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  1. ThorheimAP

    Need More Info Those are not my Prisioners!

    Summary: I was runing arond on a new char. Got to rank 1 and joined Battania as a mercenary. When I came to a castle to hand in some prisioners, there is a bunch of enemy lords in the dungeon. I handed in just a couple of infantry I found, and my Charm skill skyrocketed! "Wtf?" aswell as my exp...
  2. ThorheimAP

    Roguery: Prison Breaks yay!

    I really doing love this. Excellent way of getting Roguery skills and charm! So sitting on 200 Roguery after 2 years ingame. However... the whole Roguery overall seems lackluster: Raiding: Seems pretty meh still and generally not worth it. Sure it disrupts and screws up Town but it's high risk...
  3. ThorheimAP

    What did you do with Twohanded+Athletics?

    So, I have a very fun gameplay when I went with the Western Empire as an Aseri and we have conquered half of them now. My focus was Bow+Twohanded on Foot. Now all of a sudden I am moving waaaay slower. So all the advantages I had in speed to get away are just gone. I even downgraded my armour...
  4. ThorheimAP

    Controlling your Clanmembers & Companions!

    I think this has been up before, but neverthenless. Some key points: 1. Your own clan members that you have in your army (husband, wife, family, companions) tend to leave off better troops. Recently and been ongoing since forever: I have an army with my clan (husband+brother+littlebrother and a...
  5. ThorheimAP

    Resolved Vassal Prisioners, moving them around gives me charmskill.

    Hello, noticed something that seems off. First, I am quite happy that you get Charmskill for donating captured enemy vassals to your faction. However I noticed something during my recent play. I took captured lord from say Dunglanys, and put them in Pen Cannoc, now I havent caputred these lords...
  6. ThorheimAP

    Sturgian Veteran Bowmans.. bow!

    So you pushed their Bowskill up to 180! Very nice! However their bow is terrible. I have been playing a strugian playthrough and was gonna test how it works. Well they hit bit better now of course, however the Sturgian Archer (the tier before) starts shooting BEFORE their upgrade. The main...
  7. ThorheimAP

    Resolved Children education?

    Hello, I got 10 kids on my Battanian girl (please make Getting Twins an achivment later), went in on her and... no child education poped up. The oldest is 10 years old. I have seen youtubers actually getting this pop up in their uploads but not mine. (Semirelated question: are you releasing the...
  8. ThorheimAP

    Goodnight Sweet Princess

    And a flight of angels sing thee to thy rest.
  9. ThorheimAP

    Need More Info Odd Issue, AI stupidity? Not going to war.

    Hello! in one of my recent games I decided to go on a personal war with Khuzait, raiding their villiages, and caravans and burning their settlements. I noticed after 5 years ingame, they Khuzait never went to war with anyone else, runing around them with my very fast small warband. They made...
  10. ThorheimAP

    Traits: Loses and Gains!

    So I have been testing quests, Which makes you Loose Honour. Made a character with Honor, Mercy and Generosity. And later one with Valor Honorable quests: Kill Brigands Caravan Ambush Caravan Escort Art of Trade The following quests made me loose the Honor trait right away! Dishonourable...
  11. ThorheimAP

    In Progress Photomode, small findings

    I do really love this additon, but of course I found some odd things. When being inside my city "lord's hall", Syronea to be exakt, I opened up photmode and the camera was fixed at my character, the V botton to move around... also my character was missing his head! Went to Coreina castle, Took...
  12. ThorheimAP

    Character creation: Traits

    Hello! I have noticed I quickly looses the traits after early battle at lvl 1, Honour, Mercy, Valor and Generosity. I have tested this. Made a vlandian char with Valor from traits, charged 8 looters. Lost Valor trait. Killed all. Made the same with Honor, Mercy, and Generosity. 8 Looters this...
  13. ThorheimAP

    Resolved Game not loading and telling me Im locked?

    So jus tinstalled 1.5.6 beta and now even after verifying files, it doesnt load. Just before that before verifying it said I was locked? Even before that it suddenly started to crash again after being stable for me for atleast a month or so. I am utterly confused.
  14. ThorheimAP

    How is Leadership calculated?

    I was just wondering how the algorymth behind it works? Since the most realiable way to get Leadership is joining a kingdom and create an army. Though outside that it seems somehow increase when I recruit troops. The high morale seems a bit lackluster: I was runing around with 90-100 Morale for...
  15. ThorheimAP

    Villiage and Cities Relations(Renown)+settlement icons

    A minor tidbit. I would like to have settlement icons, there is a mod for this but as the game is in development one patch later and the save game can crash. The mod just shows: ! for quests in the Villiages A lourel crown in Cities when there is a tournament there It also shows what Villiages...
  16. ThorheimAP

    Resolved Gangleader need weapons bug (and a small Encylopedia thing)

    So when I do the Gangleader need weapons quest it keeps taking ALL my weapons. Bought the 16 axes he wanted, handed in the quest and... all my crafted Javelins and my smithed polearm was gone. This has happened 3 times now. Also a note: The Encylopedia (press N)doesnt show the correct skills...
  17. ThorheimAP

    Resolved Suddenly starts crashing! Unmodded

    I have few problems with Bannerlord, some mods made it crash due to unupdated version. No problem! Just took them off and no problem at all! This morning however I experienced some Fatal Error messages. I dont know what has happened. I thought it was the last few mods I had. Took them off as...
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