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  1. Nicodemus.

    Replacing Sarelon's peasant cavalry with a one handed+ shield troop

    (I know a suggestion board exists  but most probably this drown in suggestion topic and this one is a little bit different from others) So as you know, in 3.9 Sarelon got it's own peasantry cavalry, in response to how weak the kingdom's forces were. However, for me ( and maybe a couple others)...
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    Nevermind, solved
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  4. Nicodemus.


    Why when some people post images some of them are a mini square with the 4 lines coloured grey? The images seem to work for others, but not me Gonna quote an example Edit: on ios device, shows a square with grey 4 lines, on windows when you click the spolier, shows nothing there are alot of...
  5. Nicodemus.


    Rhodoks crossbowmen had Board Shields which seems to be something like pavise, but the problem is, they  were only used in melee I found this wiki page and in found something interesting, in middle ages (bannerlord is set in the middle ages no¿?) pavise were used as a cover for archers to use...
  6. Nicodemus.

    relations with lords with your own kingdom

    I find it annoying that i own a huge empire and all my lords are -80 relation for some reason and i cant recruit troops from most of my factionvillages, i even  used cheats to make relations 100 then after some time later it becomes negative, losing relation when prisoned, some even loss...
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