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  1. Slithirius

    Hog - meat price balance

    One hog usually costs as much as one meat, except slaughtering the hog produces two pieces of meat, so buying hogs, slaughtering them and selling their meat right away is a quick way to double one's money (at least until the meat price drops and hog price rises far enough). Even if it doesn't...
  2. Slithirius

    Every time the player ends and renews raiding a village the relations are decreased anew

    Summary: When you're raiding a village, you can "End Raiding". Then, you can resume it right away, without having to fight any more militia and with progress from previous, interrupted attempt. Pretty nice. Except every time you resume the raiding / re-start it, the relation modifiers are used...
  3. Slithirius

    [e1.0.7] Tournament last bet not worth it

    you can play as wandering knight then better than chasing them like in warband
    That's what I mean, keep the current, weaker tournaments the way they are, and add extra, less frequent, "proper" tournaments with greater rewards (but more risk/higher skill requirement).
  4. Slithirius

    Horse archers are the worst.

    Horse archers were quite a plague in medieval times and it's difficult to have them in this game and not have them either overpowered or artificially nerfed.

    I think it would be a nice compromise to give small nerfs to cavalry-compatible bows' damage and horse archers' armor and/or hp (making them more easily countered with foot archers). It would also be a great idea to weaken things like bows/arrows and thrown weapons against heavy armor (I mean, c'mon, one hand-thrown javelin has about as much ballistic force against a fully armored knight as a close-range rifle shot...). Change them to cutting damage maybe? Keep crossbows as piercing damage (they're crossbows after all, praised for their armor-penetrating ability), maybe let arrows provide some piercing bonus based on their quality.
  5. Slithirius

    [e1.0.7] Tournament last bet not worth it

    i dont there should be more rounds. They could add a better AI, if that one partakes the reward will be bigger. Like a tournament champion or smth.
    Or add extra, much less frequent but higher tier tournaments that are harder but yield much better rewards? It feels like the new tournaments are available in pretty much every second city, which overall makes balancing them a nightmare
  6. Slithirius

    [e1.0.7] Tournament last bet not worth it

    I confirm, the last bet earns 1:1 and bets overall earn far too little money to make tournaments worth it (slaughtering one medium-sized group of looters > any tournament that doesn't drop an overpriced item, and that at much smaller risk and time consumption, as it can be done through a quick auto-resolve).

    Adding a passive tournament money reward and/or increasing the maximum bet limit would resolve this issue. Guaranteeing more expensive items as rewards would also be a solution.

    The number of tournament rounds could be increased to provide a greater challenge.
  7. Slithirius

    Resolved Whole Seller / Appraiser skills both disable colored item statistics comparison

    Summary: When hovering the cursor over not equipped items, like armor, weapons or horses, the player can easily see which item is better at what thanks to the statistics' colors (green = better, red = worse, no color change = identical). Picking Whole Seller / Appraiser skills from Trade skill...
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