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  1. killer-blead

    Less throwing weapons in Practice fights

    In warband I used to enjoy roleplaying as a tournament fighter or a trainer. I would train my weapon proficiency in the practice fights and use that to win the tournaments. This works in Warband. However, this is completely impossible to do in Bannerlord. Besides the fact that everyone keeps...
  2. killer-blead

    Mods for Bannerlord

    The modders are already working overtime. 6 pages of mods on the nexus ranging from rebalancing, adding troops and new features:
  3. killer-blead

    Unwanted features in Bannerlord

    Name some of the features you would prefer not to have in Bannerlord. For example in Multiplayer: - (daily)Achievements which adds customization to characters, like face/armor paint. - Unlockables, (not to be confused with buying gear from the kills) I do not want to have to kill 25 Sturgians...
  4. killer-blead

    Your character build

    Hello, All the new blogs have provided us with information on how to play your game, you can be a cruel warlord, a merchant, a criminal, a king, a slaver and who knows what else. Now there were (at least for me), 2 distinctive ways of playing warband singleplayer. I would either become a 1-man...
  5. killer-blead

    Armor and weapons coloring + skins?

    Hello guys, Based on the last blog (regarding gameplay which suddenly went about banners) I was wondering how far the customization of a character and their equipment would go. We can (probably) wield large banners, and we know heraldic armor exists in Warband (I am unsure if they do in...
  6. killer-blead

    MP - Banner poll

    Hello, I am a big fan of the large banners that some troops seem to have in single player. It is pretty much the best way to show off your faction during a battle. And I was wondering if others would agree with my opinion to have banners on your back as an option in multiplayer. From what I...
  7. killer-blead

    When are Steam achievements deactivated?

    Hello, Just a simple question, I've been playing Warband for some time, but some things are not fully clear to me as they are not written anywhere. When are achievements deactivated? I understand that they are deactivated if you enable cheats, but do they disable Achievements for all your...
  8. killer-blead

    How do you play warband?

    Dear Warlords, Kings, Traders, Tournament champions, Slavers, Adventurers and Bandits, How do you play warband? What is your playstyle? A playstyle dictates not just what your goal is ingame, but also which factions do you favor, which skills do you focus on and what are your means of getting...
  9. killer-blead

    No man sky

    Mijn vriendin heeft laatst No man sky voor mij gekocht als een excuses omdat ze mijn koekjes op at. Het is een super geinig spel. Hebben jullie hem al? Ik ben er nog helemaal niet ver mee, ik heb het ander half uur gespeeld voor ik naar mijn werk moest (waar ik nu nog steeds ben). De tutorial...
  10. killer-blead

    Need help finding a game

    Hello guys, I've looked around but I did not find a thread for this. Lately I have been incredibly bored with every game I played, I hope you guys can help me find a game or atleast direct me to where I should look. I've been looking for a game where I have powers that are not OP but that...
  11. killer-blead

    Sjtaf's vis

    Sjtaf, **** jou vis. Mijn vis is beter.
  12. killer-blead

    Generic application error [Solved]

    I used the WSE launcher ones to play Empire 3(a mod), after it crashed on the second battle I got the following report when starting up the game. I've tried starting it up through steam, but it reports the same error. Any help would be much appreciated. Edit: I tried: - Using a different...
  13. killer-blead

    Error After using WSE launcher

    I used the WSE launcher ones to play Empire 3, after it crashed on the second battle I got the following report when starting up the game. I've tried starting it up through steam, but it reports the same error. Any help would be much appreciated. Edit: I tried: - Using a different module...
  14. killer-blead

    How do YOU survive the early stages?

    Personally I start off as a character with high riding so I can also invest some points in atheletics, I then try and find the fastest horse and strongest lance I can find at the start (which are both really crappy) and just go out hunting and stabbing scavangers, thiefs and looters. I do this...
  15. killer-blead

    There is no winning for a superhero

    Hallo lads, To give some prior knowledge on my predicament: I'm a huge DC and Marvel fan, I've read every novel, read almost every comic, seen every animation/cartoon or film and am currently reading the entire Marvel civil war comic series (which is 38 comics long and hella fun). And I've...
  16. killer-blead

    Whats happening on steam?

    So uh.. I keep getting these messages from people on steam. the exact same messages. Is this a virus coming from other people or am I the one infected and spreading it to them? Do not click on the link guys.
  17. killer-blead

    Things troops say

    Ever wondered what the troops would say when they could talk? What they would say to eachother and to you? Write in this thread what you think they'd say. This can be written in the form of quotations or as a letter, just make it sound fun.  :) Mi lord, I can't even afford a new pair of...
  18. killer-blead

    I'm losing and I'm loving it.

    Hey guys, So after playing warband for ages (especially multiplayer) I got bored of it and discarded it, since it no longer held any challenge for me. But I was still reading up on the SP board and occasionally replying to it. I noticed by reading this a couple of the threads that I have...
  19. killer-blead

    You know it's been a while when..

    This is a thing I just thought up and it might end up being semi-amusing. The point of this thread is to answer the above persons "You know it's been a while since ... when" With a "when... (Your answer)" For example: User 1: You know it's been a while since we last cleaned the kitchen when...
  20. killer-blead

    Warband Mash-Up Einherjar & Fwiends VS IG & Fwiends

    Greetings fellow Warbands! We from the Einherjar clan have a important annoucement. After more than 3 years of Warband, fighting many battles, participating in numerous events and tournaments the end has finally come. The Einherjar clan will disband next week But! We will do so with all the...
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