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  1. Captain mode would be better if the player was just a camera tethered to their units.

    This mode is entirely about how many NPCs the captain can run up and kill single handedly and it's just absolute garbage crap.
  2. The US West captain servers are not working

    I have tried multiple times on different days to find a captain game on the west coast and it will just continue searching and searching and searching. Sometimes I let it go for up to an hour.
  3. I'm not playing anymore until they fix the Rambo meta in Captain MP

    The ai could compete actually..
    Play warband captain mod, u cant kill ai easily because they are very aggressive and fast.

    Banner-lord ai is not aggressive and very defensive and just waiting for u to kill them
    Yeah man they will literally just drop there hands and stand there staring into your soul for long periods of time. If they are fighting there should never be a gap between attacking and blocking. They should always have their guard up.
  4. I'm not playing anymore until they fix the Rambo meta in Captain MP

    Rambo is a problem.

    Troops should auto "Follow Me" when the captain is a certain distance away from them. However, this wouldn't override the "charge" command.

    Problem solved.
    Not a bad idea.
  5. Ban tker please

    you are my best friend
    Because you trust me like I trust you?
  6. Ban tker please

    Have you reported him via the in game report tool as well?
    I did.
  7. Ban tker please

    They already tkd me at the start of the round but I didn't have the clip program on, this was the second time.
  8. Need More Info The matchmaker is not working right for American servers

    OR vice versa, the system tries to make sure everyone can play. Being in a party can make sure you are in a game but also if the situation arises makes you wait as well.
    All I know is there are many times when like 10 players are searching the same criteria and you still wont get in a lobby for 20 minutes.
  9. Resolved Are human players supposed to be faster than AI troops in Captain mode?

    You can outrun all your own AI troops, and heavily armored captains can easily catch enemy AI troops wearing no armor. It's difficult to kite with archers when the enemy captains can all catch your troops regardless of their armor/weapon. It's especially noticeable when you lead a formation of...
  10. I'm not playing anymore until they fix the Rambo meta in Captain MP

    I don't think you'll ever really be able to make the AI stand up against a good player unless it completely cheats. Having better AI will certainly help but players will always find a way to cheese it.
    I don't play much captain myself but wouldn't it be best to only have one respawn as a captain? Maybe three or so, but then the most efficient way would still be to rambo the first two deaths.
    Yeah this is what I'm saying. Dead Captain should mean 1 or all of the following; morale loss, respawn timer, and limited lives. Those three things would change the entire meta of Captain mode. The Captain needs to be something players don't just willingly throw away.

    There are DEFINITELY some things they could do with the AI to improve it, though. Like not letting more than 2 troops lock onto an enemy unit at a time... so the Captain can't just lead all your troops away from a fight in a conga line as he runs away and spinny chops them down 1 by 1 with a glaive.

    It's also just slow... the AI troops do not move at full speed, captains of the same unit type are much faster. Their decision making is slow, between striking or block they often drop their hands completely and just sorta stand there.
  11. I'm not playing anymore until they fix the Rambo meta in Captain MP

    It's just stupidly unfun. It was unfun when people started it with cavalry but now people are even parking infantry and running their captain over to enemy formations 1 at a time to maximize K/D and also distract troops from shielding arrows/javelins. It's just stupid. The captains life needs...
  12. AI units should keep guard up when fighting, never put hands down.

    This is for AI in general really, but I notice it most in Captain mode. Also tournaments when AI fight each other looks wonky the way they just stand planted in one spot and put their hands down. Holding up a block in any direction makes them at least 25% more ready for whatever their opponent...
  13. In Progress Bugs with formation AI commonly experienced in Captain mode

    Ranged units will sometimes continue to fire when you tell them to "hold fire". They sometimes don't fire (at least for a really long time) when you tell them to "fire". Units being moved in line/loose/scatter formation will auto engage nearby enemies, even if you are spam click-moving them in...
  14. Resolved No Sound Effect when Hitting on the Ground with Spear

    There is no sound effect when you hitting on the ground with spear. It happens in both Singleplayer & Multiplayer.
    Javelins down make a sound when the hit the ground either, would be nice for emersion. Arrow make a slight sound but it could have a bit more oomf to it so you really hear the ground getting pelted around you.
  15. In Progress Assists are not counted for AI units in captain mode

    Only human players get assists in captain. If your formation of skirmishers volleys dozens on javelins into the enemy, and then your dps cleans them up, the DPS gets a bunch of kills but you get no assists. People assume that javelins and bows are bad because they don't always get a positive...
  16. Need More Info The matchmaker is not working right for American servers

    Are you still experiencing this issue?

    Just sat in the queue for 10-15 minutes with 8 players searching same criteria.
    AFAIK this idea is being passed around within the team.
    Would definitely help, but honestly just having the matchmaker make games as soon as it has enough players would be good. It just seems to have a mind of it's own.
  17. Need More Info The matchmaker is not working right for American servers

    Are you still experiencing this issue?
    Absolutely, yes.

    I've also noticed that it has NEVER actually added more players during a warmup. It will add them after the game has started, but never ever ads a single player during the 10 minute warmup.

    Furthermore, yesterday it put me into a game that started as a 3v3 and had already gone 1 round. I had been waiting for a LONG time and was definitely in the queue when it started. I asked the other players who had just been added with me and they said they had been in the queue for a long time as well... so it's like for whatever reason it's not taking all the players when it makes games and it doesn't really reliably make games even when it has enough players.
  18. Your matchmaker is broken

    It's like there isn't actually a just sorta grabs players in no particular order and this leaves some players waiting and waiting while some players get put into games immediately. I just waited for about 20 minutes, there were 5 people in the queue, and then suddenly it dropped to 1...
  19. Are cavalry charges lame in your opinion?

    You can sorta counter the bad AI by just having them follow you as you ride through an infantry line, problem is if you die they are gonna be sitting ducks. Another thing you can do is click move them through the units you want to charge, but they don't move as fast as when you put them on attack.
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