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  1. Suggestion: Horses should be fed

    I also thought about that, but if you let your horses eat grass good luck reaching the next town in under a day.
    Have you ever owned or traveled with a horse? I'm sorry but you seem like you don't know what you're talking about.
  2. Just had a most amazing 10 minute battle I ever had and suggestion to Dev's on how to make more of them

    Wouldnt mind doing that but I was under impression they read forums as well? What email should I use?
    No clue bruv, just send it out there and hope for the best.

    The only reason why I think an email would be better is because I hardly ever see them respond on the forums. The only times I've seen them show up in the threads is when they've received emails about it.
  3. Patch 1.04 Didn't Actually Fix Aserai Recruit Issue

    Yep, still only tribesmen in towns or cities. That is in a older save though maybe in a new game it's working? I don't know. I tried recruiting all the tribesmen and see if they replenish with recruits but they still replenish with tribesmen.
    Tried it with a new game too. I even tried to force the 1.04 edition through steam properties, no use. reminds me of the day before when they said they fixed the save bug but only allowed 10 more saves before it all crashed.

    Makes me sad.
  4. Patch 1.04 Didn't Actually Fix Aserai Recruit Issue

    Anybody else notice that?
  5. 1.0.4 end game?

    Anyone else notice that the Aserai Recruit issue hasn't really been fixed?
  6. Anyone Having Fun Mid Game

    What about snowballing? Have you experienced that yet in your game?
  7. Just had a most amazing 10 minute battle I ever had and suggestion to Dev's on how to make more of them

    Absolutely. You should actually send them an email instead of posting it on the forums. That's how much I like this idea :smile:
  8. Patch 1.04

    OOPS NEVERMIND. I just tested some of the changes in the patch notes and some of them are not working.
  9. What Now?

    Restart, try custom battles, hop into MP.

    Not much you can do with the current state of the game. It's a good excuse to try to delve into each faction though. Currently the snowballing issue seems to be such a big issue that they are probably going to be releasing daily patches to fix it so with each subsequent patch it should get a little better. The new patch (1.04) seems to address one of the biggest issues with snowballing right now. Lords and their ability to manage wealth and troops. It's probably not completely fixed but it is a step in the right direction. I'm starting a new game again today because I refuse to be discouraged this early into EA.

    I love this community!

    All of the mods that I was running were actually fixed with 1.04 patch today.

    I think I'll try that Bandit Size mod though.
  11. Patch 1.04

    Yes!!! So happy to see all of these changes! Thank you Taleworlds for trying to move so quickly on some of these issues. I also learned why my archers weren't shooting at night. It turns out they had systems in place that limited visibility and overall effectiveness of archers at night. I'd...
  12. Quite insufferable...

    I think armour has too little effect in the game for my liking, missiles are both too accurate and too powerful,
    For me personally I feel like missiles aren't strong enough and sometimes armor does too much!

    I think it's a little ridiculous that sometimes it takes me 3 headshots on a looter with nothing but a leather cap. Yet, I have a helmet (The best one I've been able to find) that provides me with 54 armor and I get taken down in one shot consistently. It feels so strange shooting at people with arrows only for it to do 10 damage or so on them. I feel like my archers accuracy is also pretty bad and that the enemies accuracy, ESPECIALLY Forest Bandits, is way too high. Just headshot after headshot, it's insane. It just feels uneven.
  13. Breaking through seiges is too punishing

    Smuggling in a few dozen troops? Plausible. Smuggling in a few dozen troops each riding a horse and leading a large stud loaded down with enough goods to supply a small army for the better part of a year? Not so much... The quality of the besieging forces is an important factor too. A mediocre siege commander with manpower shortages will have difficulty maintaining a total blockade. The reincarnation of Alexander the Great leading a 5000 strong army? That place is airtight. Quality of defenses would be a factor too. Stronger defenses means the blockade has to be more distant and cover a larger area, making it easier to breakthrough via local local superiority, since by the time the entire army has converged the assailants could already be long gone.
    I am curious to know how they calculate the casualties in these instances.
  14. Guys, your game is monstrously hard

    I think you'll find as you play and visit these forums that the game is not that complex.
  15. The Issue With Not Having Quality Modifiers On Equipment And Jackie Chan Movies (xPost)

    The issue is that it cheapens gameplay and accelerates progression too fast. So, we all know that as of right now there are a few things missing in this game. More notably some beloved features from our precious Warband. The first thing I wanted to cover was the lack of equipment modifiers and...
  16. Suggestion for steamrolling problem (War targets)

    Factions would have "desired towns/cities" at the beginning of the war, and number could be 2-3 at max. Player will be free to attack as many castles/cities as they please.

    AI factions will also try to re-claim their lost lands during that battle, priority would be like;

    1) Siege fiefs that has lost since the new war
    2) If all previously owned fiefs are intact, go and siege those "war targets" which cannot be more than 2 or 3.
    3) If all previously owned fiefs are intact and all war targets are taken, and if you could defend them for "insert number" months, factions will go peace.

    No steamrolling, no "all or nothing".
    are you trying to Stellaris us?
  17. When an expensive, heavy iron helmet is only as good as a peasant's leather cap... something is very wrong

    in the words of Gordon Ramsay, f**king raw.
    I really shouldn't have laughed as hard as I did. I also shouldn't have read it in his voice lmao
  18. Tons and tons and tons of gold

    what kind of shop did you make? Because i con only make 200-220 with a pottery shop, all the rest i tryed are nearly to 0 or exactly 0 profit. Thanks!
    My good sir. I am most displeased to hear about your dissatisfactory and quite paltry sums of money being acquired by your pottery shops. You see, there is a secret to all this. Look at the villages that send supplies into the town where your workshops are producing items. Make sure that the items that are being sent to your town is compatible with the type of workshop you have. For instance your pottery workshop, is it receiving clay from any of the nearby settlements? That is the key to avoiding should ghastly sums of Denari!

    btw workshop and caravan profit differ from day to day. Sometimes a workshops can make me 1600 and sometimes it only makes me 76. The economy is a ****ing roller coaster in this game so hold on tight
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