn't have the stutters on larger scale servers, they have been going on for a month or so now - TaleWorlds still asking for telemetry data from users now feels... bad*. Insulting won't help anyone but I can certainly see why it's happening.

    * that said, I still tried to - got blocked by their uploading site because it accepts at most 100 mb... oh well
  7. Namakan

    This is unplayable (Stuttering 1.7.2)

    Still exists, felt a little better at the start, then worse after about a round on siege.
  8. Namakan

    This is unplayable (Stuttering 1.7.2)

    more of a coldfix at this point.
  9. Namakan

    No option for multiplayer full campaign?(co-op or versus)

    As far as I remember, they said they "explored the idea" and it ended with "not doing that".

    Mods may change that, but those are a while out I'd guess.
  10. Namakan

    Your servers are a shame

    the silence from TWs side is, once again, telling
  11. Namakan

    MP Native cRPG

    A role-playing video game (commonly referred to as simply a role-playing game or RPG, as well as a computer role-playing game or CRPG) is a video game genre where the player controls the actions of a character (or several party members) immersed in some well-defined world, usually involving some form of character ...:razz:
    well you see, this is cRPG, not CRPG
  12. Namakan

    EU Skirmish Open Beast 8 Sign ups

    It's not about WANTING to be harassed or taking harassment as granted, but realistically, what are u gonna do about it? If u ban everyone who is toxic to you as an admin, then ur not gonna have a tournament. If I look at Division A right now, if everyone who has ever been toxic would be banned (and yeah, that's me included), there would maybe be like 15 players left.
    As I said, throwing out div A entirely seems like a better idea each passing day :^)
    Don't think I've seen nearly as much toxicity as in div A in any other division.

    Also, while I get u, hosting a tournament doesn't grant you immunitiy from criticism. And while some people are actually blatantly insulting admins etc, others are criticizing them fairly, which for some reason is also taken as "insults". I think that's the major issue here. People take criticism as insults, because everyone reacts differently to words said.
    I've been criticizing and complaining since season 1, haven't been told I was insulting by anyone. Guess its how you go about things.
  13. Namakan

    EU Skirmish Open Beast 8 Sign ups

    "Ever conceived the idea, that you don't wanna get insulted 24/7". Isn't that what u said before tho.
    "...Poor human conduct in Division A..." = "Ever conceived the idea, that you don't wanna get insulted 24/7". So what am I ignoring?

    All I said was, that if u get butthurt over someone calling u biased or insults u on a personal level, then u shouldn't be admin for a tournament. Like that's just how it is. Sure u can ban people, but that just shows that ur not mature enough to take an insult and do the much bigger thing: Ignore it.

    Or even better: Reply to it in a very calm and collected way, so the person that's acting like a freak gets even more pissed off and leaves u alone to play Roblox in their parents basement.

    "you spend your free time organizing tournaments for others to enjoy? you dont want to be harassed while doing so? LOL WEAK" is such an interesting take to me
  14. Namakan

    EU Skirmish Open Beast 8 Sign ups

    feeling more and more like removing div A might actually be a good idea lol
  15. Namakan

    New Season of Beast?

    I'm not sure if putting in a new admin that was banned for "cheating" last tournament is a bad sign or a good one tbh
  16. Namakan

    EU Skirmish Open Beast 8 Sign ups

    people already *****ing lmao.
  17. Namakan

    Old familiar modes

    I once heard that they wanted to make cyber sports back when there was a beta multiplayer, lol :smile:
    Saying TaleWorlds wanted to make MP an esport is like saying you want to become the strongest man in the world but you never leave your bed.

    Like yeah maybe you wanted it and maybe, by some weird mutation, you do become it, but it certainly was NOT because you put ANY effort towards it.
  18. Namakan

    Why do you all hate this game?

    from a multiplayer perspective -
    to keep this short and to the point, look at the two screenshots in my signature, compare to whats in the game now. you can click on them to go to their respective source.

    I really, really want to like this game, but TaleWorlds makes it really, really hard when 3 years after alpha, there still are CORE features missing and we still play the "2 steps forward, 1 step back" game every patch.
  19. Namakan

    New Season of Beast?

    Im in favor of kicking out div A mainly because it would be funny
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