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  1. Surreal120

    Coming back 4 months later... your game is absolute garbage

    Recently I reinstalled (mistake) after taking a break from this abomination of a game. I come back to not being able to rear horses with spears despite hitting them for 70+ damage in a full on charge, cav being completely silent, FPS issues which I never had before, and javs being somehow even...
  2. Surreal120

    North American Weekend Cup II Fixtures

    Info Panel Link to the NA Rules thread Link to NA Discussions thread Deadline for roster submission was: Thursday 1/21 @11:59 PST Admin team's contacts Chowski | Chowski Surreal | Surreal Weekend Cups Steam group Semi Finals Fixtures Fixed map for these two matches is...
  3. Surreal120

    North American Weekend Cup Sign Ups

    Sign ups thread for the next Weekend Cup™️ (To be played from 1/22/21 - 1/25/21) To sign up just fill out this and post in this thread: Clan/Team name: Captain and his/her contacts (TW & Steam): Co-Captain and his/her contacts (TW & Steam): Roster with Steam IDs: Can you play next (Friday...
  4. Surreal120

    Whats wrong with NA servers

    Everyone on NA right now is getting 100-250 ping. pls fix
  5. Surreal120

    Livestreams & Recordings

    The North American Weekend Cup™️ Streams & Recordings This topic will show all the previous streams and recordings from The Weekend Cup™️ competitions. We will post news about the upcoming streams and links to them here as well. If you are planning on streaming your match please post the...
  6. Surreal120

    North American Weekend Cup Fixtures

    Semi Finals Fixtures Fixed map for these two Semi Finals matches is: Echerion [mp_skirmish_map_010] First Semi Final of the North American Weekend Cup™️ Exhibition Greyknight Mercenary Company Captain: Burger Co-Cpt: Jukebox 0 (2) - 4 (12) Screenshots Match day: Day...
  7. Surreal120

    Can't Play Singleplayer??

    No play option
  8. Surreal120

    Wildling Balance in e1.5.5

    On the e1.5.5 branch the Wildling now has the ash throwing spear. This means that the Wildling has the most powerful throwing weapon on top of a stack of javs, decent armor, and 3 lives at full gold. The class can be further improved with the player's choice between an axe or larger shield. This...
  9. Surreal120


    Fix your game for the love of god, can't you see you've killed multiplayer? And this is only the tip of the iceberg....
  10. Surreal120

    Getting EU servers when queuing NA

    Title says all. My skirmish region is set NA but im getting EU servers, please fix!
  11. Surreal120

    [NABB] Match Fixtures Week 5

    Week 5 Fixtures Week 5 Defenders of Faith 6-0 Ruby Melee Community Knock Out 6-0 PS Flying Cougars Roaming Cavalry Company 6-0 Kock Out Calradic Legion 5-6 Kingdom of Avalon Alligators With Hats 6-3 Honour Bound Golden Kingdom 6-0 Seal Team 6 of Siege Northern Legion 1 Uh this...
  12. Surreal120

    [NABB] Match Fixtures Week 4

    Week 4 Fixtures Week 4 Numinous Beauty 0-6 Alligators With Hats Calradic Legion 6-0 Seal Team 6 of Siege Northern Legion 3 0-6 Kock Out Ruby Melee Community 6-0 Golden Kingdom Northern Legion 2 0-6 Northern Legion 1 Defenders of Faith 6-0 Kingdom of Avalon Honour Bound 1-6 PS...
  13. Surreal120

    [NABB] Match Fixtures Week 3

    Week 3 Fixtures Week 3 Alligators With Hats 6-7 Kingdom of Avalon Roaming Cavalry Company 6-0 Calradic Legion Seal Team 6 of Siege 6-0 Northern Legion 2 Ruby Melee Community 6-1 Numinous Beauty Defenders of Faith 6-0 Northern Legion 3 Honour Bound 0-6 Unknown PS Flying Cougars...
  14. Surreal120

    [NABB] Match Fixtures Week 2

    Week 2 Fixtures Week 2 Roaming Cavalry Company 5-6 Unknown Golden Kingdom 0-6 Kingdom of Avalon Northern Legion 3 0-6 Ruby Melee Community Northern Legion 2 0-6 Calradic Legion Knock Out 6-0 Kock Out Alligators With Hats 0-6 Defenders of Faith Risen Manifest 6-0 Northern...
  15. Surreal120

    Server Locations

    Can we talk about how all the NA servers are located in New York? If you’re on the west coast of the US or Canada or in Mexico then you’re ****ed. That isn’t even talking about how SA doesn’t have a server yet. Seriously, people spent 40-50 dollars on this game and they can’t even play...
  16. Surreal120

    [NABB] Match Fixtures Week 1

    Week 1 Fixtures Week 1 Unknown 7-3 Defenders of Faith Roaming Cavalry Company 6-0 Kingdom of Avalon Alligators With Hats 6-1 PS Flying Cougars Risen Manifest 6-1 Golden Kingdom Honour Bound 6-2 Ruby Melee Community Numinous Beauty 6-0 Northern Legion 1 Knock Out 6-1 Calradic...
  17. Surreal120

    Banter Thread

    Was requested.
  18. Surreal120

    Archery is the most OP thing in this game, and it makes the game supremely boring and one dimensional.

    Archery is OP. There really isn't any two ways about it. There is basically no arrow drop. The bows in this game might as well be guns. They are not only incredibly accurate, but they also have so little drop that there is basically no need to aim up unless you're shooting across the desert...
  19. Surreal120

    [NABB] Fantasy Team Mini-Game

    NABB Fantasy Game This post is inspired off of the WNL8 Fantasy game. You can buy as many or as few players as you want, but do not go over your spending limit. Players will earn points based off of the kills they get. Points will be tallied up each week and added to the fantasy team leader...
  20. Surreal120

    [NABB] Questions, Suggestions, & Feedback

    Questions, Suggestions, & Feedback Post any suggestions or feedback you have on this thread. We will also try to answer any questions you may have here, but you can also directly contact one of the tournament administrators here. Please read through all posts on the thread carefully before...
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