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  1. Matt The Lord

    The Jesus problem

    Proud anti-jesus player.
  2. Matt The Lord

    NA Skirmish Open Bannerlord Skirmish League Season 3 ($1050.00 In Prizes)

    PSFC will be joining but we are finalizing the roster, will update this post once the roster is finalized.
    Clan Information
    Clan Name - Poughkeepsie State Flying Cougars
    Clan Tag - PSFC
    Clan's Page -

    Roster (Include Steam Profile for Each)
    Captain - Matt The Lord
    Co-Captain - DirtySavage
    Participant - FearSpear
    Participant - Incanuth
    Participant - Eailene
    Participant - Surreal
    Substitute - Sloppy
    Substitute - Ignacio Lopez
    Substitute - One of: Small Child/Mihawk/Melon
  3. Matt The Lord

    Team Caveman > Team Dino

    Time to see if I am with or against this movement
  4. Matt The Lord

    NA Other Open NA 2v2 Tournament (1st ROUND DEADLINE APRIL 30)

    Team name: Poughkeepsie State Flying Cougars
    Roster: Matt_The_Lord, DirtySavage
    Contact Information: SteamProfile
  5. Matt The Lord

    NA Other Open NA 2v2 Tournament (1st ROUND DEADLINE APRIL 30)

    Will join once I get a tm. Looking forward to this
  6. Matt The Lord

    NA East Skirmish Community Discord Server

    If you are looking to play semi organized skirmish matches in the NA East Region this is your place. Instead of solo queue-ing for matches, you can join this server and play semi organized 6 v 6 Skirmish with voice chat in our discord. We play most nights around 8 or 9, be sure to introduce...
  7. Matt The Lord

    Aserai Beduin Leopard Skin Armor Piece Removed. Why?

    No it will be a premium dlc which uses Bannerlord Bux+ which can only be bought with real money
    Sounds about right. How long before people are about to pay for in game advantages.
  8. Matt The Lord


    As abrasive as Les was/is ultimately I think he was good for bringing people deeper into the Bannerlord MP NA community which is a good thing for the game.
  9. Matt The Lord

    NA Duel In-progress Court of Cavalry | Duel Tourney | $100 Prize

    Name: [PSFC] Matt The Lord
    Steam:****/ last word in link is s h i t
    Discord: Matt_The_Lord#2226
    Region: NA East
  10. Matt The Lord

    NA Duel Completed (GeForce 3060 + $125 Prize) NA 1v1 Tournament

    Name: Matt_The_Lord
    Link to Steam Profile:****/ <--- last 4 characters are s h i t
  11. Matt The Lord

    [NADL] Questions, Suggestions, Feedback

    Stream sniping should be against the rules, not that I think anyone would do it but it should be in writing. Ask Melon about the CL tourney.
  12. Matt The Lord

    [NADL] Sign-up [Signups Done]

    Player Name: Matt_The_Lord
    Main Class: Inf
    Main Gamemode Played: Skirmish
    Your Country: USA
    Your State: NJ
    Last word in my steam link is s h i t TW stars out the word
  13. Matt The Lord

    Problems with Skirmish Mode as of May 2021

    About throwing spears
    We will keep them in the game but make the trade off bigger, probably by removing all javelins from the skirmisher if the chose the throwing spear perk. It will go hand in hand with the skill perk changes that will encourage troops to stick with their special weapons (but not forcing it)
    Please please please dont continue to let 3 live classes have throwing spears it completely removes the practicality of taking any other inf class in the game. Empire is ridiculous with 3 live pila spam round 1.
  14. Matt The Lord

    is the forum broken for anyone else?

    This is just a ploy to distract us from the lack of naval combat in the game...
  15. Matt The Lord

    1.6 Patchnotes That Would Make Multiplayer Playable for More Than The ~100ish People That Still Play

    If the pila/ throwing spear have to stay in the game they should only be given to the most expensive units as perks. the 120 & less gold units should only get Javelins/Jarids or lesser throwing weapons. Even if the throwing spear does 50 dmg to a heavy inf its incredibly cost effective to just go light inf and use the pila/ throwing spear instead of heavy inf with no ranged. And this is coming from someone who loves to use throwing weps. (I played in every NA Skirmish tourney mostly using throwing weps to get my kills)
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