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  1. bobross419

    Any funny or silly mods for kids?

    My kids like watching me play, and I’m wondering if there are any mods that are more silly.  Maybe cartoons and stuff.  Five nights at freddys and my little pony would be a bonus :) Sorry if this is the wrong place.  The mods section won’t let me make posts.
  2. bobross419

    OSP Sounds Wilhelm Scream OSP

    Not much of an OSP, but wanted to share this with everyone. Its the famous Wilhelm Scream. Its definitely fun to hear it pop up from time to time in giant battles. I've only tested with WFaS, but it should work just fine for WB as well.
  3. bobross419

    Tweak - Send Caravan to Castle/Fortress

    In Native, you can only send a caravan to a town.  I wanted to be able to send a caravan to Castles as well, since I do a heavy trade in Powder. File: conversation.txt Search for:dlga_oim_send_caravan_town_selected:oim_send_caravan_finish Original (in case you need to revert the change)...
  4. bobross419

    Custom (Hand Crafted) Items List

    While working on compiling information for troops trees I decided to pull the information for custom items into one place.  I didn't search to find out if this information was already present, but from previous searches I don't think it is. I only included the information that I thought was...
  5. bobross419

    Troop Trees

    I put together a basic troop tree since I wasn't able to find one anywhere here on the forums.  Mainly this is because most of the trees just add (veteran) or something to the end.  I'm hoping to get gear information added in; although, I'm not sure how I could format that for forum viewing...
  6. bobross419

    Which Infantry and Cavalry has best Pathfinding?

    I'm trying to make a rapid response army with high mobility.  I'm going to be including Elite Rangers for my ranged contingent, but I'm not too sure what to use for infantry and cavalry.  I'm thinking of a small core of Swadian Nobles for the Cavalry.  What infantry has a high pathfinding skill? 
  7. bobross419

    v540 changes?

    Does anyone still have the list.  I got married on the 17th and haven't had access to a computer until today.  I can't find anything that lists the changes in this update.  Thanks :)
  8. bobross419

    Stupid Lords Caused me to Lose my Army

    So I was elected Marshall and decided to take over some territory surrounding my fief (Including a Khergit City).  I called the lords to me and they followed me over to the city.  I then besieged the town, built a tower, and stormed it.... not one of the cowards followed me. I ended up taking...
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