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  1. Svarogorije

    How about adding various War Horns ?

    Celtic Carnyx Imagine hearing and seeing Battanians carrying these ( maybe a seperate troop ) and playing these when they sound off their attack command War Horn Imagine hearing this sounding off a sturgian charge. War Drums, Trumpets for the Empire, and i'm talking, so we can see them, just a...
  2. Svarogorije

    make Minor Factions more significant PLEASE

    Hey everyone, haven't really posted in a while! First of all I ask you to watch this video from Optio Miles, if you haven't - give him some love. Now this video really made me think about how Bannerlord really isn't capitalizing on their minor factions, their lore and so on. It would really...
  3. Svarogorije

    How do minor factions function, what is their point?

    1) Is it possible to join minor factions? 2) Will they have their own troop trees? 3) What is their relation to the main faction? 4) Can they rebel against the main faction, which would result in a civil war sort of a situation?
  4. Svarogorije

    Clan system suggestion/idea

    Hey everyone, I'd like to suggest a sort of a clan system, that can be on the site, so people can maybe have a clan profile page on this site, and also to be able to choose a clan tag to be in front of their names in the game. I honestly think this would help the community, maybe even encourage...
  5. Svarogorije

    TaleWorlds has taken a great step in the right direction!

    A issue that a lot of people have been vocal about is the presumed question of:Who the hell are the Battanians and Sturgians as faction?? Taleworlds has finally given these factions ( AND ALL OTHERS ) the love that they deserve, but Sturgia and Battannia hits closest to my heart, since I myself...
  6. Svarogorije

    Minor factions,will they have their own troop trees,and how will they function?

    Can someone explain to me how will they function,and what's their actual use? Will they have their own troop trees or what ? I don't remember a devblog that explains this,hence why I am asking.. Cheers!
  7. Svarogorije


    Amazing job Terco_Viejo,for making this.Holy s**t. Heres a link to the original post from the forum where you can see more stuff for other factions,and it's the best place to actually discuss the issue : https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,388229.0.html WHY IS THIS NOT IMPLOMENTED...
  8. Svarogorije

    The Great Bannerlord Mod Ideas Thread

    Submit your mod ideas for people that have modding skills,who i envy to death. I have a idea i suggested a while ago. It is basically a Total War Attila port for Bannerlord. It should have it's own map of Europe,now this is a problem since we don't yet know anything about how big of a world...
  9. Svarogorije

    Please add more spheroconical helmets for Sturgians before release.

    I know,i know. We kind of had this thread already,but i don't think we reached closure there. The whole question of Sturgia that some people,including myself,have is Are they Vikings or Slavs? Because the developers have kind of promised that the Sturgians will not be a viking state,that they...
  10. Svarogorije

    A tiny question for developers concerning a piece of armor

    Hello,i would just like to ask about a very specific helmet,if it is in the game or not. It's supposed to be a Sturgian faction specific helmet. It's this one : We have had a thread talking about Sturgians as a faction,and people seemed generally confused about them,concerning their armor...
  11. Svarogorije

    On which exact historical period is Bannerlord going to be based on ? (Century?)

    Hey,I heard it is based of 10th century,and in the game lore it is like 200 years or something before Warband...Although i heard it's based in other time periods so now i am just confused as hell. I would appreciate if someone clarified this for me,thanks.
  12. Svarogorije

    Is the early access they said will happen,still planned before release?

    So,most of us already know that they already mentioned that they will have a early access for people before the game is released (obviously).So I am just asking is this still a plan before the game is released?
  13. Svarogorije

    Will the game have a bit of voice acting,for the npc lords,general chatter etc.?

    A question for the developers: Will there be more voice acting for the NPC-s in the game?I am of course not asking for a lord to say something along the lines of : Greetings,( EXACT PLAYER NAME) because that is obviously impossible to make,but more along the lines of more general voice...
  14. Svarogorije

    Will there be pets in Bannerlord ?

    Hello,my question to TW ( Hopefully i can get a response) is will there actually be pets,like the dog in Viking Conquest,in Bannerlord? I would personally love to see a dog be obtainable,hopefully with a better model then in Viking Conquest :D
  15. Svarogorije

    Imagine if this game comes out just before the harvesting season

    Release date : Fall,2019 God help us.
  16. Svarogorije

    Historical DLC sometime after Bannerlord gets relased ?

    I will try to keep the post short,but i will probably fail. I personally bought Warband for the Viking Conquest DLC,and i played it quite alot,i loved everything about it really,well..besides the fact i never found Morrigan again.I played Total War Attila before Warband ,and in that game,i don't...
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