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  1. RitoDurito

    How to destroy factions?

    Maybe they could become outlaw factions... Being assigned to a hideout and become a different kind of threat...
    Cool idea, or maybe just turn into minor factions and are able to become mercs
  2. RitoDurito

    New DLC added to steam?

    Too early for dlc but I am actually looking forward to some elephants in game when the time comes, always nice to fight the beni zilal just to see camels
  3. RitoDurito

    Beta versions with epic games

    You´ll always have issues with mods if a newer version of the game (updates) is released. We can only hope that TW keeps supporting the game after it´s released.

    But you´ll have no disadvantages with the Epic Games version of the game when it´s fully released.
    Only disadvantage I can think of post release is if there is an update and he's running a heavily modded game he might have to wait for the mods to update to continue the save, where as on steam you can just keep using the same version that the mod works on.
  4. RitoDurito

    Resolved Can't create kingdom bug

    seems like you have to assign a governor and talk to him they changed it without telling anyone
    Kingdoms and Diplomacy
    • Players can now create a kingdom through dialogue with governors.

    1.6.5 patch notes..
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.7.0

    How are you supposed to mobilize all of your party capability if you can't afford to use them as a money making operation and you can't afford to keep troops for them in garrison? Just from a gameplay perspective, this sounds miserable. Every time my kingdom randomly declares war, I am supposed to drag around companions and recruit a party for them? That's tedious.

    Call the workshop 250 per day then. It's still years of operation to make enough profit to afford a helmet. Something is out of balance.

    "How are you supposed to mobilize all of your party capability if you can't afford to use them as a money making operation and you can't afford to keep troops for them in garrison?"
    Ever heard of a war chest? build up your finances, sell loots, ransom lords, use more caravans, trade ect there are means to make money you're just overly relying on passive income to maintain 4x your party at all times.

    "Just from a gameplay perspective, this sounds miserable."
    Im trying to imagine the game giving us so much money that we dont need to actually do anything after building 4 workshops, that sounds very boring..

    " Every time my kingdom randomly declares war, I am supposed to drag around companions and recruit a party for them? That's tedious."
    It is tedious which is why they can recruit soldiers themselves.

    I'm not saying it's perfect but in my current games in 1.7 I've been finding it pretty good, in the past i'd easily get into the 1mil mark and money just becomes a joke but in my current campaigns im actually having to balance and work for it and im more often than not ransoming lords rather than hold them because I'd like the short term money gain, it seems to be working as intended and I wouldn't want to go back to having infinite money.

    Edit: They're introducing party templates eventually, perhaps at that point we could maintain max parties but with a lower average quality troops to keep a tidy profit.
  6. RitoDurito

    Beta Patch Notes e1.7.0

    I haven't had any crashes but I am running into economy issues again. I own two cities and have 3 or 4 parties in the field, max shops, 1 caravan and I am bleeding money. I tried to more conservative on party sizes early game and that did help; at one point I had over 120k but now I'm almost broke.

    It seems to me that if I send a party out on patrol, they should be a money making operation. I should be able to carry a max party size and still be rolling in cash. It's so weird to me that a high end helmet could cost 100k, which means that if I have 4 workshops running for a game year at 150 per day, I still have not made enough to buy a nice helmet.

    Thus I have soldiers in my party with pimped out gear and I am meanwhile broke. None of it makes sense.
    Sounds right, you're fielding 3-4 parties while fielding your own party with "pimped out gear" and you're expecting low maintenance and high profits? "send a party out on patrol, they should be a money making operation" it really shouldn't be, its a patrol you're paying for, not a raid.

    Disband a party or 2 and your money will come rolling back in, sounds like you're just poorly handling your finances by over extending your coffers and blaming the game for not just giving you more money per month, there's got to be a balance where you can save up and splash out on max parties during war.

    Edit: 150 a day per workshop isnt good
  7. RitoDurito

    Beta Patch Notes e1.7.0

    The game keeps on crashing, so much so that I cannot continue my playthrough of the 1.7. campaign.

    I already sent in half a dozen crash reports. Strangely enough, there weren't any issues in the first couple of years, but now it is unplayable. Is anyone else having such issues?
    strange im about 10 years into my current campaign that I started on 1.7 and I havent had a single crash yet, how many years in are you? are you doing something that might cause a crash?
  8. RitoDurito

    About Inheritance - small and simple (can be done later with TW accepts)

    Yeah, going to clan settlements and dropping inventory and maybe the party joining the garrison would be convenient, especially if the player character dies unexpectedly, currently if you start dying it does prompt you to "sort your affairs" or something along those lines.

    Edit: if a custom weapon has good stats i'd actually prefer it if lords could loot it and equip it if you die with it
  9. RitoDurito

    warband features to bannerlord

    I miss the marshal feature in warband, and wish it was implemented in bannerlord.

    For example, having 2-3 marshals per faction, where everyone would vote for a new one, if necessary, and these marshals would only create armies, I feel like this would be less random and feels more organised. The king can order these armies to attack, defend and scout specific locations, depending on the situation.
    +1 Having marshals simply be a perk is boring and unimersive, I keep saying this eveywhere but this game needs more interactions with lords/duels/courting/feasts/war council/tournament gatherings
  10. RitoDurito

    Beta Patch Notes e1.7.0

    So I've herd of this bug in recent versions, where clan parties get other lord in thier party somehow, so I wasn't surprised when it happened, however what I didn''t realize is that he will actually deploy in battle too XD Then I saw his KO in battle!

    Too bad I can't assign him a role in the clan party! Herobert.....

    they're BEST FREINDS now....

    I was really hoping in the winter weather the river would freeze and let you move over it! Was not able to though.
    Makes me think it'd be interesting if ai lords could recruit wanderers now
  11. RitoDurito


    Hold on, are either of you saying you got a pregnant while just moving on the map, or anything else other then "waiting in fief during the daily check" ?
    In my game none have occurred outside of waiting in a fief, but if they changed it, that's big news and should be explained!
    Yup! during traveling I was very surprised, they married in one town in khuzait then got pregnant mid travel before I reached the next

    edit: I was more shocked it happen the same day of the marriage
  12. RitoDurito

    My honest review of a 2010 Wishlist game.

    I have the battle scale set to 1000 vs 1000, it is still 60 FPS capped, if I don't cap it, it displays 150+fps..., but stutters :grin: I can alt tab, I hear the ingame sounds, I can press escape and eventually I will get the menu pop up. Other people have the same issue and that's how I managed to fix it removing unlimited corpses and capping ragdolls.
    I wouldnt call it an issue, just reduce the battles scale down slowly until it becomes smooth enough to be enjoyable on your systems limits, this is why taleworlds puts limits in the game that you cant see, such as unlimted corpses isnt actually unlimited but if it were you'd be complaining about poor performance/crashing.

    "the stutter and the constant freezes made me so furious."
    Just my opinion but I think it's unfair to criticize the performance when you're doing it to yourself, play at a setting your rig can handle.
  13. RitoDurito

    Resolved 1.7.0 Nevyansk Castle boosting project feature makes the project last longer (ultimately to be never completed)

    I agree, but it was sort of in patch notes, which I dont think most read? and or if you didnt play the patc that the feature was implemented etc you may have missed it that way.

    I'm guessing/hopeing that down the line more of the "basic concepts" of the game is in the encylopeida ingame.

    But in this case though its "obvious" enough production on the pic provided do state 0 production.
    Now if he'd hover over the value ingame - it would tell him what made it so low if I recall(I dont have a game where I have such low loyalty)
    I always focus on gettting loyalty up first.
    I mean all they have to do is put "Low Loyalty!" under Completion: Never and that's job done
  14. RitoDurito

    Resolved 1.7.0 Nevyansk Castle boosting project feature makes the project last longer (ultimately to be never completed)

    Your loyalty is under 25, when a settlement is under 25 loyalty, the settlement stops working on projects.
    Would be nice if this information was present in game
  15. RitoDurito

    My honest review of a 2010 Wishlist game.

    A lot of fair points in this post but I want to point out your performance is just yours, im running this on a laptop and im getting solid 60fps on high settings/unlimited corpses in very large battles/sieges if there's one thing they've done right it's performance on large battles.
  16. RitoDurito

    How do I kill myself?

    I'd just be happy to retire and then have a choice of continuing my max ranked clan or starting my own
  17. RitoDurito


    well in my current game my character has the perk for +30% chance and I have 3 children by age 28, im unsure when my character got married but she got pregnant not even a day after the wedding while moving through a desert, the second child happened while waiting in a town some time after.

    Edit: Only issue im having is that they're only taking the mothers culture
  18. RitoDurito

    Rhagaea is hard mode, Derthert is easy mode.

    It's not a bad thing, Rhagaea is surrounded on all sides where Derhert is in the corner of the map, it makes sense to have some factions be more difficult than others to survive based on their situations
  19. RitoDurito

    What do you guys think about Influence?

    Don't love it, don't hate it, I think it almost works fine but it just needs to be reworked, as someone else pointed out the lawspeakers policy is a good example of the problem, where you can just gain influence for being "charming" passively and currently you could join a kingdom, gain some influence and rather quickly you can end up leading a massive host of a kingdom in which you haven't spoken to any lords which doesnt really make sense, I think calling lords to your armies needs to also factor in relationships and motives not just mana points.
  20. RitoDurito

    Peace system

    My largest issue with diplomacy is the lack of explanation or reasoning, I've learned more about diplomacy and the why of the AI declaring wars/making peace on the forums than I do in game, the game needs to be more transparent about why the faction wants to engage in any diplomacy. e.g. "Our faction has suffered a major defeat, we should sue for peace"
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