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  1. Aeddes

    Weird grip on weapons

    Hello. I'm having a weird grip on pole weapons handling. It's happening on some weapons. Redownloaded files on Steam, removed mods, and still this way. Any way to repare this? Ty in advance.
  2. Aeddes

    Lamellar Gear

    Hi. Unnerf Lamellar gear. https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?threads/lamellar-gear-nerf.433914/ Thanks in advance.
  3. Aeddes

    Lamellar gear nerf

    Hello. Agree with balanced game, but the nerf on Lamellar gear is dumb. How a fully covered with metal plates gloves/boots/shoulders are worst than half covered gear?????? Keep high protection values and increase the weight then. Thanks in advance.
  4. Aeddes

    Need More Info Auto Level

    Hello. Have a char with low Cunning / Scouting. When use Attribute/Focus points on these, I (auto)increased 9 levels e1.1.2 (NO Beta) Mods: Modlib Tournaments Xpanded Bannerlord Tweaks Cant run Forever More Bandits Detailed Char Creation Fast Dialogue I'll post a video cos CTRL+Ins won't...
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