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  1. Sundeki

    Official Multiplayer Servers

    Given that the form is online and that there are everyday people playing the game right this second, now is probably the ideal time to ask: Could we please get an official statement regarding which regions/locations will have official Bannerlord multiplayer/matchmaking...
  2. Sundeki

    No Battle: constructive complaint and attempted discussion thread

    This thread is of course being posted under the assumption that Callum is not a time traveller and this isn't some intentionally crude and post-baiting April fools joke. Original post/message for those who haven't seen it: Warband Battle was the key mode of play for the entire competitive...
  3. Sundeki

    Prophesy of Pendor 3.204 Download Link?

    I have recently had to reformat and managed to drag my Prophesy of Pendor 3.204 save games over, but they aren't compatible with version 3.3 and I've put a-lot of effort and time into them. Is there anywhere that I can get PoP-3.2xx?
  4. Sundeki

    LAN Serial Problems

    (I don't know whether this has been posted or not, but with uber lag servers and 134 pages of crap to look through, i decided to post my own topic. Sorry if this has been posted already or is stated somewhere) Hi, i bought Warband and i'm having some problems playing multi on LAN. Every time my...
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