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  1. Lesbosisles

    Voting System - It needs an overhaul.

    I'm currently on my singleplay gameplay file where I currently conquered some cities (I'm a King). Now that I have more than 2 vassals, I never show up in the voting system again. I have the most influence of them all 2000+. I conquered all the cities with my own army, but still cant keep them.
    We need a voting system that makes it possible to vote on more Vassals or as King you can override any voting with of course the cost of more influence than normal to keep those cities.
    It's now just a bit broken imo and ruins the experience for me as I don't feel like taking cities since my Vassals will lose them anyway due to low Loyalty.
    I remember, some of the devs mentioned here that voting system has no logic now, vassals pick some random policy and propose it without taking the effects into consideration. I'm not sure if it is still a thing. @Duh_TaleWorlds , maybe you could unveil it for us? :smile: I'm really interested if something's been done on that part 2 years after the EA started.

    Also, the ability to keep a fief for yourself as a ruler should be implemented. I want my greedy-tyrant-ruler roleplay!
  2. Lesbosisles

    Does your game use to crash? If yes Which GPU Nvidia/AMD? Mod(s)/no Mod?

    Had only one crash since the 1.8.0 release. Not sure what it was related to, but no crashes ever since.
  3. Lesbosisles

    Any chance we will see assassins hunting the player?

    I mean is anyone actually checking out the log to see what stuff is happening in the world, does anyone care at all?
    -X declares war on Y
    -RandomLord has been taken prisoner by OtherRandomLord
    -*Long list of random lords taken as prisoners by RandomLordDoomStack*
    -MeaninglessCastle has been besieged by a RandomLordDoomStack
    -Y has made peace with X
    -Z declares war on Y
    -X declares war on Z

    The world knows nothing beside declaring endless wars to each other. They've made a 20-day peace treaties, yet, the kingdoms ALWAYS declare wars at each other as soon as the 20 days peace is over (especially in the late game).

    What's there to see?
  4. Lesbosisles

    Recruiting clans is way too expensive, Warband had a better system

    I believe they say something related to "not enough money".

    Haven´t even tried to convience a lord since I can just make my own companions lords, I don´t see any use in AI lords after you gave us this option.
    I don't really understand how can it be convenient when you have to grant a new-born clan one of your own fiefs... And with that voting system you can't get a new fief instead of a given one.
  5. Lesbosisles

    Recruiting clans is way too expensive, Warband had a better system

    Defection to enemies with your fiefs is fine and happens between AI kingdoms. Defection to neutral kingdoms should not happen with fiefs. Afaik.
    So, if I recruit a clan during a war - they'll join me with their fiefs, but if I recruit the same clan during the peace time - they'll leave their fiefs to their previous Kingdom, right?
  6. Lesbosisles

    Recruiting clans is way too expensive, Warband had a better system

    Do you observe them defecting to neutral kingdoms with their fiefs?
    Not sure I understand the question:roll:

    I am a king of Sturgia right now, and recently I've captured two Aserai fiefs (a city and a castle) and granted them to a clan with no fiefs. A few days after that, they joined Aserai and took the fiefs with them.

    Another situation was with the clan I created from a wanderer - they had 1 town and joined Vlandians. The town became Vlandian after that.

    Yet, when I recruited an Imperial clan with at least 1 town - they joined my Kingdom without any fiefs. The town stayed with Imperials.
  7. Lesbosisles

    Recruiting clans is way too expensive, Warband had a better system

    @Duh_TaleWorlds I am interested in some other thing.
    When a clan leaves your Kingdom - they take their fiefs with them, so you lose them.

    But when you recruit a clan, whatever fiefs they had - it's all stays within their previous kingdom. Is it a bug?
  8. Lesbosisles

    Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    I'm still interested in those 4 new battle maps... Has anyone discovered at least one of them yet? :grin: Been desperately trying to find them, but, alas...

    Hey, devs, care to share with us what are those 4 new battle maps? :grin:
  9. Lesbosisles

    Statement regarding Singleplayer IV

    I know it slows you down a ton after a battle on the campaign map
    Not only after a battle, but also after raiding a village.
    By "you" - you mean AI parties as well -I hope
    Yes, from what I've seen, it also afffects AI parties.
  10. Lesbosisles

    Statement regarding Singleplayer IV

    I will look into it, but no promises
    This would be very kind of you, hope you'll find the time to share this info :smile: Also, please consider adding the effects info into a quest log, like it was suggested in the 'Quests are boring' topics: for example, when you open a quest log, the description will have the "Effects" tab with a brief description: +50 relation with a %QUESTGIVER_NAME%, +50 hearth rate in %VILLAGE_NAME%, -20 %BOUND_CITY_NAME% security.

    With that the info will always be up to date and ready at hand (and it will also make a quest log useful :wink:)

    Naturally, that is somewhat limited by issues being tied to world conditions.
    Well, as a small suggestion, the team could add some more quests which are not directly bound to a world conditions: for example, I doubt that the "Spy party" quest affects anything beside the relationship boost/decrease with a questgiver, yet, it is somewhat interesting to complete plus it gives you a reason to roam a city scene which is a win-win. I've expressed a similar idea a while ago in this topic, you might wanna check it out and suggest it to the team. Call it an entertaining quests with a possibility to boost relationship with a questgiver :smile:

    Nothing concrete. We do explore all kinds of ideas though. No hopeTM plox.
    Ok, here's hope that this won't be dropped down.
  11. Lesbosisles

    Late-Early/Mid-Game Start with Enhanced Character

    Well @Lesbosisles this suggestion is aimed at helping people get to the mid/late faster.

    In your case, like it would be mine too we just simply don't use it. But as someone who plays this game extensively i understand why some think it's needed and i am all for it.

    The early game can be a grind and not all of us enjoy it or have the time.

    Of course you can always skip this part using the console but some players might find it unfair, preferring a "balanced" option instead.
    I wasn't saying I'm against the suggestion, not at all :smile: Just saying my thoughts on the late-game and that skipping the early game which is more diverse, gameplay-wise, can make the game even more boring: at the very beginning you may do a few quests, then take part in a few tournaments to win some good stuff, then you can sign into a war as a merc, and, when you get bored of constant fighting, you may simply cancell the contract and start trading, for example.

    Late game lacks this, since there tournaments become meaningless (even the grand ones), you don't have any time to do trading and quests, since all you do is battles, battles and battles alone...

    But if that can make someone happy - I have no objections for adding this into game :smile:
  12. Lesbosisles

    Micro manage cavalry charges

    I always turn AI control for any cavalry troops I have, because they can't even keep the formation. When I order my troops to move at certain position, the cavalry always rushes in fornt of everyone, often triggering enemy horse troops and, basically, ruining the whole strategy.

    We need a "Keep formation" order, so the troops will try moving with the same speed and keep positions in the formation. From what I can see, AI can do that. Why limiting the player?
  13. Lesbosisles

    Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    I have a question about the new reinforcements deployment system. anyone had a chance of testing it? does it work?
    At least I haven't seen a situation when enemy soldiers spawn behind my troops...

    But in sieges they still spawn very close to my soldiers even when the walls are taken/destroyed and mo troops are on the streets. Makes no sense to me, they should spawn somewhere on a city square or something when enemy is close to their initial spawn points.
  14. Lesbosisles

    Statement regarding Singleplayer IV

    Hey, @Duh_TaleWorlds , just thought about one thing, maybe you could tell us something about it...

    My question is about quests. There are a few points I'd like to ask you about:

    1) I can't even recall the last patch with new added bunch of quests. Sure, 1.7.0 and 1.8.0 were great in the scope of gameplay-wise features, but the current amount of quests in the game and their repetitivness makes me wonder if the team plans to add more of them in the nearest updates, or the main focus now is making more maps and focusing on battles and other general stuff?

    2) More specific question: right now, being of a faction cuts off a possibility to accept some lord quests (mostly, "fetch"-type quests, but still). So, in general, you lose some without offering some new ones in return. Are there any plans to make a King-only quests to compensate the described above situation?

    3) This one may be tedious, but still, I am really interested: I remember you mentioning (in some other topic, "Quests are boring" if I remember correclty), that quests actually affect some settlements' stats (Prosperity, security, etc.), but the info about these effect is actually nowhere to be found. Could you please share a list of effects for quests available in the game? Right now I only know that "Village needs tools" boosts a village hearth rate, "Village needs grain" boosts town prosperity, but what about others? What are the effects of the town quests? If I help only gang leaders, will this affect the town somehow, or their quests serve only the purpose of boosting their power stats? The same for merchants/artisans. What about the lord/lady quests?

    As I said, the third paragraph may be a bit tedious to answer, yet this info could be super useful for managing your own settlements' prosperity and for cutting down the enemy ones. Thank you.
  15. Lesbosisles

    Late-Early/Mid-Game Start with Enhanced Character

    Like this suggestion. it will help people with limited time cutting out the early grind of the game and cut straight to the fun battles
    Playing a very late game now (main character died from old age, playing as his grand-daughter now) and noticed that I've started using "Auto calculation" option more and more in this playthrough.

    Late game is nothing but an endless war. You make peace with one kingdom and a day after another declares war on you. The common situation with a big kingdom is that you make peace with one faction and two others declare war on you almost simultaneously.

    So all you have to do is running around from one edge of the world to another and fight those long battles 5000 vs 5000 men... Don't know about you, guys, but to me late game is the most boring and senseless part of the game right now. It's even more boring when you're a King, since it cuts out a significant part of quests without adding anything in return.
  16. Lesbosisles

    Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    - you should own a town before you can marry into a high tier clan.
    - you should own a castle before you can marry into a middle tier clan
    With the current system of receiving a random fief this would've brought more pain rather than a feeling of "life" into a game.
  17. Lesbosisles

    Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    Like "she prefers a warrior", win 50+ battles or whatever to impress her. There are enough options TW could choose from. Random stuff just doesn´t make sense to me in this case.
    Some logic and challenge in a marriage system, along with some conditions you should comply with, would've been really nice.

    Right now, the system doesn't even have a basic logic. Like, why would anyone marry a representative of a poorest clan on Calradia which has not a single fief left? Yes, I'm talking about the de-jure destroyed factions with no fiefs and no means to reclaim them back, but their parties are still running around because some lord has given their leader a wife and they began to multiply...

    Or why would ANY noble lord would let some no-name merc marry his daughter?

    Or why would a lord who hates me with all his heart (-100) would let me marry his daughter?

    Right now it has no logic or depth.
  18. Lesbosisles

    Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    The best thing, IMO, would be the ability to make an offer *to them*, rather than waiting for one. Once you begin a kingdom, you get a Minister in all your lord's halls.

    >Minister: Your Highness, I am honoured by your presence. How may I assist you?
    He has three main dialogue options you can choose:

    >My realm requires more vassals. Do you know of anyone likely to join me?
    >Well, my spies tell me that Clan (Name 1), Clan (Name 2), Clan (Name 3) and Clan (Name 4) lack lands to their name, and are in disfavour at their courts. I could send them a messenger offering lands in our kingdom, if they will defect to us. But of course, they will have to be discreet - the fear of being executed for treason means they will most likely send us a representative in secret, rather than coming themselves.
    >Send a messenger to (Clan Leader Name 1/2/3/4). / On second thought, let me reconsider.
    If you accept, one or two days later, an "associate" (noble of that culture) will have a Quick Talk conversation with you, where they act as a stand-in for their lord in a defection negotiation.

    >I seek to arrange a marriage.
    >Whom would you like to offer the hand of, my liege?
    >Myself. / Clan Member A. / Clan Member B. / Clan Member C. / Never mind.
    >Bards passing by the court have mentioned some suitors of marriageable age; let me see... (Lord/Lady Name 1,) (Lord/Lady Name 2,) (Lord/Lady Name 3,) and (Lord/Lady Name 4), yes. I can send a messenger to any of the heads of these clans offering a marriage, and they will send a representative to work out the details.
    >Send a messenger to (Clan Leader Name A/B/C/D). / On second thought, let me reconsider.
    If you accept, one or two days later, an "associate" (notable of that culture) will have a Quick Talk conversation with you, where they act as a stand-in for their lord in a marriage negotiation.

    >We need mercenaries to fight our wars. What hirelings will die for coin?
    >The (Merc clan A, Merc Clan B, Merc Clan C, and Merc Clan D) are all notorious mercenaries in this region, and to my knowledge, are unaffiliated. Simply choose a warband, your Highness, and I can have a messenger find their leaders; they will send someone to make a deal.
    >Send a messenger to the (Minor Clan A/B/C/D). / On second thought, let me reconsider.
    If you accept, one or two days later, an "associate" (troop of that minor faction) will have a Quick Talk conversation with you, where they act as a stand-in for their lord in a marriage negotiation.

    Yeah, I like Battania too.
    Nice ideas, would love to see at least some of them in the game!
  19. Lesbosisles

    Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    Is this beta having a lot of CTD?

    The last time I played was around 1.4.x versions and the game run fine without many issues, I just tried again to check the new stuff and I am having a lot of CTD with a GPU related error, I have updated the controllers and checked the files but the error persist. Is it just me?

    BTW I have seen in the encyclopedia filters for nords and other non existing factions, is there any announcement about them?
    Played a lot in the last 3 days - not a single crash. Considering that I continue my playthgrough since 1.7.0, I'd say this beta is surprisingly stable.
  20. Lesbosisles

    Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    I'm not sure I understand this. So as I get more famous I get marriage requests for my self or my clan lakies? I've seen, the marriage proposals are only for you not married clan members - children, grand children, adopted, etc. Having a lot of them in a current playthrough.

    From what I've seen, the marriage proposals are only for your not married clan memebers (children, grandchildren, borthers/sisters, etc.)

    Tried waiting for a proposal for a PC, but received none in a year, so I guess the player himslef is still forced to chase down the potential spouse for a "job interview".

    What do you think about the cut scenes? I´ve only seen marriage (after 316 save scumming reloads) and child birth (no reload because it was a son) and I don´t know but they feel lifeless for me. Still better than not having them of course but I guess I expected more.
    To my taste, they really lack something. I expected them to be at least different for each faction (in details) - I mean, why does Sturgian wedding take place near an Imperial Aqueduk? Ideally, since the cutscenes are not that long, TW could've done unique scenes for some events, like accepting the vassalage proposal. But, in reality, they could've done this: the animations may be the same, but the surroundings should be different. Seeing a Sturgian/Aserai wedding in Imperial surroudings is strange and hits immersion hard.
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