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  1. Hairless

    [BEAST 7] ✨ Grand Final & Promotion Week

    DM 12:2 HINQ
  2. Hairless

    Ranked fix

    Force everything into solo/duo and punish warmup leavers. I LOVE BANNERLORD!
  3. Hairless

    e1.7.2 - Perk, Class and Weapon Changes

    @badbuckle why queue allowing groups of 4 to play same queue as solos? U ok?
    Making party of 4 makes no sense and breaks any point of rankeds, we were told that solo/duo will be maximum. You just ruined good change that was supposed to happen. Now we will have 4 vs 4 rankeds people stacking aganist each other. Change it back to solo/duo and 6 stack vs 6 stack or it's gonna be total garbage.
  4. Hairless

    e1.7.2 - Perk, Class and Weapon Changes

    @Callum what's the max amount for ranked que?
  5. Hairless

    Varyag is the worst infantry even tho he is supposed to be the best

    Yes, we are ignoring it, because your changes are trivial and are not adressing the problem.
    Moving around damage numbers is not the solution to varyags problems.
    Varyag will still be the worse heavy inf in the game to chase light archers.
    Varyag will still be worse (in cost effectivity) in group hug distance 4v4 inf fights all other heavy infs and tribal warrior.

    And Speaking for the faction, Sturgian Cav will still have mules for horses bc they are "Sturgian", but they will still have the worse cav shields bc they are not "Sturgian" in that department. I'll repeat myself, Berserker is plain scam for its price. What faction is supposed to enjoy a proper 2handing class if not sturgia?

    Moving numbers around every 6 months and loading the Servers harder with more scripts every patch is not fixing anything.
    Finally someone gets it. Core of the Varyag problem lies in its movement speed. Speaking competitive wise sturgia is horrendous to play. If a class cannot have dmg and movement speed like other classes in same category, it's doomed. Varyag which is supposed to be best inf, ultimately is the worst one due to making compromises on perk selections that other heavy infs don't have. And we are talking a situation when we forget mace existence, and all the bad sides of using an axe. Also teamfight wise, a moment when someone switches, as varyag you cannot even catch up to them before they gang up on your teammate in 2 vs 1 situation. Varyag will remain worst heavy inf in game as long as it doesn't get 5% movement speed on the Feller perk(any brawny argument makes no sense as brawny is straight downgrade, or so called "jack of all trades" middle ground between cav breaker and dmg perk, which makes it straight bad).

    Speaking of other Sturgia classes, they have worst archer and skirmisher in game. Skirmisher is the only one that lacks movement perk and proper 1handed weapon among skirmishers, and archer is just plain bad. Their 100 inf is probably only better than battania 100 inf due to ability of having shield + spear. 2handed classes are not even a class anymore, but I don't mind leaving them in grey area of TDM/Siege, as we once had them broken and it was arguably worst few months of crushtrough we had so far.

    Also anyone mentioning 2 hands is clearly tdm/siege player that doesn't understand whats going on.
  6. Hairless

    Should shield bash be in the game?

    In current state of the game 1vs2 is impossible to win when we are taking perfect situation as 3 players of same skill level, with or without shield bash. Shield bash itself makes it more consistent when used properly, to the point that 2 completely dog **** players will win 100% 2 vs 1 against best player if they learned how to coordinate shield bash + hit. I support @Namakan on not removing features, but current shield bash needs to go one way or another. What I had in mind is that shield bash doesn't stun you in meaning of hit-stun, but instead an attack stun. So person that got shield bashed cannot attack for a while allowing the shield bashing person to take the turn, but the bashed guy can still block.
  7. Hairless

    Varyag is the worst infantry even tho he is supposed to be the best

    Are we just gonna ignore the general mace nerfs across the board and the buff to the Varyag longsword and both axes?

    Also armor across the board was reduced so axes are gonna be better by that fact alone too. Oh well I am lying, not all classes armor was reduced. The Varyag is the only infantry class that had its armor buffed.

    Brawny got a buff that you failed to mention by 5%. There is a buff to their shield too... And yeah Fellers extra damage was reduced by 3%, while all Melee Expert perks for other factions were reduced by 5% (from 15% - > 10%) So you deal 7% more damage than other inf now, rather than the +5% before. Also they have the best anti inf armor perk with blunt damage reduction.

    No idea where you are coming from with this. Literally everything in this patch is made to pave the way for this class to become better. Sure those changes might seem small to you, but a lot of things do, I swear this patch is a grower.
    It all sounds nice and cool, the dmg is there now, and it's gonna be more reliable. I don't consider brawny a perk, even with the 5% buff, the difference between feller and brawny dmg is enormous, and +5% there and -3% there won't make the gap much smaller. What Varyag lacks is movement speed. And even if you give him that movement speed, I am 100% sure that sturgia will still remain in dog**** spot it currently is in for couple of patches.
  8. Hairless

    2nd European Weekend Cup™️ - Spring Season Ⅰ

    Clan/Team name: Destiny Masters
    Captain and his/her contacts (TW & Steam): Hairless the Fool
    Co-Captain and his/her contacts (TW & Steam): Varadin the Death
    Roster with Steam IDs:
    Can you play next (Friday 20/05 or Saturday 21/05 for Semis. Sunday 22/05 or Monday 23/05 for Medal scrims) Weekend?: Yes
    Did you read and agree to the rules (link here)? Yes
  9. Hairless

    Varyag is the worst infantry even tho he is supposed to be the best

    Buff Varyag And why is that? Simply put beacuse he doesn't have mace. But well since Talewords sticks to their policy of preventing balance for the sake of faction "soul", we have to stick with what we have. But that's not the only problem, on top of that he is the only heavy inf in the game...
  10. Hairless

    EU Other Open 2v2 Groupfighting Tournament


    The Greatest Demon Lords Reborn as Typical Skirmish Players In a New World?! 20 - 0 Born to Lose
  11. Hairless

    EU Other Open 2v2 Groupfighting Tournament

    The tournament has started, the signups are closed. Deadline for the first week is 9/05/22.
    Bracket: https://challonge.com/2d3sqwjq

    Password for the server is 2v2warmup. If it somehow get's out of hand we will just change the password and send it on private. Use the servers for the tournament, and if you are going to practice there make sure you leave instantly if there is going to be someone who wants to play an official match.
  12. Hairless

    EU Other Open 2v2 Groupfighting Tournament

    Team name: The Greatest Demon Lords Reborn as Typical Skirmish Players In a New World?!
    Hairless the Fool
    Pacemaker the Justice
    Contact Information: https://steamcommunity.com/id/hairlessthefool/
  13. Hairless

    Team Damage in Battle Server

    PC players have come down to xbox many times, the only ones of any of them worth mentioning was the greyknights who ive fought and gone toe to toe with before on here in a few instances and never had an ounce of trouble with any other pc players coming down
    That response did come out of the lack of knowledge didn't it? Saying that PC player coming over is worse is kinda crazy, considering playing on controller overrides your block direction with movement direction. Most PC players don't play that way, only some rare cases. If you really want to judge skill on multi-platform basis, only way to do it is to play on PC where both ways of playing are allowed, since you can just plug controller and play on PC. Also I am pretty sure most of the best PC guys me included within a week of practice would trash any of the console plebs on their limited controller environment :grin:
  14. Hairless

    EU Skirmish Completed Bannerlord Draft Cup VI - Red Dot Edition (56/56)

    Hariless on the other hand has more dirt on him than Erdogan and Putin together. He is a puny leader without backbone who doesn't refuse any backdoors, be it online or offline. You are dirt ashamed you deserve this **** game.
    Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  15. Hairless

    i'm owed 1500 loot

    Back when capes first came out I purchased one on valanda for the knight but at the time it never got transferred to the other classes on valanda so I had to purchase 2 one for the swordsman and one for the knight. I found out later that you should have only purchased it once and you would have it. I never ever brought this up but I would like to know if its possible if I can be reimburse for this?
    The skins were shared among classes since beginning, what kind of lie is that lol
  16. Hairless

    [BEAST 7] Semi-Final & Week 1 Promotion Matches

    DM claims default as RM didn't show up in time. But due to us being so generous we decided to play them. Here is the result. Very hardn't game, GG. (score is the same as the last time when you took default :grin: )
    DM 11:5 RM


  17. Hairless

    [BEAST 7] Semi-Final & Week 1 Promotion Matches

    RM vs DM Sunday -> RM proposing 20:30 CET for Semifinal
    We would propose 20 cet but Wonders is outside that day so we have to wait for him to arrive his home. He said he can be 15 minutes late if we agree on 20 CET so I am just playing safe here.
    DM proposes 20:15, as some people have to get up early at monday we prefer to play the match faster.
  18. Hairless

    We want referees on discord or streams during semifinals

    Your health is more important than a game, take care of yourself.
    Thank you. RM doesn't see it that way tho.
  19. Hairless

    We want referees on discord or streams during semifinals

    I just wanted to state that those dramas are making me exhausted mentally. Since Saturday when I went to hospital I am taking schizo pills beacuse I am to overloaded with stress. I already ordered rope and chair to practise knots and to go and sail ships in sea and stop using internet. 3 days in hospital and my first official missed and now I am being accused of matchfixing :sad: :sad: :sad:. Also my pronouns helicopter/apache.
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