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  1. Woeski

    2Ch's 'The Deluge' Event - Saturdays @ 07:00 PM GMT

    2Ch's Sat. Deluge event General Information: Server name: 2Ch_Server Password: See groupchat Day: Saturdays Time: 07:00 PM GMT// 20:00 CET Contacts: 2Ch Woeski // 2Ch Hussar Admins: 2Ch Woeski // 2Ch Hussar (Want to become an admin? contact Woeski) In-game Rules: going to try to...
  2. Woeski

    Are there still events being hosted?

    Hello, I have a simple question - are there still events on this mod? If not we could make plans to host a new event? I have 10-15 players in my regiment as well as a server with 120 slots.
  3. Woeski

    News announcement - APRIL 2019

    I will just link you to the FSE forum of Iron Europe, it's a lot more active than this one, so here is the post:
  4. Woeski

    Magh Tuireadh | Viking Conquest MULTIPLAYER community & server

    Magh_Tuireadh | STEAM GROUP || DISCORD SERVER | • A multiplayer community for Viking Conquest • Events regularly • Server host: Muirhied_Maclir | 50 slots • 170+ members on Steam • Discord server for voice communication • International! (English speaking) • Singleplayer arena...
  5. Woeski

    Trench Warfare RP group

    all the info is on the steam group so I'm just going to link it to you: link
  6. Woeski

    Can you mod in mulitplayer?

    Can you mod in mulitplayer and still play with others that don't have the mod? my idea was just to add more armours to the factions. But is it possible? or do I need to create a whole new module for it?
  7. Woeski

    VC Completed Sons Of Woden Weekend Event(s)

    Hosted by: Sons Of Woden          AND        Magh Tuireadh   description: Viking Conquest has few players left, with these events we'd like to do things that we could never do with the low players amount like sieges, formation battle, big cavarly battles, etc We need as many people to come...
  8. Woeski

    [DEAD] Sons Of Woden

    READ THIS MESSAGE Sons Of Woden Info: All true Viking Conquest players are welcome and I hope we wil get VC back into it's glory days by this. Also we have a discord server for our chat / idea's For those who don't know what Discord is it's like TS but better in many ways... Join: Join...
  9. Woeski

    Vikingr in Bannerlord?

    So I'd like to mod in Bannerlord and I just wanted to know if any of the original developers would come back to create a mod for Bannerlord about vikings and stuff. Or will there be a new team created or somethin'. Or maybe Persistent Sagas?
  10. Woeski

    team for Vikingr-inspired mod on Bannerlord

    title saids most of it. vikingr on moddb member list : myself (still need to learn taleworlds engine) - coder Arwulf (still needs to learn whole c# + taleworlds engine) - coder Robtim92 - 3d modeler ( I can always have more 3d modelers) still need : 3d modeler animator (maybe) 2d...
  11. Woeski

    Vikingr sunday evening event.

    Every Sunday on Vikingr Steam Group info: website screenshots: website Event died but on our steam group other events will be announced.
  12. Woeski

    Can we make more players come and play?

    Hello i'm a big fan of the viking conquest dlc but to be honest i would love to play vikingr aswell, i've never seen vikingr in it's good state (nor viking conquest if it ever had one) Maybe we can get some players to play the game again? EDIT: join our steam group for Vikingr...
  13. Woeski

    Wufling clan

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