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  1. Leveling - "Stronger Opponent Logic"

    Been playing Kenshi, game that is quit similar to MB. That game have something called "Stronger Opponent Logic". What that means is that you level faster if you fight opponents better then you. On the other hand fighting opponents far below your level won't make you learn anything. That made me...
  2. Suicide Bandits During Quest

    During guest to hunt down 2-3 groups of bandits in vicinity, bandit AI is switched to "do not run from player" mode, making whole guest almost trivial. Does it irritate somebody else how devs sometimes try to make it trivial for player to finish the quest? Because more I play more this quest is...
  3. Boyar Sons - Who They Were

    You can meet term "Boyar Sons" in number of Medieval military themed computer games where they depict Russian military "unit". I have always assumed that these are supposed to be literally sons of boyars (boyar = Russian aristocratic title, roughly equivalent to Count or Duke). Just recently I...
  4. Crush Through the Shield?

    I have noticed that I get sometimes hit through the shield. Usually this is when attacked with the axe in the overhead attack (attack to the head). Although I had it happen with the spear as well. My shield is blocking in the correct direction (upwards) yet attack still somehow connects through...
  5. 2H in the Post Battle Loot?

    Have you seen any 2H weapons drop after battle as a loot? I newer had any. Do they ever drop?
  6. Terminating Mercenary Contract -Downsides?

    When you terminate mercenary contract with the faction (you been the mercenary), prompt will tell you that it will hurt your relations with that faction lords. As far as I can tell, that's not the case. Is there any downside to terminating contract? Also shouldn't there be some way for contract...
  7. How to Beat Difficult Bandit Hideouts

    1. Attack hideout. 2. Kill as many bandits as you can without getting yourself or your men beat too much. 3. Leave. 4. Repeat next night until enemy numbers are manageable. It will lover loot you get from hideout at the end of course.
  8. Medicine Seems to be Working for Casualties

    Info on the character skill screen shows very small number of +chance to be wounded even with high medicine skill (0.01% per 10 skill points), making surgeon seemingly not all that much useful. However when I was testing it, there was noticeable difference in KIA-WIA rate. Without surgeon, rate...
  9. Can You Give Fiefs to Minor Factions/Mercenaries?

    What title says. Can you "settle" minor factions/mercenaries by recruiting them and then giving them a castle or city?
  10. Will Negative Relation Prevent You From Taking Quests From Notables?

    Is there a limit in how far negative relation can go with the notable before he refuses to give you quest? I failed one quest by a mistake, clicked button to keep recruits I was training for one notable thinking I will return them to him later. Turned out it failed the quest making me basically...
  11. Roguery and Companion?

    Can companion contribute his roguery skill to a party? May be if assigned as a Scout?
  12. Almighty F4

    When issuing commands, you can tell your men to "Charge" (F3) if you want them to engage enemy. However there is also command "Advance" (F4). Many players don't use it and don't really know what the difference between them is, because game doesn't really tell you. Charge (F3) will tell your...
  13. Leveling Soldiers Early Other Then on Looters?

    Is there any way to level your soldiers in the earl game other then fighting looters and bandits?
  14. Crossbows

    Tod's Workshop is a great YouTube resource about all things Medieval, but crossbows in particular. Like this video about reconstruction of early medieval crossbow that was found at Colletière à Charavines or reconstruction of a Greek gastraphetes (not so medieval):
  15. Reinforcements from Quarters

    Troops stationed inside quarters will reinforce you in the the battle if near, just like friendly lord would. However enemy AI does not recognize it and will attack you regardless of the troops in your quarters. You can exploit it to compel any enemy force of any size to suicide attack you.
  16. Recruiting in the Towns?

    When I try to recruit in the towns (got permission and all) I get new recruits on offer every time I cancel recruiting and ask again. In villages when I do this, I seems to get the same recruits offered but in towns (and possibly castles) choice is different every time. This effectively lets me...
  17. Relations Between AI Lords

    Are relations between AI lords static or dynamic? I know relations between lords and kings are dynamic. But do lords loose relations between each other due to raiding villages of each other, attacking each other and taking each other captive? On the other hand do lords gain relations when...
  18. Shield skill -important?

    Shield skill should make shields more durable (withstand more damage), enlarge area they protect and increase your speed with shields. Now first two are self explanatory and clear enough. However I am not sure about last one. What does speed with shield mean? Does it increase your fighting...
  19. Companions turned lords-what troops?

    What faction troops companions get if you turn them in to vassals?
  20. Archery AI

    We all know that power draw skill affects accuracy, damage and time reticule stay closed to significant extend and that power draw few levels above bow requirement is optimal one (2-3 points above). But that applies to player. Does same apply to AI controlled characters (bowman, companions)...
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