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  1. Cornelis

    Future Plans

    Based on the new updates we have been seeing with a new addition per patch I was wondering which of the new features and systems do you want to see in the next patch couldn't add in them all so if you want modding support or multiplayer updates just comment
  2. Cornelis

    Music while playing

    What do you guys like to listen to while playing? that is assuming you have spotify or another app running in the background and in game music turned off The Boys Are Back In Town by Thin Lizzy is always fun to have running in a battle
  3. Cornelis

    Turn off double speed

    Is there a way to turn off double speed so I only have one speed? Personally I don't want to just click to go quick it feels like cheating to me. I want to play like warband where time goes nice and slow and party speed matters and I don't have to reset to a slower speed every time I click...
  4. Cornelis

    Update Poll

    lets go pole dancing
  5. Cornelis

    BL Other Mod Load Order

    Hey i have no idea how mod load order works think it may be causing the crashes i have Would someone please help tell me if this is correct Current Mod Load Order Harmony Native Sandbox Core StoryMode CustomBattle AdonnaysTroopChanger Realistic Battle AI Module Realistic Battle AI Mod...
  6. Cornelis

    Behind the scenes

    What do you all think of a behind the scenes of development video? A tour of the workplace or maybe they can just record a meeting since it would be helpful for the community to understand how Taleworlds produce the game and it could be a way to show credit to the developers who we don't know...
  7. Cornelis

    Is 16gb Ram needed?

    I have seen some talk on the forums for a while now that 8gb of ram is not sufficient for the Bannerlord and that 16gb of ram runs the game smooth fixes a lot of the problems in the game currently. I'm running on 8gb it's ok the game could run better also I get there are a lot of other factors...
  8. Cornelis

    Should Infantry have throwables?

    I have noticed that some of the infantry in the game have throwable weapons and I think that we have plenty of options for ranged warfare like skirmishers or archers or horse archers and infantry should do what they are named to do. Maybe they can rename some troops but personally I don't...
  9. Cornelis

    Give the Aserai swords

    I noticed that the Aserai tribesman and footman and Mameluke soldier seem to all use blunt weapons instead of swords. I had assumed that this would take away the piercing effect and instead use blunt which do less damage which would then wound instead of kill also making the Aserai troop tree a...
  10. Cornelis

    Resolved Settings fullscreen keep reverting to windowed mode on startup

    I set my game to full screen but most of the time when I start back up it's windowed again. I have already changed the display_mode to =2 for fullscreen in the engine_config.txt file that fixes it temporally. Also I said most of the time because it's on the occasion that it will do this and...
  11. Cornelis


  12. Cornelis

    tribute system

    can someone please explain how the tribute system works i can't really understand it i'm often just agreeing to peace to get tribute but i can't understand how the payments work thanks
  13. Cornelis

    Bannerlord in VR?

    could bannerlord work in VR not that i'm really that interested i just noticed that the first person view was done really well and had a thought how it might play out
  14. Cornelis

    killing nobility?

    if we kill all of the nobility before doing the investigate 'Neretzes' Folly' quest will it just fail the quest?
  15. Cornelis

    Payment to mercenaries?

    can someone tell me what this payment to mercenaries is keeps varying it's only 5 per day sometime 17 i haven't got any mercenaries also i am a vassal only have 1 companion in my party
  16. Cornelis

    Prisoner system

    Just wondering how does the prisoner recruitment system actually work is it just a waiting game until you can recruit or are there other factors also how often do you other players use it currently it's works as my army reserve
  17. Cornelis

    Does Sturgia own too much?

    I find that Sturgia actually performs better not owning the Varcheg and Revyl and i was notice owning those towns actually make them defend too much maybe another faction far down the line could take those cities or something what do you guys think should sturgia be smaller?
  18. Cornelis

    how do i get my men to skirmish

    is there a way i can get my ranged troops to skirmish like the AI does for their troops as in the ranged won't engage in close combat but they will advance and retreat if they need to i have just been going along with hold position and moving them or follow command i hope someone knows something...
  19. Cornelis

    Does anyone know what will happen to Sargot?

    I saw that the developers posted, that before the launch Sargot was accidentally moved from it's original location which was much closer to Varcheg and Revyl, and it was then accidentally moved down near Jaculan where it sits currently. So I just wanted to make a new thread to discuss what the...
  20. Cornelis

    Are the Devs in Office?

    Just wondering i heard awhile back the devs where working from home because of the covid-19 restrictions does anyone still know if this is the case?
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