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  1. Is this module still alive?

    I am still able to run it fine, with the Steam version...

    If you're running any of the beta versions, I think I recall they don't include WSE. The latest 'stable' version includes the correct version of WSE.

    So sad this mod is dead. IMO this mod is like, the base of what every other mod should be built on lol. It just adds a plethora of awesome features which I end up missing when I play other Warband mods.
  2. RaW 2.55 open testing and work in progress versions.

    Any way to download this? Link in OP is dead... Thanks.
  3. 2015-6 Brytenwalda Reworked pulling together the best features of BW submods +

    Are the downloads on Nexus still the latest?
  4. Staying up to date on Brytenwalda

    I'm trying to remember this also. I remember a few years ago Brytenwalda still had a pretty active development for one of the submods, IDR if it was reworked or not, but I don't think so because the last update was 2017 and I'm pretty sure the latest patch and release was at least 2018..
  5. Welcome Message

    Can someone tell me how to get to the old mod forums? Like for Silverstag and Brytenwalda?
  6. Official modding Q&A

    noob question but how do I get the Testing branch/overhaul new combined with the base mod? thanks
  7. NEW RELEASE - v. 0.30.2 testing release

    When I try to do a tournament no one has any weapons. It gives an error invalid weapon detected for everyone.
  8. Revert 1.6 to version 1.54

    link is dead
  9. NEW RELEASE - v. 0.30.2 testing release

    TBH I tend to be a terrible Warband cheater in all regards, but I sometimes use the cheat features to 'upgrade' units in my party to try and simulate the experience from battles, or to just experiment.
  10. NEW RELEASE - v. 0.30.2 testing release

    Do troops get any benefit as in experience or improved stats from battling since you can no longer upgrade them?
  11. Steam and WSE

    I feel like this is the wrong section but I'm not sure where to put it. I've got the Steam version of Warband, 1.168 I believe. For t he longest time WSE has been working just fine (with the old WSE included in Silverstag 26). I had Steam verify the game cache and now WSE puts the game into...
  12. 2015-6 Brytenwalda Reworked pulling together the best features of BW submods +

    Where can I download patch E? I only see Patch F on Nexus..

    Is the Brytenwalda new-game set-up restored? I just tried a new game and it's still the Warband default but maybe I have not applied the patch.
  13. Version 0.27 (Dev) Feedback - Latest Patch 0.27.3 (pending)

    Is the emblem debug disabled now? i remember being able to add emblems but i don't see any option for it anymore
  14. 2015-6 Brytenwalda Reworked pulling together the best features of BW submods +

    So v23 is the most stable version and waiting till the new bug fix for v24 is best?
  15. 2015-6 Brytenwalda Reworked pulling together the best features of BW submods +

    gdwitt said:
    It's working for me, but I haven't gone back and tested saves from all the prior patches.
    What patch are you on?
    Patch D reordered the troops so they would match their correct strings.
    I imagine that there would be a problem if you used troops.txt from one patch and strings.txt from another.
    If there's still a problem, I would ignore patch D and just use patch C or B.
    Tell me, in patch C, were your companions talking normally?
    I noticed that their lines were messed up for 5 of them.
    That's why I made patch D.

    I think I may have mucked up the patches, I 'reinstalled' (including patch d) it and it seems to be working now.. I remember I kept encountering 'Spy' units in the taverns and they kept crashing the game when spoken to (after recruited, via the party screen) but after a reinstall and new game I haven't had any issues.

    Great (sub)mod BTW. I had always been trying out all the mods based around Roman era but none of them seemed solid enough to enjoy. While Brytenwalda isn't set during that period IMO it's as close as it gets without being overwhelmingly broken and This submod is pretty much mandatory imo.
  16. 2015-6 Brytenwalda Reworked pulling together the best features of BW submods +

    Everytime I try to talk to any of the people in my party the game crashes
  17. 2015-6 Brytenwalda Reworked pulling together the best features of BW submods +

    the creation is still now fixed correct? idk if it's suppose to be this way but when I choose my characters initial stats, it doesn't go 1 from the first click, it stays at 0 and i have to click it again for it to get one
  18. Version 0.27 (Dev) Feedback - Latest Patch 0.27.3 (pending)

    Might just be my PC, but the latest patches have made the game dip down into constant ~10-13 fps during battles regardless of the graphics settings and even with the size limit at very low levels (~50). I used to be able to play with the battle sizes set at ~200+ with HDR mode set to on, although I've always had the texture quality and all the other settings extremely low. Now it seems I can't play it at all though, even with every settings at it's lowest (and hdr off ofc).. Previously I had the latest official cinematic version.

    As a comparison I loaded up Steele and Blood (the only other mod I have installed ATM) and I have no problems with 200+ battle sizes at much higher graphics settings, still able to get at least 40-50fps. Not sure if it's just my laptop or what.. It's an i5 intel HD 3000, nothing special but only with the latest beta patches I've had these problems.

    I see I still have 0.26.3 saved in my downloads folder, is that version still worth using or is it better to just stick with 0.26
  19. FPS and performance issues

    I don't have VC yet, but I assume it can still be ran in DX7 mode, if it can, try that. The graphics will be considerably worse (much worse tbh) but it could net you a massive performance increase. This is done through the Warband launcher options before starting the game.

    And actually, I also have Intel HD graphics, so if you try this and it helps I'd much appreciate it if you could let me know, thanks.

    Also, I assume you're doing this already, but turn all of the graphic options to the lowest settings possible. Also make sure you have anti-aliasing, antistropic filtering, and v-synch turned off. Might even help to turn these settings off in your actual graphics card settings outside of the game. AA can especially cause huge FPS drops.

    Running it in DX7 mode is the most likely to get you a playable FPS.

    Turning off particle effects could also help dramatically, but it takes a lot away from the game. If all of this stuff helps but dust/particles are still giving you trouble, switching the particle effects file out with a less-intensive one from either native Warband or a mod could provide some benefit as well, but not if all the previous options haven't gotten you to where you need to be FPS-wise.
  20. Requirements

    kraggrim said:
    Does the steam <2 hour playtime return thing work with DLC?

    Refunds on Downloadable Content
    (Steam store content usable within another game or software application, "DLC")

    DLC purchased from the Steam store is refundable within fourteen days of purchase, and if the underlying title has been played for less than two hours since the DLC was purchased, so long as the DLC has not been consumed, modified or transferred. Please note that in some cases, Steam will be unable to give refunds for some third party DLC (for example, if the DLC irreversibly levels up a game character). These exceptions will be clearly marked as nonrefundable on the Store page prior to purchase.

    Looks like it is, I'll just test it out myself. Thank you.
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