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  1. Horik6697

    Game lags horribly only in campaign battles

    I'm experiencing the exact same problem. In custom battles I can get up to 200x200 at a stable framerate, even in sieges. When I'm in the campaign mode, even the tournaments makes my fps drops. A battle against 10 looters in campaign it's enought to make the game start stuttering.
  2. Horik6697

    Quest: Family Feud

    I have the same problem... I can't find Borun from Bryn something... When I hold "alt" theres no floating icon with the name "Borun" in the village, only the notables that are acessed by the context menu in the world map. Spent almost an hour looking for the boy with no success.
  3. Horik6697

    Give away 30th march

    i'm on so many giveaways that i'll probably lose track of them all
  4. Horik6697

    March is here bois, how's your hype?

    We can only hope BL is priced in our currency rather than converted from USD.

    Our economy is feeble, the GDP has been sluggish for years, the economic impact of the virus is already happening. Many companies will shut down, not to mention people that run their business like you working at a loss.
    Right now I still have a job and wages.. but this may change depending on the scenario for the next couple of months.
    All we can do now is hope for the best, guri!
    Maybe I pay you a visit in the future to make a Bannerlord tattoo ?

    Hoping for the best, indeed, and hope you're safe too! Things gonna be alright... I've already waited 7 to 8 years, so a couple of months wont kill me... Maybe I even get it as a gift haha.

    About currency, I dunno bro... RDR 2 is priced as US$ 59,99, and it's price here is almost as if it was directly converted. Anyway, we'll have to wait for it. Thanks for the kind words, i'm much obliged. É nóis!
  5. Horik6697

    March is here bois, how's your hype?

    I was hyped until my country gets struck by COVID-19 and now there's no income for me due to the confination measure. I spent my money on new material and things for my tattoo studio, now I can't work to repay the investment and I'm also controlling the spents, since my credicard needs to be paid on day 10. Also the dollar quotation in my country is high as King Harlaus throwing feasts during wartime. I guess I'll just have to wait a "little" bit longer... Okay TaleWorlds, at least I will get my revenge: IT'S MY TURN TO DELAY SOMETHING FROM YOU. :lol:

    Anyway, enjoy your confination with Bannerlord and keep safe! For sure it's the best way to stay home all the time!
  6. Horik6697

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Giveaway

    in Bannerlord, even the giveaways are delayed
  7. Horik6697

    New Blog Schedule

    FBohler said:
    This doesn't take out the fact that TW is failing miserably at delivering half baked devblogs in a loose schedule.

    Yeah, but is TW a game dev. company or a entertainment blog? They don't have to excel at the art of writing blogs, neither they have to deliver it in schedule. The community must learn how to manage their expectations...
  8. Horik6697

    New Blog Schedule

    dudes, honestly, wat?

    TW don't owes us nothing. I know, this is bad PR and stuff but we're not obliged to give money to TW by buying it's products, and TW is not obliged to give anything in return beyond the product we payed for. If we pay for the product, we get the product. If we pay for nothing, we get what they think they should give us. We should get angry like this at politicians, not at game developers.
  9. Horik6697

    The Great Poll about textile Colour

    Well, if those utterly horrendous colors remain, hoṕe someone mod this. I had no problem to identify troops in Warband, and I did not used the floating banners at all. For me, this color scheme is so immersion breaking as the floating icons.
  10. Horik6697

    This week's blog

    FBohler said:
    Horik6697 said:
    Hope they're annoucing a Custom Battle Downloadable Demo hehehehe


    They're just too busy enjoying beta with family and friends as usual.

    Mr. Armagan don't love us. :/
  11. Horik6697

    This week's blog

    Hope they're annoucing a Custom Battle Downloadable Demo hehehehe
  12. Horik6697

    The Great Poll about textile Colour

    THANK YOU TERCO! I was feeling very upset by having those cheerful colors over my bloodseeker army. I like immersion a lot, and I think that those colors just break it. Devs, please leave an option to disable color themed troops, just like the option to disable the banner over friendly troops. I like to see the chaos on the battlefield, and I like to see it without floating icons and without those cancerous colors.
  13. Horik6697

    Dev Blog 12/09/19

    DanAngleland said:
    Horik6697 said:
    Wow, Custom Battle already implemented! There's any chance of releasing a demo with the custom battle feature, so we could test our systems and the game mechanics?

    I haven't watched a lot of the video, could you tell me whereabouts the Custom Battle is please?

    Well, the feature seems workable since it's possible to access it through the menu.
  14. Horik6697

    Dev Blog 12/09/19

    Wow, Custom Battle already implemented! There's any chance of releasing a demo with the custom battle feature, so we could test our systems and the game mechanics?
  15. Horik6697

    Bannerlord beta key

    guess they'll start coming out tomorrow, the devblog should announce it.
  16. Horik6697


    Score! - Der Game-Talk said:
    Hey everyone! Since everybody seems pretty tense about the Beta invites, I'll try to cheer some of you up - 2 people to be exact.
    I got two keys left from gamescom (my colleagues apparently don't want to partake, so I'll just raffle them right here). Shoot me a private message, in an hour or two I'll randomly draw two winners, each winner get's one key.
    Good luck!

    PS: Dear mods, I hope that's allowed. If not, just delete my reply.

    EDIT: Of course, only one entry per person. Multiple entries will be deleted, yet one entry will remain eligible for getting drawn. Thanks!

    EDIT 2: Apparently, after 20 messages, the inbox gets shut down because of the amount of messages received. If the issue isn't resolved until 10 p.m. GMT+1, the giveaway will be concluded tomorrow!

    tried to PM you but your inbox was blocked... Hope you count me in, and thanks for doing this! :smile:
  17. Horik6697

    No voice communication in game

    [SOTR] Roy said:
    578 said:
    There's nothing more to say in general tbh, Callum said they intend to give VoiP and quick commands so the discussion is futile now. And thank god they decided to include them.
    Well, to be honest, I doubt the discussions on these forums actually make even a small difference on what the Devs decide to implement or not. Sure, they read them every so often, but really they will wait to see if something works or not to change it.

    Well, indeed it makes. Many ideas that came up from here are discussed in the Dev team: it just needs to be a good idea.

    Anyway, YES to voice comms. Most likely I will be a solo player, and honestly I don't like to talk to strange people and be connected with them beyond the game. I already have my friends and my gaming buddies, and at this time I don't think I need anyone else. I'm not even willing to make new relations, people just exausts me.

    BUT, in-game, I like to communicate if it gives me a tactical advantage. I will not be on the voice chat small talking or getting to know how your family is, instead I will be giving calls and expecting to receive information from other players. If the server has toxic players, abusing from comms, just mute them (or mute all) and you're fine. Toxic players are not majority.
  18. Horik6697

    Ambushes confirmed ?

    Wow, it's good to have a sign of some kind of ambush mechanics. I'm totally into Battania and want my first play on Calradia to be as a Batannian. When I knew that ambushes were gone, playing as a battanian lost it's magic... Now my heart is cheered up again! Hopetm they keep it up!
  19. Horik6697


    That's some great news! Please provide South America with keys too, high latency don't bother us  :fruity:

    Anyway, hope the community enjoy it if we're not able to play it. :grin:
  20. Horik6697

    Weapons Showcase

    Greetings community! While thinking about the feature of customized weapons, I came across something that would greatly improve immersion in the game. The concept is very simple, so I direct this to any interested modder who may like the idea, but if TW thinks it's worth the while... Well...
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