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    [BoP:1910] Main Thread, Year 1912

    The Kingdom of Romania supports the foundation of the Kingdom of Bohemia. Long live the King of Bohemia!
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    [BoP: 1910] Signups

    Country Preference 1: United Kingdom
    Country Preference 2: Romania
    Country Preference 3: Belgium

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    [BoP: Serva] Main Thread (Year: 198 Month 1) Rest in pasta

    In that case, I'll pay for refugees. I need more miners.
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    [BoP: Serva] Main Thread (Year: 198 Month 1) Rest in pasta

    If I offer enough resources will someone attack themselves?
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    [BoP:1950] Main Thread -- TURN 1 GLOBAL REPORT

    Sorry for the delay, I'll get them in ASAP. I've been really busy and I had a quadratics test to study for, but now that I've failed it I'm free.
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    [BoP:1950] Main Thread -- TURN 1 GLOBAL REPORT

    Canada signing on. God save the King!
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    [BoP: 1955] Signup Thread! Map Preview!


    1. Canada
    2. Soviet Union
    3. Kingdom of Italy

    Previous Experience:
    1935, 270 BC, 1750, Kandallan, 1919, Interregnum, 1700, 1815, Serva and I hosted my own BoP-Lite, War in Acadia.
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    [Bop-Lite] War in Acadia (Turn 1 - Winter 1755) Orders Due 21st Seeking Players

    Harlehus has informed me that he is leaving the game, leaving us down two players. Also, it's four days beyond the deadline and I have only 3 people's orders.

    Tomorrow I will be leaving and I won't return for three weeks. At this point, I'm not sure what to do with the BoP. I'm not really ready to quit, but nobody seems very interested. At this point I think it would probably be best to close the game down.
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    [BoP:Serva] Unity Starbase

    MaHuD said:
    which would be which parsec?
    Cant build dead center for gameplay reasons with warp travel.
    Sure you could. You just warp to one of the adjacent parsecs (presumably the nearest one) and that should count. I guess it would count as being in all four parsecs. Honestly makes perfect sense to me.
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    [Bop-Lite] War in Acadia (Turn 1 - Winter 1755) Orders Due 21st Seeking Players

    Orders due the 21st. If you'd be so kind as to speak with your friends about joining I do really need someone to replace Koenig. Also, just a heads up that I will be gone for the next week.
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    Serva BoP - PACT, Major Project Proposed

    It sounds a lot less awful than Kalonda.
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    [BoP: 1815] Main Thread - Year 1816, ORDERS DUE NOW

    Well Sweden wants food too but at this rate we're all gonna starve. I have iron if anyone wants some.
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    [Bop-Lite] War in Acadia (Turn 1 - Winter 1755) Orders Due 21st Seeking Players

    Cards are out. Let me know if there are any mistakes!
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    [Bop-Lite] War in Acadia (Turn 1 - Winter 1755) Orders Due 21st Seeking Players

    Validating them now. They should be out today.
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    [Bop-Lite] War in Acadia (Turn 1 - Winter 1755) Orders Due 21st Seeking Players

    Turn 1 - Winter 1755
    A big thank you to Hulk for the fantastic new map!

    Siege of Fort Beauséjour

    On the 14th of September, a British force under the command of Colonel Robert Monckton laid siege to Fort Beauséjour, a French fort which guards the border of New France and Nova Scotia. The British offered the French terms for surrender three times, but the French commander responded simply with “No surrender!”. On the 2nd of October, the British made a breach in the fortifications. Also on the 2nd, the local militia which had been assisting the regulars in the defense of the fort deserted to avoid the slaughter that was to come.

    On the 4th of October four battalions of the Massachusetts Provincials stormed into the breach. The French fired from the barracks and storehouses, and the British suffered heavy casualties. Eventually the commander of the garrison, Capitaine Louis Du Pont Duchambon de Vergor was wounded and his men, outnumbered ten to one with no leader, surrendered to their adversaries.

    Skirmish near Fort Beauséjour

    A French raiding party believed to be a part of Charles Deschamps de Boishébert et de Raffetot’s battalion attacked a supply convoy headed towards the siege force at Fort Beauséjour. They killed eight men of the Massachusetts Provincials and began to burn the supplies before they were counter-attacked by rangers under the command of Joseph Goreham. The engagement lasted roughly fifteen minutes and ended with the British rangers fixing bayonets and charging the French. A majority of the French company withdrew immediately, but several men were left behind and surrendered. Overall, the engagement was not particularly significant.

    Embarrassment at Beaubassin

    Soldiers from the Fort Lawrence garrison left the fort and marched to Beaubassin to recruit. Unfortunately, their attempts at recruiting were met with failure. The population of Beaubassin, being mostly Metis and French Acadian, were not pleased to see redcoats in their home. They jeered the soldiers out of the village.

    Displeased Fishermen

    The Governor of Louisbourg, wary of the building tensions between France and Britain, ordered the local Louisbourg militia to train with the regulars to prepare for possible war. At first the militia made noticeable improvements, but after several weeks the militia commander put in a plea to end the training so that they could return to their jobs.​
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    [BoP:1815] Vienna

    Sweden will sign the treaty. We don't like the terms, but if it will bring peace we will cooperate.
  17. romandude

    [BoP:1815] Vienna

    We shall sign in exchange for the colonies of Denmark.
  18. romandude

    [BoP:1815] Vienna

    We shall not lay claim to the islands of Greenland and Iceland, and we would support your claim to Pommerania. Unfortunately in the current version of the treaty, Prussia is taking Pommerania.
  19. romandude

    [BoP:1815] Vienna

    I too congratulate the great powers, especially the United Kingdom, on this treaty. However, Sweden has one major issue. We are horribly insulted that Russia should receive Finland, since Finland was captured while they were working with Bonaparte. It is unfair that a massive empire who worked with the tyrant should benefit at the expense of a small kingdom which loyally stood against Napoleon. We most certainly shall not "verify and affirm the right of Russia to Finland" as they do not have any claim to it whatsoever. Finland has prospered under Swedish rule for over 550 years. In addition to this Nesselrode refused to speak with me despite the best efforts of myself and my friend Castlereagh. He's not even brave enough to confront the man whom he is wrongfully stealing from. Mark my words their will be no peace in the north with expansionists such as Tsar Alexander in control. He's a power hungry expansionist who seeks only to benefit from the smaller, weaker kingdoms who are unfortunate enough to be his neighbor.

    Despite our contributions to the effort against Napoleon we have received nothing in return. We shall not be signing the treaty, and we are greatly insulted by the actions of the Russian delegation.

    - Count Carl Löwenhielm, representative of the Kingdom of Norway and the Kingdom of Sweden
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